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Podcast: Pitstop

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Welcome back to Pitstop! This is the first episode since the 2023 F1 Season came to a close, and we wanted to talk to you guys more about general life! Of course there is your good old fashioned F1 chat, that will never leave.. But we wanted to share more of an insight into our lives and other stuff we enjoy outside of F1! Any feedback on this episode would be really appreciated! What would YOU guys like to hear about? DM us on Instagram @Pitstop. Love you guys!
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* Jake Boys and Fabio Bocca, the hosts of the podcast "Pit Stop," begin the episode with a lighthearted banter about forgetting their guest and filming a podcast without one.

* They acknowledge that it's been a while since they last had a guest on the show.

* The hosts discuss a text message they received from a listener who had previously been featured on the podcast.

* The listener expresses appreciation for the podcast and requests that they avoid talking about her on the show.

* Jake and Fabio decide to extend an invitation to the listener to come to their flat again, as long as she doesn't fart on their sofa.

* The hosts reveal that they have been up to various activities during the break, including attending events and working on projects.

* They mention that this particular episode might be a bit off the rails since the Formula One season is over.

**Logan Sargent's Contract Renewal with Williams:**

* Jake and Fabio discuss Logan Sargent's contract renewal with the Williams Formula One team.

* They congratulate Sargent on securing his spot on the team for the upcoming season.

* The hosts acknowledge that there are no spare seats available on the grid, leading to speculation about potential driver changes in the future.

* They express their respect for James Vowles, the new Williams team principal, after watching a behind-the-scenes documentary about him.

* The hosts discuss the list of drivers who caused the most damage to their teams during the 2022 Formula One season.

* They are surprised to learn that Logan Sargent topped the list with damages amounting to 4.3 million pounds.

* They speculate about the financial implications for Williams and the impact on F2 drivers who have to pay for their own car crashes.

**Toto Wolff, Christian Horner, and Other Team Principals:**

* Jake and Fabio tease Toto Wolff and Christian Horner, the team principals of Mercedes and Red Bull respectively.

* They mention an Instagram post that showed a funny interaction between James Vowles and Logan Sargent during the contract signing.

* The hosts discuss the high revenue generated by the Las Vegas Grand Prix, which was held during the Thanksgiving weekend.

* They speculate on whether the high revenue came from hotel stays or wealthy individuals spending money in casinos.

* Jake and Fabio mention a person who was banned from multiple casinos for winning large sums of money and exploiting a loophole in the casino's odds system.

**Ferrari Movie Premiere:**

* The hosts share their experience of attending the premiere of the Ferrari movie in London.

* They describe the process of being picked up in a Ferrari and arriving at the red carpet event.

* Jake expresses his discomfort in the Ferrari due to its cramped seating.

* They discuss the movie's plot, acting performances, and historical accuracy.

* They praise Adam Driver's portrayal of Enzo Ferrari and Penelope Cruz's youthful appearance despite her age.

**Confirmation of Six Sprint Races in the 2023 Formula One Season:**

* Jake and Fabio reveal that Chris Medland, a Formula One journalist, has confirmed that there will be six sprint races in the upcoming season.

* They express their desire to see different races added to the calendar, rather than having the same six sprint races as the previous season.

* The hosts mention the upcoming release of the Grand Theft Auto VI video game and share their excitement for it.

**Showering Habits and Gendered Products:**

* Jake and Fabio engage in a humorous discussion about the differences in showering habits between men and women.

* Jake observes that women's showers typically have a wide variety of toiletries and products, while men's showers are more minimalistic.

* He expresses his confusion about the purpose of the numerous products and suggests experimenting with them.

* The hosts discuss the use of three-in-one shampoo, body wash, and conditioner products, which Jake prefers, while Fabio uses separate products.

* They joke about the "commandeering" of showers by female partners and the accumulation of their toiletries.

* Jake shares his experience of drying himself with a towel while still in the shower to avoid getting cold feet.

* Fabio mentions a peculiar habit of pressing on his eyes with a towel after showering, which leads to vivid color hallucinations.


* The podcast ends with the hosts wrapping up the episode and thanking their listeners for tuning in.

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