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Welcome back to the Pitstop Podcast! Fab is FINALLY back from Portugal and Jake couldn't be happier which is great, so we're now back in the flat together and embracing each other with open arms.. no more virtual pods! Anyway its SINGAPORE Race Week and we're gearing up for what looks like is going to be a wet one, so let's dive into it! Plus Fab has a few suggestions on how F1 could be better.. @Pitstop on Instragram - DM us your questions!
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# Pit Stop: Unveiling the Singapore Night Race and Formula One Innovations

## Episode Overview

- Hosts Jake Boys and Fabio Bocca reunite after Fabio's brief absence.
- The podcast welcomes the Singapore Grand Prix, a night race amidst potential rainy conditions.
- The hosts discuss a hypothetical scenario of a power outage during the night race, emphasizing the safety concerns of Formula One cars lacking headlights.

## Innovations in Formula One: A Brainstorming Session

- Jake proposes hosting a Formula One race on a frozen lake, utilizing tires with spikes for traction.
- Fabio suggests an F1 triathlon race, combining driving, sprinting, and cycling, with reserve drivers participating in relay-style segments.
- The hosts consider the possibility of drivers swapping cars mid-race to introduce an element of unpredictability.
- They discuss the potential of requiring teams to purchase affordable cars from Facebook Marketplace and race them in a separate segment.
- The idea of mandating teams to field rookie or new drivers in a few races each season is brought up to provide opportunities for young talents.

## Fernando Alonso's Milestone and Lance Stroll's Performance

- Jake highlights Fernando Alonso's achievement of completing 20,000 laps in Formula One, a record-breaking feat.
- The hosts analyze Lance Stroll's performance this season, comparing it to Alonso's impressive results in the same Aston Martin car.
- They note Stroll's lack of podium finishes and consistently lower placings compared to Alonso.
- The discussion centers around Stroll's underperformance and the unlikelihood of him being replaced due to his father's ownership of the team.

## Concluding Remarks

- The hosts acknowledge the need for a change in Aston Martin's driver lineup, expressing their desire to see Felipe Drugovich take Stroll's place.
- Jake and Fabio emphasize the importance of innovation in Formula One to maintain excitement and attract new audiences.
- The episode concludes with a brief mention of Apple Card's new feature allowing daily cash back to be grown in a high-yield savings account. **Podcast Episode Summary: Post-Italian Grand Prix and Singapore Grand Prix Predictions**

**Key Points:**

* Lance Stroll is underperforming compared to his teammate Fernando Alonso, holding back the Aston Martin team.

* Fernando Alonso is confident in Aston Martin's decision-making and intends to stay in Formula One as long as he has a shot at winning the championship.

* Max Verstappen is seen as a potential future star outside of Formula One, particularly in sim racing and business ventures.

* Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc are also viewed as having promising post-F1 careers, with potential in fashion, music, and other creative fields.

* Nikita Mazepin has been pursuing various activities since leaving Formula One, including DJing, off-road racing, and endurance racing.

* Marcus Armstrong has renewed his contract in IndyCar, which is considered an exciting and challenging racing format.

* The AlphaTauri team is rumored to be receiving upgrades inspired by Red Bull's current car, which could benefit drivers Liam Lawson and Yuki Tsunoda.

* Liam Lawson's recent 11th-place finish and potential for points in Singapore could secure his place on the grid for next season.

* Predictions for the Singapore Grand Prix:

* Sergio Perez in second place, potentially even first

* Fernando Alonso in second or third place due to his skill in wet conditions

* Oscar Piastri in third place

* Wildcard prediction: Liam Lawson finishing in the points (10th place)

* George Russell in fourth place

* The podcast encourages listeners to share their predictions and guest suggestions via Instagram and voice messages.

* A humorous discussion about fake Instagram accounts and sugar daddy/sugar mummy requests concludes the episode.

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