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Welcome back to Pitstop! Happy Monday everyone, Jake here writing the episode summary today. I think this one is funny and we speak about Las Vegas Grand Prix which just happened. Fab has started collecting tables from random people that live in our building yep thats right he's losing the plot, no singing in this episode tho! Sorry about that. Hope you all enjoy listening and please rate it 5 starts and if you hit the follow button would be great! Cheers
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**1. Las Vegas Grand Prix Review:**

* The race was surprisingly entertaining and well-received, despite initial skepticism.
* Qualifying was also exciting, with Charles Leclerc securing pole position.
* The race featured several notable moments, including Max Verstappen's five-second penalty for a turn one incident, several spins and taps, and impressive performances from Logan Sargent and Lance Stroll.

**2. Driver Standings and Constructor Standings:**

* Sergio Perez has secured second place in the Driver's Championship, while the battle for fourth to seventh place remains tight.
* In the Constructor Standings, Mercedes and Ferrari are still in contention for second place, while Aston Martin has a chance to overtake McLaren.

**3. Sergio Perez's Second Place Finish:**

* Perez's achievement is significant, and he deserves recognition for his consistent performance throughout the season.
* The pressure of competing at such a high level is immense, and Perez handled it admirably.

**4. Formula One's Appeal in America:**

* The hosts discuss the challenges Formula One faces in gaining popularity in America.
* Cultural differences and the reserved nature of Formula One drivers may hinder the sport's growth in the United States.
* A comparison is made to NASCAR drivers, who are often more outgoing and embrace the spectacle of the sport.

## Las Vegas Grand Prix

- The hosts express their overall satisfaction with the Las Vegas Grand Prix, describing it as one of the best races of the season.

- They commend the unique atmosphere and spectacle created by the race's location on the Las Vegas Strip, particularly the opening ceremony and the inclusion of iconic landmarks in the circuit design.

- However, they acknowledge that the race itself was not without its flaws, such as the lack of overtaking opportunities due to the circuit's layout.

- Jake Boys highlights the second-to-last chicane before the final corner as his favorite part of the track, as it allowed for exciting overtaking maneuvers.

- Fabio Bocca's favorite moment was when Toto Wolff instructed George Russell to "hunt down" Max Verstappen, leading to a thrilling battle between the two drivers.

- The hosts discuss the incident involving Russell and Verstappen, where Russell made contact with Verstappen's car, resulting in a five-second time penalty for Russell. They debate whether Verstappen's car is unusually resilient to damage compared to other drivers.

## Adrian Newey's Involvement in Formula One

- Jake Boys brings up a listener's comment questioning whether Adrian Newey, Red Bull's Chief Technical Officer, is fully dedicated to Formula One, given his involvement in other projects such as submarine construction.

- Fabio Bocca clarifies that Newey is still heavily involved in Formula One and that his other projects are more of a hobby.

## Race Rating

- Jake Boys rates the Las Vegas Grand Prix an 8 out of 10, praising the overall experience and the exciting moments during the race.

- Fabio Bocca gives the race an 8 out of 10 from a racing perspective but a 7 out of 10 from a personal standpoint due to the early start time affecting his enjoyment.

## Time Zone Confusion and Travel to Australia

- The hosts engage in a humorous discussion about the complexities of time zones and travel between Las Vegas, Australia, and Europe.

- They try to understand why the flight time from Los Angeles to Sydney is significantly longer than the flight time from Sydney to Los Angeles, leading to confusion about the time difference.

- Jake Boys proposes a hypothetical scenario where a person could potentially travel back in time by flying around the world in a certain direction.

## Season Outlook and Anticipation for 2023

- The hosts express their excitement for the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi and look forward to seeing how the championship battle between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc concludes.

- They acknowledge that Red Bull has a significant advantage heading into the final race, as they have focused on developing next year's car while their rivals have continued to develop their current cars.

- They discuss the potential for a more competitive season in 2023, as other teams may have caught up to Red Bull's level of performance.

## Conclusion

The podcast episode ends with the hosts expressing their gratitude for the positive feedback they received on their previous episode featuring Nat Pinkham. They also tease an upcoming episode with special guests and encourage listeners to stay tuned.

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