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Welcome back to the Pitstop Podcast! Valtteri Bottas unleashes a DEMON in today's episode so watch out for that! It's race week once again and we're over in Mexico City, and as we all know.. It's Jakes favourite track! That's right, he's the fastest round Mexico on the f1 game, and he drives the exact lines as a professional sim racer. Crazy! Hope you love this episode! @Pitstop
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# Pit Stop: Race Week in Mexico

## Episode Overview:

- Hosts Jake Boys and Fabio Bocca discuss the upcoming Mexican Grand Prix and share their excitement for Sergio Perez's home race.

- They acknowledge the importance of supporting Perez during this race and suggest putting him in their leaderboard to show solidarity.

- The conversation shifts to Perez's on-board footage, which revealed he cut corners 26 times during the United States Grand Prix, potentially resulting in 75 seconds of time penalties and an 11th-place finish.

- They discuss the backlash received by the FIA president regarding the potential addition of an 11th team to the grid, Andretti Autosport, and the controversy surrounding the team's involvement.

- The hosts then highlight Marta Garcia's move to Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine, a fully funded race seat, and her potential as a rising star in the racing world.

- They delve into the topic of driver retirements and analyze the statistics, revealing that Esteban Ocon has had seven retirements this season, the highest among drivers.

- The discussion moves to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones, emphasizing their Audio Magic Eraser tool, which helps eliminate distracting crowd noise during play-by-play commentary.

- They also mention the Apple Card, which offers unlimited daily cash back and the ability to grow savings in a high-yield savings account built into the Wallet app.

- The hosts mention the Columbia Sportswear's Omni Heat Infinity Collection, highlighting its warmth-reflecting technology for outdoor activities in cold weather.

- The conversation then turns to a video of Valtteri Bottas unleashing his anger on a piñata in the paddock, showcasing his intense competitive spirit.

- They speculate about Bottas's potential as an assassin due to his meticulous nature and quiet demeanor, likening him to a "silent killer" with a polar bear inside.

- The hosts express their excitement for the upcoming races, including the Mexican Grand Prix, the Brazilian Grand Prix, and the possibility of a special guest appearance.

- They address a listener's message criticizing their opinion on Daniel Ricciardo's performance, acknowledging the passion behind the message but standing by their assessment until proven wrong.

- The episode concludes with a discussion about Max Verstappen's entry into the 50-win club and the other drivers who have achieved this milestone: Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, and Alain Prost.

- The hosts reminisce about watching the World Cup on a TV in primary school and express their belief that schools might do the same if a British Formula 1 driver were close to winning a championship.


* Jake predicts a Sergio Perez victory, followed by Charles Leclerc and Oscar Piastri, who is expected to have McLaren upgrades.
* Fabio agrees with Jake's prediction for Perez, but he places Lewis Hamilton in second and Max Verstappen in third.
* Both hosts express their desire to see McLaren perform well in the race.

**Other Topics Discussed:**

* The hosts reflect on Aston Martin's performance this season and speculate on the reasons behind their struggles.
* They mention rumors of Lawrence Stroll, Aston Martin's owner, considering selling the team.
* They discuss the possibility of Pitstop listeners coming together to purchase a Formula One team.
* They clarify that the race is officially called the Mexico City Grand Prix, not the Mexican Grand Prix.
* They express their excitement for the race and look forward to sharing their pre-race thoughts after qualifying.


* The hosts wrap up the podcast by thanking their listeners and encouraging them to tune in to the next episode on Monday morning.
* They remind listeners that there is no sprint race this weekend, and the race will take place at 7 pm on Sunday, which is a convenient time for UK viewers.

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