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Welcome back to Pitstop! It appears Jakes Crystal Ball was malfunctioning last episode when he claimed Daniel Ricciardo was washed, so we binned it. In other news, can you imagine having your body frozen for 300 years? Theres a lot to unpack in this episode (few bold claims from Jakes dodgy websites) so strap in! Thanks for tuning in guys! Big love to everyone who listens. @Pitstop
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* Verstappen won the Mexico City Grand Prix, extending his record for most victories in a single season to 16.
* Hamilton finished second, edging closer to Perez in the drivers' standings.
* Leclerc finished third, followed by Sainz, Norris, Russell, Ricciardo, Piastri, Albon, and Ocon.
* Sainz overtook Alonso in the drivers' standings, while Hamilton is now only 20 points behind Perez.
* Ricciardo had a strong race, finishing seventh and showing signs of improvement.
* Norris drove exceptionally well, gaining 12 positions to finish fifth.
* Verstappen made a bold move at the start, splitting the two Ferraris and taking the lead.
* Perez crashed out on the first lap, ending his hopes of a strong home race.
* There were several overtakes throughout the race, with many opportunities for drivers to make up positions.

**Controversies and Insights:**

* There was speculation that Red Bull benefited from a red flag during the race, which helped their strategy.
* Some believe that Ricciardo's performance may bolster his case for a seat in Formula One next season.
* The possibility of driver movement during the off-season was discussed, with rumors suggesting that Sainz may leave Ferrari and Alonso may leave Aston Martin.

- **Mexican Grand Prix Recap:**
- The hosts, Jake Boys and Fabio Bocca, discuss the thrilling start of the Mexican Grand Prix, which involved a collision between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.
- They analyze the race, highlighting the impressive performances of Sergio Perez and George Russell, and express disappointment for Perez's missed opportunity to win his home race.
- The hosts also discuss the booing of Charles Leclerc by fans after the race, expressing their disapproval of such behavior.

- **Drive to Survive:**
- Boys and Bocca speculate on potential storylines and key moments for the upcoming season of Drive to Survive, the popular Netflix series about Formula One.
- They discuss the significance of Oscar Piastri's success and the challenges faced by Logan Sargeant as a rookie.

- **Predictions for the 2023 Grid:**
- The hosts make predictions about the driver lineup for the 2023 Formula One season, considering the possibility of Daniel Ricciardo joining Red Bull and other potential changes.

- **Random Musings:**
- The hosts engage in a lighthearted discussion about MotoGP, sharing anecdotes and expressing their admiration for the sport's daring maneuvers.
- They reminisce about their childhood memories of singing songs in school and share amusing anecdotes involving their headteachers.

- **Existential Thoughts:**
- In a contemplative moment, the hosts ponder the idea of cryonics and the possibility of freezing themselves to be revived in the future.
- They discuss the implications of waking up in a world where they know no one and question the feasibility of retaining memories after the freezing process.

- **Conclusion:**
- The hosts express their excitement for the upcoming Brazilian Grand Prix and tease a potential betting segment in the next episode.
- They thank their listeners for tuning in and invite them to join them for their pre-Brazilian predictions and track analysis in the next episode.

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