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Welcome back to the Pitstop Podcast! The time has finally come! After all the chatter online, we're finally at the point of the year where we get to experience Formula 1 in Las Vegas! We can't wait to see what happens in Quali and the Race, especially after the chaos that surrounded FP1 and FP2.. Lets talk about it in this episode! Hope you loved our last episode with Natalie Pinkham, check it out if you haven't already! Lets goooo
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1. **Las Vegas Grand Prix Struggles:**
- The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix faced significant challenges, including track surface issues and delays.
- Drivers expressed frustration, particularly Max Verstappen, who criticized the track conditions.
- The race was delayed due to track repairs, causing inconvenience for fans and teams.

2. **Driver Salaries:**
- Jake and Fabio discussed the salaries of Formula One drivers based on a list they found online.
- Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were at the top of the list, earning $35 million and $55 million, respectively.
- Fernando Alonso's salary was surprisingly low at $5 million, while Sergio Perez earned $10 million.
- The accuracy of the salary figures was questioned, and it was noted that drivers likely receive bonuses for points and wins.

3. **Ross Brawn and Brawn GP:**
- Jake and Fabio praised the Disney documentary on Ross Brawn and his role in Formula One.
- They highlighted Brawn's success in leading Brawn GP to a championship title in 2009.
- The challenges faced by Brawn GP, including financial difficulties, were discussed.

4. **Las Vegas Grand Prix Opening Ceremony:**
- The opening ceremony of the Las Vegas Grand Prix featured various artists and performances.
- Max Verstappen expressed his dislike for the ceremony, stating that it made him feel like a clown.
- Jake and Fabio understood Verstappen's perspective, emphasizing that drivers should focus on racing rather than elaborate ceremonies.

5. **Max Verstappen's Authenticity:**
- Jake and Fabio praised Max Verstappen's genuine and straightforward personality.
- They appreciated his willingness to speak his mind, even if it meant criticizing aspects of Formula One.
- Verstappen's dedication to racing and his focus on winning were highlighted as positive qualities.

The podcast episode begins with the hosts discussing their excitement for the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix and reminiscing about past races. They mention how Max Verstappen's mentality of taking every race seriously, even after winning the championship, is admirable. They also discuss the humorous moments during the Netflix golf tournament involving Pierre Gasly, Alex Alban, and Lando Norris.

The hosts then move on to make their podium predictions for the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Fabio predicts Fernando Alonso will win, followed by Lando Norris and Max Verstappen. Jake's prediction is George Russell in third, Charles Leclerc in second, and Lando Norris in first. They acknowledge that these predictions are based on limited information from FP1 and FP2 and that the race could unfold differently.

They discuss the potential challenges drivers may face due to the new track and the reported track surface issues. They also mention rumors of cold weather and possible rain, which could affect tire performance.

The hosts then talk about the disruption caused to Las Vegas due to the race and whether it is worth it for the city to host the event for the next ten years. They acknowledge that the race brings in a lot of attention and revenue but also recognize the inconvenience it may cause to residents.

The conversation shifts to childhood memories and TV shows, with Jake mentioning Ed, Edd n Eddy, a cartoon he enjoyed watching.

The hosts wrap up the episode by thanking Natalie Pinkham for joining them on the podcast and expressing their gratitude to Sky Sports for making it possible. They also mention the possibility of a Christmas special episode and encourage listeners to send in guest recommendations.

The podcast concludes with a reminder of the upcoming race weekend and a request for listeners to share their podium predictions on Instagram. The hosts also mention the early morning broadcast time for UK viewers and the availability of daily fantasy sports options for the race.

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