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Welcome back to Pitstop! Seasons off, and we're off our heads clearly! In todays ep we dissect the importance of Lewis Hamiltons antics at the FIA awards, before diving head first into the F1 Big Fat Quiz of the Year! Let's get it people, hope you love this episode
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* Jake Boys and Fabio Bocca, the hosts of the podcast, begin the episode by discussing the upcoming Christmas holiday and their plans for celebrating. They mention that they have been invited to a skating event at Canary Wharf and are considering attending together.

**FIA Awards and Controversy**

* The hosts discuss the recent FIA awards ceremony and the controversy surrounding the investigation into Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff, the head of the F1 Academy. The investigation focused on a potential conflict of interest due to their close working relationship with Stefano Dominicali, the CEO of Formula One.
* The hosts express their skepticism about the investigation and suggest that it may have been a publicity stunt to generate drama. They also mention that the investigation was eventually dropped due to a lack of evidence.
* The hosts praise Lewis Hamilton for his actions at the awards ceremony, where he reportedly handed over his award for "Personality of the Year" to a member of the Mercedes team. They speculate that this gesture was a sign of Hamilton's dissatisfaction with the FIA.

**Awards Season and Social Media**

* The hosts discuss the Autosport Awards and mention that they have heard mixed reviews about the event, with some people finding it boring. They speculate that the awards may be more enjoyable for those who have actually won an award.
* The hosts also talk about the social media presence of Formula One drivers and the recent FIA controversy. They mention that Oscar Piastri, the 2022 Rookie of the Year, attended the awards ceremony with his girlfriend and that there were many photos of drivers and their partners circulating online.

**Christmas Party Plans**

* The hosts announce that they are planning to host a Christmas party on December 21st and invite listeners to attend. They mention that they are working on a cocktail menu and will be providing food options, including a nut roast for vegetarians.
* The hosts discuss the importance of having a girlfriend for the party, as it would help with the preparations and make the event more enjoyable. They jokingly suggest that they may put out a call for a date on the podcast if they are unable to find someone.

**Francis Bourgeois and Train Spotting**

* Jake shares his recent encounter with Francis Bourgeois, a popular social media personality known for his enthusiastic train spotting videos. Jake describes meeting Bourgeois at Euston train station and asking him about his train spotting activities.
* The hosts discuss Bourgeois's authenticity and his genuine love for trains and buses. They also mention that Bourgeois has expressed an interest in Formula One and would be a great guest on their podcast.

**Fake Airplane Videos on Social Media**

* Fabio brings up a recent trend of fake airplane videos circulating on social media platforms like TikTok. He explains that these videos often depict staged arguments or incidents on airplanes and are created by production companies using actors and sets.
* The hosts express their surprise at the existence of these fake videos and speculate that they may be popular because people enjoy watching dramatic and shocking content. They also discuss the potential ethical implications of creating and sharing such videos.

**Damon Hill's Comments on Le Mans**

* The hosts discuss Damon Hill's recent suggestion that Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso should team up for the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race. They speculate on the possibility of Verstappen and Alonso racing together at Red Bull in Formula One but acknowledge that there are currently no available seats for either driver.
* The hosts also discuss the challenges faced by Formula 2 drivers who are unable to secure a seat in Formula One. They consider the possibility of allowing drivers to compete in Formula 2 even after winning the championship, which could create a pool of highly skilled and experienced drivers.

**Technical Discussion about Formula One Cars**

* The hosts discuss the design and mechanics of Formula One cars, focusing on the placement of the engine and gearbox. They explain that most of the car's weight is located low to the ground to improve downforce and stability.
* The hosts also mention the recent crash involving Carlos Sainz in Abu Dhabi, where the side of his car was heavily damaged. They speculate that such accidents can be particularly costly for teams due to the extensive repairs required.

**Grand Theft Auto 6 and Fortnite**

* The hosts express their excitement for the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto 6, which is expected to feature a racetrack and potentially attract Formula One drivers to its e-sports league. They also reminisce about their past experiences playing Fortnite and how it consumed a significant portion of their time.
* The hosts reflect on the passage of time and express their disbelief at being nearly 30 years old. They discuss how their perception of time has changed and how they feel like they have missed out on certain experiences due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

* Episode: "20 Questions: The Quiz of the Year"

**II. Question 1**

* Question: In 2023, Max Verstappen became only the third driver in F1 history to complete every single lap of the season. Who are the other two?
* Correct Answer: Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton

**III. Question 2**

* Question: After the 2023 season, where do Red Bull Racing stand in the list of the F1 constructors with the most wins ever?
* Correct Answer: Fifth

**IV. Question 3**

* Question: Which team is now just one win ahead on 114 victories?
* Correct Answer: McLaren

**V. Question 4**

* Question: Which driver took victory in the only race of 2023 not won by a Red Bull?
* Correct Answer: Carlos Sainz

**VI. Question 5**

* Question: When was the last time only two teams won all the races in a season?
* Correct Answer: 2016

**VII. Question 6**

* Question: How many drivers made their F1 debuts in 2023?
* Correct Answer: Three (Oscar Piastri, Logan Sargent, and Liam Lawson)

**VIII. Question 7**

* Question: Which three drivers were on the podium at the season opener in Bahrain?
* Correct Answer: Sergio Perez, Fernando Alonso, and Max Verstappen

**IX. Question 8**

* Question: Which two sprint events did Max Verstappen not win in 2023?
* Correct Answer: Azerbaijan and Qatar

**X. Question 9**

* Question: Only one driver who competed in the 2023 season failed to score any points. Which one?
* Correct Answer: Nick De Vries

**XI. Question 10**

* Question: How many teams changed their team principal ahead of the 2023 season? (Excluding Alpha Tauri)
* Correct Answer: Three (Ferrari, Williams, and Alfa Romeo)

**XII. Question 11**

* Question: Who is now the longest serving team boss in Formula One?
* Correct Answer: Christian Horner

**XIII. Question 12**

* Question: Fernando Alonso scored his 100th career F1 podium this year. In which season did he score his very first?
* Correct Answer: 2003

**XIV. Question 13**

* Question: How many teams scored a podium finish in 2023?
* Correct Answer: Six (Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull, Alpine, and Aston Martin)

**XV. Question 14**

* Question: Mercedes failed to win a race in 2023, the first time they've gone through a season without a victory since...
* Correct Answer: 2011

**XVI. Question 15**

* Question: This year, Logan Sargent became the first American driver to score a point in F1 since...
* Correct Answer: Michael Andretti

**XVII. Question 16**

* Question: Whose all-time win tally did Max Verstappen equal by winning the Las Vegas Grand Prix?
* Correct Answer: Sebastian Vettel

**XVIII. Question 17**

* Question: In 2023, Liam Lawson became the first New Zealander to race in F1 since...
* Correct Answer: Brendan Hartley

**XIX. Question 18**

* Question: In 2023, no British registered team or driver won a Grand Prix for the first time since...
* Correct Answer: 1952

**XX. Question 19**

* Question: How many nationalities were represented by the drivers in the 2023 season?
* Correct Answer: 15

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