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Briana L. Klein, Nicole Katz


Nicole and Briana aim to bring their F1 group chat to you every Thursday with funny recurring segments and fast-paced banter. Grid Walk releases every week (not just race weeks). No recaps here - we discuss the most interesting topics of the week by trying to discover why decisions were made and/or make predictions for the future.

Winners & Losers of Formula 1 in 2023 | F1 Season Review | Grid Walk Dec 21, 2023

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Published Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2023 08:00:29 GMT

Guests: ""


This is the second of the three Grid Walk F1 2023 Season review episodes! This week Briana and Nicole breakdown the performance of the F1 teams by looking at qualifying data from the season.

It was a surprise to no one Red Bull was the best. Did Red Bull build the most dominant F1 car ever?

Rewind to the beginning, Aston Martin seemed like the F1 team that could compete with Red Bull. When it came to qualifying, was the Aston Martin or Ferrari F1 team the (second) fastest?

Then F1 teams begin to introduce upgrades. Mercedes abandoned the “no sidepods” concept but did it help? Where did Mclaren really begin to pick up pace? How did things get better for Williams?

That the end of the F1 season had plenty of chaos. Lewis Hamilton worked his magic and Mercedes had some good moments. How does Alpine see the consequences of firing everyone?

Grid Walk talks about the stories across the entire F1 grid. Looking at the back of the grid (Haas, Alfa Romeo, Alpha Tauri, Williams), which car was the worst? How many times were these F1 teams the slowest car on the grid?

Briana and Nicole give an overview of the F1 grid’s performance. What F1 teams were the most surprising? What F1 teams are going into 2024 with the best vibes?

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00:00 Formation Lap

04:38 Red Bull

08:48 Blooper

08:59 Data Overview

11:24 Beginning of the F1 Season

24:12 Upgrade Season

36:15 End of the F1 Season

41:50 Blooper

42:11 Season Overview

42:29 Mercedes

43:26 Ferrari

45:44 Mclaren

46:43 Aston Martin

48:23 Alpine

50:59 Worst F1 Car of 2023

58:35 Biggest Surprise of 2023

01:04:43 Best Vibes Going Into 2024

Teammates Head to Head | 2023 F1 Season Review | Grid Walk December 14, 2023

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Published Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2023 08:00:46 GMT

Guests: ""


Grid Walk kicks off its first of three F1 season reviews! This week Briana and Nicole discuss the battles between F1 driver teammates based on their performance throughout the 2023 F1 season.

The first F1 teammates discussed are Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Does George Russell have things to prove? Which Mercedes driver performed better on qualifying vs. race day?

Without a doubt, Oscar Piastri proved to be the rookie F1 driver of the year! How does Oscar Piastri compare to other rookies in F1 history?

It was another rollercoaster season for Ferrari finishing P3 in the F1 Constructors' Champions. Was there a major difference in pace between Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz? Which Ferrari driver performed better on a street vs permanent circuit?

The popularity of F1 continues to grow. Grid Walk chats about Google trends and which drivers were the “most searched” this year. Which F1 drivers were the most popular on Google?

Before the start of the F1 season, there was a lot of speculation of potential on track drama between Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly at Alpine. However, there seemed to be more drama off track for Alpine this year. What are the takeaways from the Alpine pace?

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00:00 Formation Lap

03:12 Mercedes Drivers Head to Head

16:14 Oscar Piastri's Rookie Season & Rookies of History

28:37 Ferrari Drivers Head to Head

39:16 Driver Popularity

55:14 Alpine Drivers Head to Head

Mercedes Falters at the Brazil GP | Grid Walk November 9, 2023

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Published Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2023 08:00:26 GMT

Guests: ""


Alright so technically the Brazilian Grand Prix was an F1 race weekend…however Grid Walk would much rather focus on the off track activities from São Paulo! But don’t worry Briana and Nicole do talk about the Brazilian Grand Prix. What made Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team so slow in São Paulo? How many days left until Mercedes fans say goodbye to the W14?

Another F1 race weekend means Grid Walk race podiums! Lewis Hamilton once again turned the paddock into a runway. Briana celebrates the second Lewis Hamilton week of the year by ranking all of Lewis’ fits from Brazil. The Brazilian Grand Prix brought F1 fans some emotional radios. Nicole shares her podium of the best quotes from the Brazilian Grand Prix! How did Aston Martin sum up Mercedes’ race? Why is Charles Leclerc “so unlucky?”

After every single F1 race weekend Grid Walk shares polls on Instagram (@gridwalkshow) - make sure you follow to share your vote! Briana and Nicole chat about the results of the polls from the Brazilian Grand Prix. Was Max Verstappen just toying with Lando Norris at the start of the Brazilian Grand Prix? How many DNFs are “too many” DNFs? Has Aston Martin made their comeback or was this a one-off result?

The latest makeup brand to see the potential in motorsports is Anastasia Beverly Hills. It has been announced that Bianca Bustamante is racing at the Macau Grand Prix in Formula 4 and welcoming some new sponsors, including Anastasia Beverly Hills! How does Anastasia Beverly Hills coming in as a sponsor demonstrate the power of the female fanbase in motorsports? Will other makeup companies see the potential of motorsports like Anastasia Beverly Hills, e.l.f., and Tarte cosmetics have already?

Grid Walk is an F1 podcast but the latest collaboration with NASCAR driver & Columbia Sportswear ambassador, Bubba Wallace and Star Wars HAD to be discussed! What special livery and race suit did 23XI have for the NASCAR Cup series finale at Phoenix Raceway? What major Star Wars celebrity appeared in the Columbia Sportswear advertisement with Bubba Wallace? What Star Wars characters were at the Phoenix Raceway?

Grill the Grid Walk Host is back! Is Nicole better at pictionary than F1 drivers? Briana takes some of the prompts from one of F1’s Grill the Grid segments and quizzes Nicole. Will Nicole be able to name the F1 vocabulary based on the F1 drivers’ drawings?

F1 is officially headed to Nevada for the first Las Vegas Grand Prix! There is so much hype around the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Next week’s Grid Walk will be a guaranteed, jam-packed Las Vegas preview! However, U2 is already celebrating the F1 grand prix from the Las Vegas Sphere! How do we get Bono to be a commentator on an F1 race? How were Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, Charles Leclerc, and Max Verstappen already welcomed to Las Vegas?

Grid Walk is a weekly Formula 1 show that releases every Thursday. For daily F1 content follow@gridwalkshow on all social media platforms.

00:00 Formation Lap

03:28 Mercedes is so Draggy

10:05 Lewis Hamilton Fashion of the Brazil GP

15:09 Best Radios of the Brazil GP

19:39 Poll Recap of the Brazil GP

28:42 1989 Cardigan

29:24 Beauty Brands Motorsports Sponsorship Trends

37:12 Star Wars x Bubba Wallace Sponsorship

41:30 Grill the Grid Walk Host: Pictionary

48:34 People’s Sexiest Man Alive Reaction

52:00 Bono & U2 Introduce F1 Drivers

57:05 Yellow Sector Notes

F1 Rumors Swirl & Brazil Grand Prix Preview | Grid Walk November 2, 2023

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Published Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2023 07:00:25 GMT

Guests: ""


Where to begin with the Mexican Grand Prix!?!? The world of Formula 1 is far from boring at the moment and this episode of Grid Walk is proof! Briana and Nicole (attempt to) give you absolutely everything that is currently happening in F1 including what is happening in the rumor mill!

There were plenty of moments at the Mexico Grand Prix that inspired Briana and Nicole’s podiums this week! Nicole shares the moments of the Mexican Grand Prix that had her jaw on the floor! Briana brings her podiums of favorite quotes from the Mexican Grand Prix!

Nicole, Grid Walk’s resident Daniel Ricciardo fangirl, is trying to contain her excitement after the events of the F1 race weekend in Mexico. Daniel Ricciardo qualifying P4 was a pleasant surprise. Will Nicole finally be buying Red Bull merchandise (specifically Ricciardo Red Bull merchandise)?

Before diving into the pile of F1 rumors, Nicole and Briana discuss Mercedes’ most recent announcement. Mercedes announced that Chief Technical Officer Mike Elliot has chosen to leave his role. What does this mean for Mercedes going into the 2024 F1 season?

Formula 1 is proving to be a circus with the amount of rumors flying around the paddock this week! Briana and Nicole discuss the tea being spilled in the world of F1 and share how real they think these stories are. Is Formula 1 canceling the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? Is Audi backing out of Formula 1 before they actually got in? Has Lawrence Stroll sold his shares in the Aston Martin F1 team and is Lance Stroll no longer driving for Aston Martin? Is Fernando Alonso re-retiring? Or is Sergio Perez announcing his retirement? There is a long list of F1 drivers that could possibly replace Checo. Is Carlos Sainz leaving Ferrari?

Lewis Hamilton announced his new non-alcoholic agave beverage, Almavé. What does a non-alcoholic agave beverage taste like? How does Almavé prove that Lewis Hamilton is continuing to build a lifestyle brand?

Grid Walk is celebrating the last F1 Sprint Race of 2023 with a “Sprint” Gossip Grid, giving you everything you need to know about F1 and pop culture at top speed. Which F1 teams were successful Swifties with the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version)? How is Alex Albon once again being the F1 king of skin care? Who is the target audience of the opening ceremonies of the Las Vegas Grand Prix?

Briana and Nicole continue their competition of F1 predictions with the Brazilian Grand Prix. Will Lewis Hamilton be on the podium again for his second home race of the season? Will either Mclaren driver be on the podium in Brazil? Will Esteban Ocon or Daniel Ricciardo score points this weekend? Will any F1 teams struggle to set up their car with only one free practice session in Brazil?

Grid Walk is a weekly Formula 1 show that releases every Thursday. For daily F1 content follow@gridwalkshow on all social media platforms.

00:00 Instagram Mom, Lewis

01:34 Formation Lap

05:05 Podium: OMG Moments from the Mexico GP

12:19 Ricciardo Won the 2024 Red Bull Seat?

18:28 Podium: Quotes of the Weekend

22:38 Mike Elliot Departs Mercedes

27:31 Will this Hurt the 2024 Mercedes Car?

30:10 F1 Journalist Set F1twt Aflame

33:34 Nico Rosberg Returning?!

34:15 Rumor 1: Abu Dhabi Race Cancelation?

36:05 Rumor 2: Audi Pulling Out of F1?

38:15 Rumor 3: Stroll Selling Aston Martin?

42:19 Rumor 4: The 2nd Red Bull Seat?

45:03 Rumor 5: Carlos Sainz Leaving Ferrari?

46:09 The Business Behind Lewis Hamilton's New Non-Alcoholic Spirit

52:29 Gossip Grid: F1 Pop Culture News

59:10 Poll Results from the Mexico GP Weekend

01:03:57 Predicting & Previewing the Brazil GP

01:13:34 Yellow Sector Notes

Lewis Hamilton Could Have Won the USGP w/ Andy from Red Racer Books | Grid Walk October 26, 2023

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Published Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2023 07:01:15 GMT



Grid Walk has an extra special episode this week as Andy Amendola (@RedRacerBooks) is a guest this week! Andy is the author of ABCs of Racing and All About Race Cars. Red Racer Books help kids (or adults!) learn about racing in a way that is fun, easy to understand, and, one of the best parts - engaging to all genders! Andy joins Briana and Nicole for this week’s podiums. What are the best F1 track turn names? What moments at COTA gave all non-attendees FOMO? Some F1 fans have a definition for unacceptable fan behavior…but sometimes fans are just having fun! What fandom moments would cause these F1 fans to see stars?

Mercedes really let Lewis Hamilton down this weekend, numerous times. There is no elephant in the room this week, Briana and Nicole share their frustrations after the events of the USGP. Putting the disqualification aside for a moment, how was it possible for Lewis Hamilton to win in Austin? What is going on with Mercedes’ pit stops?

Grid Walk heads Into The Wild to discuss the FIA’s disqualification of Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc from the USGP. Lewis Hamilton lost his P2 and Charles Leclerc lost his P6 due to failing post race plank checks. Why are only four F1 cars checked for plank wear after a race?

No more F1 Sprint Races - PLEASE! Briana and Nicole are officially done with Sprint Races. What is Formula 1’s goal and are they achieving it? Why was the COTA chosen to hold an F1 Sprint Race this year?

Nicole is back with another Gossip Grid to give you everything you need to know about F1 and pop culture! How does Bad Bunny shade Checo Perez on his new album? Which F1 driver is most likely to order a burrito at Chipotle? Is Adam Driver officially the spokesperson for Scuderia Ferrari? What personalized gift did COTA give to each F1 driver?

This year Puma has seriously expanded their line of F1 apparel. Puma has created merchandise for Mercedes, Ferrari, and recently announced Williams. With Puma continuing to be the main licensor of F1 merchandise, what can F1 fans expect from Puma x F1 now that A$AP Rocky has a leading role?

Briana and Nicole share the results of the Grid Walk instagram polls! What did Grid Walk followers think about the events at COTA this past weekend? Has Mclaren F1 Team’s driver Oscar Piastri peaked? Are you surprised by the downfall of Aston Martin?

There are only 4 F1 races left which means there are only 4 F1 races remaining in Briana and Nicole’s race prediction competition! Briana is currently the one avoiding an ice bath with a slight lead in the competition. Will all that change at the Mexican Grand Prix?

Checkout Red Racer Books!

Grid Walk is a weekly Formula 1 show that releases every Thursday. For daily F1 content follow @gridwalkshow on all social media platforms.

00:00 Formation Lap

02:51 Mercedes Lost Lewis Hamilton the USGP

13:49 Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc Disqualified from the USGP

17:23 Eras Tour Cup Follow Up

17:48 Welcome @RedRacerBooks

19:13 Podium: FOMO Moments from COTA

26:48 Sprint Race Weekends Still Suck

35:30 Gossip Grid: F1 in Pop Culture

47:44 Podium: Best Track Corner Names

58:20 A$AP Rocky is the New Creative Director for Puma/F1

01:06:51 Podium: Being a Fan Should Be Fun!

01:14:35 Check Out @RedRacerBooks

01:15:57 Poll Results from the USGP

01:20:50 Mexico GP Preview & Predictions

01:29:37 Yellow Sector Notes

Formula 1 USGP Preview | Grid Walk October 19, 2023

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Published Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2023 07:01:07 GMT

Guests: ""


Briana and Nicole are in Austin in every way…except physically that is. The COTA FOMO is real! With the United States Grand Prix this weekend Briana and Nicole reminisce on their trip to COTA in 2022. How is the 2022 USGP closely connected to the creation of Grid Walk?

Alright so it is time for Grid Walk to address the elephant in the room from the Qatar Grand Prix. There was some on track drama for Mercedes F1 Team on the Losail International Circuit. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell had a collision at Turn 1 of the Qatar GP. Briana and Nicole are not shy about being Lewis Hamilton fans so they needed some time to “chill” before addressing the collison.

At this point, it is impossible to deny that the FIA treats Lewis Hamilton differently from other F1 drivers. Briana and Nicole discuss the FIA reopening the investigation into Lewis Hamilton for crossing the track at the Qatar GP. Is the FIA able to reopen an investigation like this? Is the FIA really just trying to focus on the betterment of safety in motorsports or is the FIA considering other factors?

Daniel Ricciardo is making his return to the F1 grid…again! For the second time in the F1 2023 season DR3 is making his F1 return in the Alpha Tauri. Daniel Ricciardo has been out since the Hungarian GP due to a broken hand. Austin is the perfect place for Daniel Ricciardo to come back to the F1 grid and it is only right that Daniel Ricciardo releases a merchandise line full of Austin vibes! What is it about Daniel Ricciardo’s merchandise for the 2023 USGP that makes it stand out? How is Daniel Ricciardo trying to appeal to female F1 fans?

There has been a crazy amount of F1 news! Even more investors are getting their piece of the Alpine F1 Team! This time the Alpine F1 Team is welcoming Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes as new investors? Netflix announced its first live sporting event with a Driver to Survive and Full Swing crossover event! Will Netflix be able to live up to the hype and expectations? Scuderia Ferrari has released “football” jerseys for the United States Grand Prix, what?? How did Scuderia Ferrari hit and miss the mark at the same time with these jerseys? NETFLIX GOLD

Briana and Nicole continue their F1 predictions battles as they attempt to predict the United States Grand Prix! Will Mclaren F1 Team be able to maintain their momentum? Will Lando Norris or Oscar Piastri make it on the podium in Austin? Will Scuderia Ferrari have better luck at COTA than they did at Qatar? Which F1 team will come out on top during the F1 Sprint Race?

Austin also has the return of F1 Academy for the final race weekend of 2023! Somehow Briana and Nicole are TIED in their F1 Academy picks?? Will Marta García solidify the championship this weekend? Will either Léna Bühler or Hamda Al Qubaisi catch up? How will the first real F1 Academy broadcast go?

Grid Walk is a weekly Formula 1 show that releases every Thursday. For daily F1 content follow@gridwalkshow on all social media platforms.

00:00 Formation Lap

04:29 The Elephant in the Room

09:05 Harper Interruption

09:53 Into the Wild: FIA Reopens the Lewis Hamilton Investigation

11:33 Daniel Ricciardo IS BACK

12:39 Ricciardo USGP Merch Launch is for the Girls

20:27 Nicole's Shoey Hat

20:36 Grid Walk's Origin Story

26:46 The Track Invasion at COTA is a Must Do

28:11 The End of the Grid Walk's Origin Story

30:24 Netflix Announces a Live F1xGolf Crossover Event

34:17 Briana's Mom Cameo

35:09 More New Alpine Investors

39:23 Ferrari Tried to Make NFL Jerseys...

43:11 Nicole Previews the USGP

44:33 Formula 1 Race Predictions

53:19 2nd Harper Interruption

54:16 Formula 1 Academy Preview & Predictions

01:00:37 Yellow Sector Notes

Was the Formula 1 Qatar GP Chaotic Good or Chaotic Bad? | Grid Walk October 12, 2023

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Published Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2023 07:00:38 GMT

Guests: ""


Formula 1 is basically a traveling circus and the Qatar Grand Prix felt like that but on steroids! The entire weekend at the Qatar Grand Prix seemed like the most chaotic F1 race weekend so far! Briana and Nicole talked about everything that happened in Qatar and more on the new episode of Grid Walk!

Oscar Piastri finished P1 in the Sprint Race in Qatar!! Grid Walk has to take a moment to celebrate this awesome weekend for Mclaren F1 Team’s driver Oscar Piastri! Oscar Piastri was the bright spot in the middle of the chaotic race weekend. Briana shares her favorite Oscar Piastri moments from the Qatar Grand Prix weekend!

Almost every F1 driver appeared to be in rough shape after the grueling Qatar GP. Many F1 drivers were taken to the medical team, needed assistance getting out of cars, or were physically sick. Briana and Nicole discuss what should be done to better protect F1 drivers’ safety. Is the Qatar GP safe enough for F1 to continue racing?

There were several moments from the race weekend that just made us go “uhhhh..WTF?” Can you believe this moment at the Qatar Grand Prix solidified Max Verstappen’s Driver Championship? How was the Drivers Championship Trophy NOT ready for when Verstappen secured the championship after the F1 Sprint Race? Verstappen becoming a champion wasn’t a surprise!

The tire chaos of the Qatar GP went to a new level and it wasn’t the usual F1 tire strategy chaos! Pirelli had to put lap limits on the tires for the Qatar Grand Prix. Why did Pirelli have to implement this rule for Qatar? What the heck are “pyramid curbs?”

Briana & Nicole each have a Qatar GP podium dedicated to a different F1 team! Will Nicole ever learn her lesson when it comes to Scuderia Ferrari? Nicole shares the moments from the Qatar Grand Prix weekend that made her question why she ever put her F1 faith in Scuderia Ferrari? Was it possible for Carlos Sainz to have a worse weekend? Briana shares the moments from Qatar that had her wondering if MoneyGram Haas F1 Team was an actual F1 team?

This seems to be becoming a weekly discussion at Grid Walk, was the Qatar GP the last straw for Sergio Perez’s seat with Red Bull Racing? Briana and Nicole try to answer “should” and “will” Red Bull Racing replace Checo Perez! Is it likely that Red Bull Racing is putting off a Checo Perez announcement until after the Mexican Grand Prix!

Hear the results of the Qatar Grand Prix post-race polls answered by Grid Walk followers! Included in those polls is the FIA’s recent announcement about Andretti! Is it just a matter of time before Liberty Media/Formula One Management announce an 11th F1 team or would it be because they were pressured to do so?

Grid Walk heads Into The Wild to discuss the latest saga of Formula 1 and track limit violations! (Special shoutout to F1 Multiviewer for the track limit violations tracker!) Should track violations even be monitored in F1? If so, how can the FIA be better at monitoring track limits?

Previous Track Limits Discussion Referenced

Grid Walk is a weekly Formula 1 show that releases every Thursday. For daily F1 content follow @gridwalkshow on all social media platforms.

00:00 F1 in this Local News

03:50 Formation Lap

06:12 Podium: Best Oscar Piastri Moments of the Weekend

11:01 Driver Safety in Formula One

22:24 Podium: What is Formula 1?

28:24 Why Did the Tires Get Limits at the Qatar GP?

37:01 Podium: Nicole Rants About Ferrari

41:58 Checo Has Another Bad Race Weekend

46:39 Race Weekend Poll Results

56:22 Travis Kelce & Lightning McQueen

58:02 Into the Wild: Monitoring Track Limits

01:02:17 Podium: Is Haas Real?

01:03:55 Yellow Sector Notes

Andretti Reaction & Qatar Grand Prix Preview with @NaturalParadigm | Grid Walk October 5, 2023

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Published Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2023 07:01:24 GMT

Guests: Bryson Sullivan


This could potentially be the MOST jam packed episode of Grid Walk yet! Briana & Nicole had such a great chat with Bryson Sullivan (NaturalParadigm) that there is bonus content! Briana, Nicole, & Bryson discuss the F1 fandom, reminisce about the USGP of 2022, & cover the Qatar Grand Prix. But that is only some of F1 fun that you can expect on episode 37 of Grid Walk!

Time for an F1 Ring update! A few weeks ago Grid Walk chatted about the rumors of the FIA approving the F1 application of Andretti. This week the FIA did announce that they have approved the Andretti bid to be added as the 11th F1 team on the grid. But the FIA’s announcement was only HALF of an announcement?! Andretti still needs to be approved by Formula One Media (FOM) and Liberty Media! Is this the FIA’s way of putting pressure on FOM and Liberty Media who haven’t necessarily agreed with the public’s positive view about Andretti?

Grid Walk heads into the wild because the zebras are at it again! The FIA is still not doing the best job at hiding their Red Bull favoritism…oops! At the Singapore GP Max Verstappen managed to get away with multiple penalties. So only Max Verstappen is able to chill out in the pit lane like that? AlphaTauri just didn’t show up to their stewarding hearing for Max Verstappen impeding Yuki Tsunoda? Shoutout to the F1 team for calling this out and filing a complaint on the FIA’s inconsistency!

Okay, just for fun, let’s imagine the current F1 season WITHOUT Red Bull Racing. There would be no Max Verstappen or Checo Perez on the podium or finishing in the points. F1 fans had a slight preview of F1 without Red Bull Racing at the top at the Singapore Grand Prix (but reality came back quickly at the Japanese Grand Prix). Nicole brings you through what the point standings of what the current F1 Constructors Championship would be if there was no Red Bull!

A majority of the F1 fandom was freaking out about certain Formula 1 social media metrics that were released last week. Somehow the F1 fandom concluded that these social media numbers showed that the dominance of Red Bull is RUINING the sport. Well Grid Walk is here to debunk that conclusion! What does the original data really show about F1 social media numbers? What observations can we make from F1 Google Search trends? When was the Tifosi NOT Googling about Ferrari?

Bryson Sullivan shares a podium for the Qatar GP - Which F1 team will (*most likely*) be 2nd to Red Bull ? Why can’t Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team fix their drag issue?

The F1 race predictions continue and the ice bath gets closer for one of the Grid Walk hosts! Briana & Nicole share their predictions for the Qatar GP. There are extra points up for grabs since there is an F1 Sprint Race this weekend!

00:00 TikTok Fun Fact

01:36 Formation Lap

04:00 Andretti Update (F1 Ring)

11:54 Comment Shoutout

12:43 FIA Inconsistencies (Into the Wild)

20:08 Thoughts on F1 Fandom

21:08 F1 Constructors without Red Bull

29:17 Memories of 2022 USGP

30:55 BuzzRadar F1 Social Data Chaos

39:08 Data Collection Methodology

43:47 Google Trend Data

46:49 Qatar Grand Prix Preview with @NaturalParadigm

52:17 Mercedes Drag Issues

55:40 Who Will Be 2nd to Red Bull at the Qatar GP?

59:54 Other Race Weekend Things to Know

01:02:47 Race Weekend Predictions

01:10:37 Yellow Sector Notes

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