Episode 5 - Qatar Chaos, Tyre Turmoil, the curious case of Ferrari, and COTA preview

Podcast: Braking Bias

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Fri, 13 Oct 2023 09:00:00 -0400







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Welcome back for the 5th episode of Braking Bias! Moll and Dr. Obbs tackle tons of trick tech topics in this episode. 

They start off with discussing the tyre turmoil in Qatar, how this could have happened from a technical standpoint. Before diving into the driver cooling dilemma and how current aerodynamic design strategies could have contributed, while Molly offers an interesting take around understanding F1 cockpit conditions and what could be done to prevent this again. 

The team finishes up their Qatar recap discussing how the tyre rules impacted race pace, their take on THAT Lap 1 incident between George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, and ask  'what is going on with Ferrari?' After strong showings in Singapore and Suzuka. 

Finally the they wrap up with a USGP preview, discussing the upgrades that are expected to debut, what they expect and why COTA is a track to debut them at. 

Settle in, set your bias aside and get Braking Bias! 



The Breaking Bias podcast episode opens with a vibrant discussion about the thrilling Qatar Grand Prix weekend and its implications for Formula One. Hosts Dr. Obbs and Molly Marissa share their immediate thoughts and reactions, placing particular emphasis on the tire turmoil that unfolded during the race.

Diving into the technical intricacies of the tire issues, the hosts explain the sidewall separation phenomenon caused by high oscillation events in specific curb sections. Pirelli's mandate of a maximum of 18 laps on tires transformed the race into a strategic three-stop challenge.

The conversation then shifts to the physics behind the tire failures, exploring factors like high-speed corners, lateral loads, and the unique track surface. Questions are raised about communication breakdowns among suppliers, the series, and teams, along with the potential impact of the resurfaced track.

The hosts transition to discuss driver cooling and safety concerns arising from the high ambient temperatures and enclosed cockpits in Formula One. Noting the lack of data on driver core temperatures, they propose solutions such as cockpit scoops, mandatory cool suits, and helmet-mounted cooling systems.

Molly suggests three potential solutions for driver cooling: implementing cockpit scoops similar to IndyCar, mandating cool suits under fire suits, and integrating helmet-mounted cooling systems leveraging existing airflow features.

Emphasizing the amplified stress on drivers due to tire limitations and the high-paced race, the hosts discuss potential issues like G-locking, where acceleration forces restrict oxygen flow to the brain.

he hosts express hope that the series will explore and implement effective strategies to ensure the well-being of drivers.

Shifting gears, the hosts discuss the McLaren team's impressive performance at the Qatar Grand Prix, securing a 1-2 finish in the sprint shootout. They attribute McLaren's success to a technical turnaround, structural changes, and the leadership of Andrea Stella.

Highlighting McLaren's record-breaking 1.8-second pit stop, the hosts praise the precision and teamwork involved. The podcast then delves into Ferrari's puzzling performance, speculating on issues like a misfire in Charles Leclerc's car, wind sensitivity, and potential reliability concerns.

The hosts analyze the first-lap incident between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, emphasizing the importance of clear communication and coordination between teammates. Looking ahead to the United States Grand Prix, they predict competitive performances from teams excelling at high-speed circuits.

A discussion ensues about Haas introducing a heavily modified car (B-spec) at the US Grand Prix, including full bodywork changes and side pod inlet modifications. The hosts express excitement about the potential impact of these modifications.

Transitioning to the United States Grand Prix preview, the hosts discuss the significance of the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas. They highlight the unique challenges posed by the high-speed track layout, making it an ideal testing ground for aerodynamic updates.

Several teams are expected to bring upgrades, particularly floor modifications, to assess their effectiveness in real-world conditions. Notably, the hosts mention the rumored "white Red Bull" incorporating design elements from various teams.

Drawing parallels between COTA and iconic tracks worldwide, such as Silverstone, Hockenheim, and Mexico City, the hosts emphasize the diversity of features for evaluating cars' performance. Molly shares the cultural significance of COTA for her, being a Texan, and highlights the vibrant atmosphere in Austin.

The episode concludes with an invitation for listeners to attend a Creators in Coffee event hosted by Dr. Obbs during the COTA weekend. The hosts encourage fans to gather, network, and celebrate the sport in a relaxed and friendly environment.

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