New F1 Team COMING SOON 👀 & Poor Vettel's Bees 🐝 😂

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Welcome back to the Pitstop Podcast! We hope you enjoyed our recent guest James Blair who joined us earlier in the week and shared some amazing inside stories about the F1 world. HOWEVER, its race week and its the Japanese Grand Prix! Come with us as we dive into all the recent F1 news, and give our predictions for the race at Suzuka this weekend. Let's go! Hit us at @Pitstop on Instagram for your chance to have your questions answered!
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1. **Introduction:**
- Jake Boys and Fabio Bocca welcome the audience to a special bonus episode of the "Pit Stop" podcast.
- They clarify that this episode will focus on making predictions for the upcoming Japan Grand Prix, rather than discussing the race in retrospect.

2. **Podcast Format Change:**
- The hosts acknowledge that their previous approach of making predictions based on instinct and limited information was not ideal.
- They decide to switch things up and make their predictions before the qualifying session, to have a more informed basis for their analysis.

3. **Max Verstappen's Hypothetical Departure:**
- Fabio poses a hypothetical scenario: if Max Verstappen were to lose his seat at Red Bull for some reason, what would he do next?
- Jake believes that every team on the grid would want Verstappen, and he would likely choose Ferrari as his next destination.
- Fabio suggests that Verstappen might be interested in trying his hand at other racing series, such as IndyCar or WEC, to conquer all major championships.

4. **Andretti and Cadillac's F1 Entry:**
- The hosts discuss the recent news that Andretti and Cadillac have moved to the final stages of becoming the next Formula 1 team.
- They speculate whether this means a new team will be added to the grid or if one of the existing teams will be replaced.
- They also mention the possibility of Alfa Romeo becoming Sauber and Audi joining the sport in 2026.

5. **Oscar Piastri's McLaren Contract Extension:**
- The hosts celebrate Oscar Piastri's contract extension with McLaren until 2026, calling it a well-deserved move for the young driver.
- They express their belief that Piastri and McLaren have a strong relationship and that both parties will benefit from the long-term commitment.

6. **Yuki Tsunoda's AlphaTauri Contract Extension:**
- Fabio mentions that Yuki Tsunoda is reportedly set to renew his contract with AlphaTauri, with an announcement expected during the Japan Grand Prix weekend.
- They discuss the pros and cons of keeping Tsunoda on the team, considering the presence of Daniel Ricciardo and Liam Lawson as potential replacements.

7. **Liam Lawson's Strong Performances:**
- The hosts praise Liam Lawson's impressive performances in his limited opportunities with AlphaTauri, highlighting his potential as a future Formula 1 star.
- They acknowledge that Lawson's strong showings make it difficult for the team to justify keeping Ricciardo, who has struggled to adapt to the car.

8. **Potential Driver Replacements:**
- Jake suggests that Felipe Drugovich, Frederik Vesti, and Ollie Bearman could be potential replacements for Logan Sargent at Williams, based on their strong performances in lower formulas.
- Fabio proposes a unique idea for determining the driver lineup at the start of each season: a shootout where each team's four drivers compete in a 10-lap session, with the fastest two securing the race seats.

9. **F1 Triathlon Idea Revisited:**
- Jake briefly mentions his previously proposed "F1 Triathlon" concept, which involved combining elements of different motorsports disciplines into a single event.
- Fabio acknowledges that while some people liked the idea, it may not be feasible due to the financial implications and the focus on money in Formula 1.

## **Sebastian Vettel's Beehive Initiative**
- Vettel's initiative to place beehives around the Suzuka circuit is praised for its positive environmental impact.
- However, a concern is raised that the loud noise of F1 cars could potentially harm the bees.
- Vettel is believed to be aware of this potential issue and has taken steps to ensure the bees' safety.

## **Sebastion Vettel as Potential FIA Head**
- A listener suggests that Sebastian Vettel would be a great choice to lead the FIA, given his popularity and knowledge of the sport.
- The hosts agree that Vettel would be a strong candidate for the role but doubt that he would be interested in taking on the job.

## **Vettel's Possible Return to Racing**
- A conversation with Matt from P1 suggests that Vettel may return to racing in the future, possibly in a different series other than Formula One.
- The hosts speculate on which teams Vettel might join if he does make a comeback.

## **Japan Predictions**
- The hosts make their predictions for the Japanese Grand Prix, with Charles Leclerc, Oscar Piastri, and Max Verstappen being their top three picks.
- They also discuss the possibility of Leclerc taking pole position and the pressure on Red Bull to perform well after a disappointing race in Singapore.

## **Voice Messages from Listeners**
- The hosts play and respond to voice messages from listeners, including one from Tammy from South Africa suggesting they interview someone from the MotoGP Red Bull team.
- They also discuss other podcasts they listen to and their preferred audio recording software.

## **Conclusion**
- The hosts wrap up the podcast by thanking their listeners and encouraging them to rate and subscribe to the show.
- They also tease upcoming episodes with exciting guests.

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