Episode 4 - Singapore and Suzuka Rewind, Losail Lookahead

Podcast: Braking Bias

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Fri, 06 Oct 2023 02:00:00 -0400







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Braking Bias is back and you do not want to miss this exciting episode full of awesome tech. Molly and Dr. Obbs start by rewinding to the F1 Singapore and Suzuka Grand Prixes where they tackle:

-What the heck was going on with the Red Bull? 
- Has Mercedes lost their tyre advantage? 
-Have Flexi wings taken down Aston?
-Did Ferrari solve their inconsistencies? 
-What have we learned from McLaren?

Before jumping into what they expect to be a thrilling Qatar Grand Prix in F1s return to Losail International Circuit, a track that looks quite different than F1's last race there. What can they expect from this tricky track? Our teams thought on sprint weekends.  How will teams, tyres, and cars manage the extreme desert heat?  Hows a louver work? And what's the difference between a front and rear limited track?

Before tackling the question of Does Red Bull have a serious gearbox issue or was it simply risk vs. reward of their design? 

You dont want to miss this jam packed episode! Pull up, set your bias aside, and lets get braking bias! 



In the latest episode of the Breaking Bias Motorsports Tech Podcast, hosts Dr. Obbs and Molly Marissa provided a comprehensive analysis of recent Formula One races, shedding light on team performances, technical developments, and the intricate challenges faced in the ever-evolving world of motorsports.

The discussion kicked off with an in-depth review of the Singapore and Japan Formula One races. The hosts dissected Red Bull's struggles in Singapore, focusing on their subpar qualifying performance and subsequent adjustments to their setup. Conversely, Ferrari's strong showing, particularly Carlos Sainz's podium finish, was highlighted.

McLaren's consistent success across various track types was discussed, signaling the team's prowess in developing a well-balanced car. Aston Martin's recent challenges prompted speculation about technical directives and potential issues in their development process. The ongoing debate surrounding Aston Martin's bowtie symbol and its impact on pit stop performance was also explored.

Mercedes' diminishing tire advantage came under scrutiny, setting the stage for anticipation of the upcoming Qatar Grand Prix. The hosts expressed excitement about the return to the track after a year's absence and speculated on the potential excitement due to the new track surface and absence of rubber deposits.

As the conversation unfolded, the hosts provided detailed insights into the differences between front-limited and rear-limited tracks, emphasizing the impact of track characteristics on car performance and tire degradation. The potential evolution of the Qatar track surface was discussed, highlighting the importance of qualifying strategy and the risk of red flags.

The hosts explained the use of cooling louvers and elucidated the trade-offs between cooling efficiency and aerodynamic performance in Formula One racing.

The Qatar Grand Prix, marking the inaugural sprint race at the Losail International Circuit, took center stage. The hosts speculated on the potential championship impact if Max Verstappen secures a victory in the sprint. Molly Marissa expressed reservations about the sprint format, proposing the excitement of a reverse grid.

Predictions were made regarding the expected performance of key teams, with Red Bull, McLaren, and Ferrari anticipated to be strong contenders. The characteristics of the Losail circuit, featuring long straights and high-speed corners, were explored, emphasizing the favorability towards cars with robust power units and aerodynamic efficiency.

In a technical deep dive, the hosts examined the cut-end plate rear wings that have gained popularity in the current season. They explained how these wings enhance span-wise load distribution, increasing the effectiveness of the beam wing and diffuser.

Listener questions added an interactive dimension to the episode. Molly Marissa addressed a query about Red Bull's gearbox issues, suggesting that hydraulic problems might be the culprit rather than design flaws. The aerodynamic advantages of a smaller gearbox, particularly in enhancing diffuser flexibility, were discussed.

To aid listeners in visualizing the complexities of an F1 gearbox, the hosts recommended a video showcasing the disassembly of an older model.

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