Episode 8- F1 2024 Car Launch Reviews (So Far)

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Thu, 15 Feb 2024 13:00:00 -0500







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The dynamic duo is back for Season 2! After an offseason full of rest, relaxation, and recharging our cohosts are back in action and more excited than ever for Season 2. 

Molly and Doctor Obbs take you through the car launches we've seen so far from the F1 Grid, breaking down cars such as the AMR24, the Alpin A524, some bigfoot level photos of Kick Sauber, tackle listener questions and more as they preview the grids 2024 challegners. 

What do they think about all that carbon fibre? Or where teams are going to be focusing their innovations this season? Settle in and set you bias aside and find out! 



## Formula One Season 2 Episode 1: Car Launches and Season Preview

### Introduction

* Hosts Molly and Dr. Obbs are back for Season 2 of the Breaking Bias podcast.
* They discuss their excitement for the new season and share their thoughts on recent off-season events, including the Netflix series "Full Speed" and the 24 Hours of Daytona.

### F1 Car Launches

* The hosts review the car launches that have taken place so far, including the Haas VF24, Kick Sauber, Williams FW46, and Alpine A524.
* They discuss the exposed carbon fiber on the Haas, the Kick Sauber's livery and potential design features, the Williams' nod to Frank Williams' cars, and the Alpine's p-duct.

### Innovations and Trends

* Molly and Dr. Obbs speculate on where teams might be focusing their innovations this season.
* They discuss the trend of teams using exposed carbon fiber to save weight and the increasing use of slot box side pod intakes.
* They also mention the potential for teams to integrate ERS and battery cooling more effectively.

### Controversies and Insights

* The hosts briefly touch on the controversy surrounding Kick Sauber's livery and the potential for gambling sponsorships in Formula One.
* They also highlight some insightful comments made by team principals during the car launches.

**Key Points:**

* The Alpine A524 features a unique p-duct design, which has generated speculation among experts. Some believe it could be a clever innovation aimed at improving airflow and downforce, while others suggest it might be a red herring to mislead competitors.

* The car's wheelbase appears to be shorter than its predecessor, potentially indicating a focus on improving cornering performance and lowering the center of gravity.

* Alpine has made significant changes to the power unit integration, including the relocation of the ERS system, which could provide advantages in terms of packaging and aerodynamic efficiency.

* Aston Martin's AMR24 boasts a striking and innovative front wing design, with a heavily loaded outboard section and unique endplates. However, some experts believe the wing shown in the launch renders may not be the actual race-spec component.

* The AMR24 also features a distinctive intake design, with a curved profile and a small wing-like element on the outer edge. This design aims to maximize forward undercut and generate increased downforce.

* The AMR24's floor design includes a prominent cis bulge near the front, suggesting a change in driver positioning. The top deck of the floor is positioned low, maximizing the distance to the forward undercut and enhancing airflow and pressure generation.

**Car Innovations:**
- The AMR24's pushrod rear is almost flat, unlike other cars' steeper angles, suggesting innovative mechanical setup.
- Teams may focus on tweaking floor edges and optimizing suspension dynamics for marginal gains.
- Innovations could also lie in packaging and cooling around the powertrain, freeing up space for aero and floor developments.
- Control systems and mapping strategies may be areas for teams to extract more performance.

**Carbonization of Liveries:**
- The hosts discuss the trend of carbon-heavy liveries and the lack of paint on F1 cars.
- They express their opinion that the focus should be on performance rather than aesthetics.
- Weight reduction is a crucial factor, and teams may not be willing to compromise performance for paint.
- Colored carbon fiber is mentioned as a potential solution, but its weight and strength properties are questioned.

**Upcoming Car Releases and Season 2 Plans:**
- The hosts anticipate the remaining car launches, including Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull.
- They plan to revisit the topic after testing and have a special guest appearance lined up.
- The podcast aims to produce more tech content and feature insightful guests in Season 2.

The Braking Bias Podcast duo provides an informative and engaging discussion on the recently launched Formula 1 cars, highlighting potential areas of innovation and addressing the ongoing debate about carbonization in liveries. They also tease exciting plans for Season 2, promising more in-depth technical analysis and special guests.

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