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Welcome back to the Pitstop Podcast! We're stateside over in Austin this weekend for the Grand Prix! What a mega race this is going to be. As we know, this circuit is a fan favourite, and with Mclaren and Mercedes making big moves in the last couple races, this is sure to be a fire race.. because we have another Sprint Race too! Hear our predictions for the race, and also another sad update on Fab's Golf. @Pitstop
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* The hosts, Jake Boys and Fabio Bocca, begin the episode by introducing the upcoming Austin Grand Prix and discussing the excitement surrounding the race.
* They mention the intense competition in the Constructors' Championship, comparing it to a barbecue cook-off.

**Golf Farewell**

* Fab shares the news that his beloved Golf, which has been a loyal companion for many of their adventures, is facing mechanical issues and may need to be scrapped.
* They express their sadness and discuss the possibility of turning the Golf into a unique piece of furniture as a tribute to its significance.

**Lewis Hamilton's Perspective on Extreme Sports**

* The hosts discuss Lewis Hamilton's recent comments regarding the physical demands of Formula One racing and the importance of maintaining the sport's extreme nature.
* They acknowledge the challenges faced by drivers in extreme heat and the need for balance between safety and the preservation of the sport's essence.

**Reverse Grids and the Future of Formula One**

* They explore the idea of introducing reverse grids in sprint races as a way to increase excitement and give midfield teams a chance to compete for victories.
* The hosts also discuss the potential benefits of expanding the grid with additional teams and drivers.

**F1 Academy and the Development of Female Drivers**

* They celebrate the progress made by female drivers in the F1 Academy and the upcoming inclusion of the series alongside the F1 calendar.
* The hosts express their desire for closer integration between F1 Academy and the main Formula One championship.

**Daniel Ricciardo's Return to AlphaTauri**

* The hosts analyze Daniel Ricciardo's move back to AlphaTauri and the pressure he faces to perform well after being replaced by Liam Lawson during his absence.
* They discuss Ricciardo's strong connection with the United States and his enthusiastic participation in local events.

**Sergio Perez's Future at Red Bull**

* The hosts react to Sergio Perez's recent statement reaffirming his commitment to Red Bull for the 2023 season, despite rumors of a potential retirement.
* They speculate about the possibility of Perez's departure from Red Bull if he fails to deliver strong results in the remaining races.

**Potential Driver Changes and the Red Bull Seat**

* The hosts engage in a hypothetical discussion about who they believe could potentially replace Sergio Perez at Red Bull if he were to leave the team.
* They consider the merits of drivers like Lando Norris and Alex Albon, acknowledging the loyalty and talent of both drivers.

* Jake and Fabio discuss the upcoming Austin Grand Prix, predicting Max Verstappen in first, George Russell in second, and Lando Norris in third.
* They also mention Oscar Piastri and Lewis Hamilton as potential podium finishers.
* The hosts express their desire for a change in the Red Bull driver lineup, suggesting drivers like Alonso or Logan Sargent as potential replacements for Sergio Perez.
* Jake and Fabio reveal that they have received a green light for a highly anticipated guest appearance on their podcast, although they keep the identity of the guest a secret for now.
* They mention plans to bring on other guests from the car world, including two individuals they met in Qatar.
* The hosts look forward to the end of the F1 season as it will allow them to secure more guests and produce more exciting episodes.
* They discuss their upcoming birthday celebrations, with Jake's birthday falling on the same weekend as the Brazilian Grand Prix.
* Jake mentions a poster in Austin that mistakenly featured Felipe Drugovich instead of Lance Stroll, leading to speculation about a potential driver change at Aston Martin.
* The episode ends with Jake and Fabio jokingly singing various songs, including "Life is a Highway" and "Somebody Loved Me."

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