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Welcome back to the Pitstop Podcast! I never thought Id see the day, but Logan Sargeant scored points!! In front of a home crowd too, what a great result for him. The Austin Grand Prix was mega! We always love a Sprint Race weekend, and it was extra special to see Lando leading a race once again. Hear all our thoughts from the USGP in this episode. Thanks for listening, we appreciate all of you!
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In this episode of the Pitstop Podcast, Jake Boys and Fabio Bocca delve into the thrilling American Grand Prix and share their insights on various Formula One-related topics.

## American Grand Prix Recap:
- The hosts express their excitement about the race weekend and discuss the unique experience of watching it live.
- They share their thoughts on the sprint race format and suggest potential improvements, such as reversing the grid or making it a separate event.
- Jake and Fabio discuss the disqualification of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen due to a technical infringement, which resulted in a podium reshuffle.

## Race Highlights:
- The hosts analyze the performances of various drivers, including Lando Norris' impressive start and race pace, Sergio Perez's strong showing on home soil, and Fernando Alonso's impressive recovery despite starting from the pits.
- They also discuss the unfortunate collision between Oscar Piastri and Esteban Ocon, which resulted in Piastri's retirement.
- Jake and Fabio praise Mark Webber's engaging and refreshing presence on the pre-race grid walk.

## Driver and Team Dynamics:
- The hosts speculate on the potential impact of Oscar Piastri's move to McLaren next year on his relationship with Lando Norris.
- They discuss the challenges faced by Daniel Ricciardo and question whether he should continue in Formula One beyond the current season.
- Jake and Fabio acknowledge the intense competition in the midfield and highlight the close battles for positions in the driver and constructor standings.

## Technical and Controversial Issues:
- The hosts discuss the technical infringement that led to Hamilton and Verstappen's disqualification, emphasizing the importance of adhering to regulations in Formula One.
- They also touch upon the ongoing debate surrounding the use of DRS and its impact on overtaking opportunities.

### Lando Norris vs. George Russell: A Statistical Comparison

- Both drivers have reached 100 Formula One starts, with Russell securing one victory and Norris yet to attain one.
- Russell has 10 podium finishes compared to Norris's 12.
- Norris has recorded more points finishes (75) than Russell (39).
- Norris has had fewer retirements (9) than Russell (15).

### Potential Career Longevity and Future Pursuits

- George Russell may have a longer career due to Lando Norris's possible interest in exploring other ventures outside of Formula One.
- Norris's personality and charisma could lead him to pursue a career in fashion, polo, or other non-racing endeavors.

### Anthony Joshua's Appearance at the United States Grand Prix

- Anthony Joshua's presence at the United States Grand Prix and his radio message to Pierre Gasly sparked discussions about the potential involvement of celebrities in Formula One.
- Some criticized the interaction as scripted and lacking authenticity.

### Oli Behrman to Drive for Haas in FP1 at the Mexican Grand Prix

- Oli Behrman will participate in FP1 for Haas at the Mexican Grand Prix.
- Behrman's appearance in a Haas jumper in Qatar raised questions about his affiliation with Ferrari and the absence of Pietro Fittipaldi in the Haas lineup.
- The reasons for Robert Schwartzman's switch from Formula 2 to Formula E were also discussed.

### Andrea Kimi Antonelli Joins Prema Racing in Formula 2

- Andrea Kimi Antonelli, a Mercedes junior driver, will race for Prema in Formula 2 next season.
- The move surprised many due to Antonelli's young age (17) and his status as a Mercedes junior driver.

### Jessica Edgar Wins First Ever F1 Academy Race

- Jessica Edgar, a 17-year-old driver, won the inaugural Formula 1 Academy race, impressing viewers with her performance.

### Words of Motivation from Fabio Bocca

- Fabio Bocca emphasized the importance of integrity and authenticity in achieving success.
- He advised against cheating or taking shortcuts, as it ultimately leads to disappointment and a lack of personal pride.
- He encouraged listeners to be genuine, express their love honestly, and pursue their goals with courage and determination.

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