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Théo Pourchaire

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Formula 2 Champion Theo Pourchaire on Pitstop🏆 Merry Christmas everyone. What an amazing episode, Theo had an incredible year with ART in F2 and now has his sights fully set on Formula 1. The Youngest EVER race winner in Formula 3.. The Youngest EVER race winner in Formula 2. In this episode with the 2023 F2 World Champion, we discuss the progression of drivers into F1, Should the F2 champion get a seat in Formula 1? Why the move to Super Formula? & We eat Croissants. To be honest with you all this is one of our favourite episodes we have ever filmed. Theo KEEP on smiling brother!

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# Formula 2 Champion: Théo Pourchaire's Exclusive Interview

## Introduction

- Host: Jake Boys and Fabio Bocca welcome Formula 2 Champion, Théo Pourchaire, to their podcast.
- Pourchaire expresses his excitement for his first-ever podcast interview.

## Winning the Formula 2 Championship

- Pourchaire reflects on his remarkable achievement of winning the Formula 2 Championship in 2022.
- He emphasizes the significance of this victory as the final step before Formula 1 and the high level of competition in Formula 2.
- Pourchaire expresses his gratitude to the AIG Grand Prix team for their exceptional support throughout the season.

## Challenges and Success in Formula 2

- Pourchaire discusses the difficulties he faced during his three seasons in Formula 2, particularly in his first two years when he narrowly missed the championship title.
- He highlights the importance of perseverance and learning from past experiences to achieve success.
- Pourchaire emphasizes the crucial role of maintaining a healthy weight for Formula 2 drivers, given the strict regulations and the need to fit into the car.

## Celebrating the Championship Win

- Pourchaire describes the lively celebration with his team in the garage after securing the championship title.
- He reveals that he drove a Formula 1 car just two days after winning the championship, showcasing his dedication and passion for the sport.

## Formula 1 Aspirations

- Pourchaire expresses his desire to compete in Formula 1 and believes he has the potential to succeed at that level.
- He acknowledges the intense competition for seats in Formula 1 and the need for the right opportunity to arise.

## Transition to Super Formula

- Pourchaire announces his move to Super Formula in 2023, explaining that the lack of Formula 1 opportunities prompted this decision.
- He highlights the benefits of Super Formula, including its high level of competition, quick cars, and the opportunity to continue driving while remaining in close proximity to Europe for potential Formula 1 call-ups.

## Frustration with the Lack of F1 Opportunities for F2 Champions

- Pourchaire expresses his disappointment that the Formula 2 champion is not guaranteed a Formula 1 seat, despite the high level of talent and skill required to win the championship.
- He suggests the need for a solution to ensure that Formula 2 champions have a clear path to Formula 1.

## The Dream of Driving for Ferrari

- Pourchaire admits that driving for Ferrari is his ultimate dream in Formula 1, citing the team's iconic status and the allure of the red cars.
- He recalls his childhood memories of attending the Monaco Grand Prix and rooting for Michael Schumacher in a Ferrari.

## Financial Struggles in Motorsport

- Pourchaire acknowledges the significant financial challenges in motorsport, particularly the escalating costs as drivers progress through the ranks.
- He expresses gratitude for the support he received from his father and the Sauber Academy, which enabled him to pursue his racing career.
- Pourchaire emphasizes the importance of financial support for young drivers to succeed in motorsport.

**Theo Pourchaire's Background and Journey to Formula 2:**

* Began racing at the age of 15 in French F4.
* Won the German F4 Championship in 2019.
* Joined the Sauber Junior Team, which was linked to Charouz Racing.
* Won the French F4 Championship in 2020 with 17 out of 21 wins.

**Formula 2 Career:**

* Competed in Formula 2 for two seasons before winning the championship in 2022.
* Known for his consistency and ability to pick up points race after race.
* Won the championship by focusing on consistency rather than chasing individual race wins.
* Secured the championship with a dominant pole position and race win in the opening round in Bahrain.
* Faced challenges and setbacks, including a brake failure during an F1 test and a major crash in Jeddah.
* Showcased impressive racecraft and overtaking skills, inspired by Fernando Alonso's race starts and overtakes.

**Views on Formula 2 Tracks and the F2 Calendar:**

* Prefers smaller tracks that suit the Formula 2 car better, such as Austin and Mexico.
* Believes the Formula 2 calendar could be improved with more races in America.
* Enjoys racing on tracks like Barcelona, but finds them a bit boring for Formula 2 races.

**Reserve Driver Role and Sauber's Support:**

* Became a reserve driver for Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team in 2022.
* Praises Sauber for their unwavering support throughout his career.
* Acknowledges the importance of the reserve driver role in Formula 1.

**Transition to Super Formula in Japan:**

* Will be competing in the Super Formula series in Japan in 2023.
* Excited about the new challenge and the opportunity to race on different tracks.
* Plans to travel to Japan for races and tests, with some pre-season and mid-season testing scheduled.

**Ambitions and Future Goals:**

* Aspires to eventually race in Formula 1.
* Aims to continue learning and improving as a driver in Super Formula.
* Hopes to impress Formula 1 teams with his performances and earn a chance to compete in the pinnacle of motorsport.

**Pit Stop Fastest Lap Challenge:**

* Théo is given a few practice laps to familiarize himself with the simulator.
* He is then given three timed laps to set his fastest time.
* Théo impresses the hosts with his quick adaptation and sets a blistering lap time of 105.244, securing the top spot on the leaderboard.

**Discussion of Théo's Performance:**

* The hosts praise Théo's exceptional performance, highlighting his natural talent and ability to adapt quickly to new environments.
* Théo expresses his satisfaction with his lap time and attributes his success to his dedication and hard work.

**Comparison with Other Drivers:**

* The hosts compare Théo's lap time to those of other notable drivers, including Oscar Piastri, Pietro Fittipaldi, Brad Benavides, Felipe Drugovich, and Matt Gallagher.
* Théo emerges as the fastest among them, further solidifying his position as a rising star in the racing world.

**Théo's Aspirations and Goals:**

* Théo shares his ambitious goal of becoming a Formula 1 driver and competing at the highest level of motorsport.
* He acknowledges the intense competition and challenges he will face but remains optimistic and determined to achieve his dream.

**Théo's Versatility and Adaptability:**

* The hosts discuss Théo's versatility as a driver, highlighting his success in various racing categories, including Formula 2, Formula 3, and karting.
* Théo emphasizes the importance of adaptability and being open to learning new things in order to succeed in different racing environments.

**Théo's Personality and Demeanor:**

* The hosts commend Théo for his positive attitude, infectious smile, and humble demeanor.
* Théo attributes his positive outlook to his upbringing and the support he receives from his family and friends.


* The hosts express their gratitude to Théo for joining the podcast and wish him the best in his future endeavors.
* Théo thanks the hosts for the opportunity and reiterates his commitment to achieving his goals.

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