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Welcome back to Pitstop! Guys... The end of the 2023 Formula 1 Season is finally here and.. What a season it's been! We're going to be keeping you guys entertained while the F1 isn't on, so strap in and get ready for some epic episodes, guests, videos and loads more! Lets go!!!!!
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* The Formula 1 season has ended, but the Pit Stop podcast is still going strong.
* The hosts, Jake Boys and Fabio Bocca, discuss the final race of the season and some of the big changes happening in the sport.

* Yuki Tsunoda's 8th place finish in the final race was a special moment for him and his coach, Michael, who is leaving the team.
* Tsunoda is the first Japanese driver to lead a Formula 1 race.
* Ruth Buscombe, a prominent figure in motorsport, has announced her departure from Alfa Romeo.
* Brad Skain, Max Verstappen's coach, has hinted at potentially leaving the team, but has not yet confirmed his decision.
* Teo Porchere won the Formula 2 championship, joining a list of previous F2 champions who have been featured on the Pit Stop podcast.
* Gabby Bortoletto has secured a seat in Virtuoso Racing for the upcoming Formula 2 season.

* The hosts express their disappointment that no British driver won a race this season, breaking a long-standing tradition.
* They discuss the possibility of replacing the national anthems with the drivers' choice of songs during podium celebrations.
* They praise Max Verstappen's incredible achievements this season, breaking numerous records and dominating the sport.
* They speculate on whether other drivers will be able to challenge Red Bull's dominance next season.
* They address rumors of a potential move by Lewis Hamilton to Red Bull, which both Hamilton and Christian Horner have denied.

* The hosts joke about their early days on the podcast, when they used an iPhone and a ring light for filming.
* They mention their efforts to get various guests on the podcast, including Will Buxton, Ruth Buscombe, and Brad Skain.
* They discuss the importance of downforce in Formula 1 cars, highlighting that they can generate up to five times their own weight in downforce.
* They share their predictions for the upcoming season, including the possibility of having five different race winners.


Jake Boys shared a lighthearted and amusing anecdote. He recalls an incident where he brought a girl back to his flat, and upon sitting on the sofa, she unexpectedly passed gas. The situation caught everyone by surprise, and Jake's flatmate, Fabio Bocca, couldn't help but express his astonishment at the unusual noise the sofa made. The girl, though lovely, hasn't returned to the flat since the incident.

**Farewell and Tune-In:**

The hosts then bid farewell to their listeners, indicating that they will be taking a short break before returning on Thursday. They encourage listeners to share their experiences and feedback from the episode and look forward to reconnecting with them soon.

**Overall Message:**

The podcast episode concludes on a humorous note, leaving listeners with a memorable anecdote and a sense of anticipation for the next episode. The hosts' friendly banter and genuine connection with their audience create an engaging and entertaining atmosphere, making the podcast a delightful listen.

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