We're in QATAR!🇶🇦 & More BAD news about Fabs Golf 🥲

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Fri, 06 Oct 2023 15:23:09 -0000







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Welcome back to the Pitstop Podcast! As you can probably tell by now from the title.. We're in Qatar! We've been invited out by Qatar Tourism to experience the Geneva International Motor Show, the F1 race, and generally to show you guys how AMAZING this country is! We also dive into a DEVASTATING story about Fabs Golf once again, before hitting you with our Qatar Podium Predictions. Keep your eyes glued to our Instagram as we will be posting content all week, followed up by a vlog of our whole trip which will be on YouTube! Lets gooooo
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**Episode Overview: Gulf's Fate, Qatar Adventures, and F1 Predictions**

* Jake and Fab begin the episode by recounting their recent journey to attend a drum show in Liverpool. Jake's beloved car, the Gulf, experienced engine problems during the trip, leading to a series of mishaps and unexpected expenses.

* After several attempts to repair the car, Jake reluctantly leaves it at a garage in Rugby and hires a Hyundai as a temporary replacement.

* The duo then discusses their exciting trip to Qatar for the F1 race weekend. They share their experiences of exploring the city, attending a lavish party with Mariah Carey as the special guest performer, and encountering F1 drivers and team members at their hotel.

* Jake and Fab express their anticipation for the upcoming night race and make predictions for the race results. They agree on Hamilton for third place, Sainz for second place, and Verstappen for first place.

* The episode concludes with Jake's humorous attempts to obtain Zara hangers and his excitement for potential social interactions during the trip.

- The hosts discuss their accommodation and the challenges they faced with Wi-Fi connectivity.
- They mention meeting two Spanish guys who are drift car enthusiasts and express their desire to film a video together in the future.
- Jake shares a dream he had about driving a Ferrari California and crashing it into a wall, leading to a humorous conversation about whether they should rent a car in Qatar.
- They express their excitement about exploring the city, riding scooters, and attending a Mariah Carey and Jersey Boys concert.
- The hosts acknowledge their listeners' support and thank them for making these opportunities possible.

**Giveaway Announcement:**

- The hosts announce the winners of a giveaway contest, where two lucky listeners won signed t-shirts and hats from Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen.
- They tease that more giveaways are coming soon, including a pair of Jake's gym socks, which sparks a humorous exchange between the hosts.


- The hosts express their gratitude to their listeners and promise to share their adventures in Qatar through the podcast and their social media channels.
- They sign off with enthusiasm and excitement for the upcoming week's activities.

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