Episode 2 - Zandvoort Review, Monza Preview, TD018, Stock Car Aerodynamics and Listener Questions

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Fri, 01 Sep 2023 08:00:00 -0400







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Braking Bias Episode 2 is here! Join our two Co-hosts as they have too much fun covering everything from the Dutch Grand Prix, to what they expect to see from teams in Monza, even jumping over the pond to talk NASCAR. Join Molly and Dr. Obbs as they dive in and discuss. The episode kicks off with a review of the chaotic Dutch Grand Prix which was jam packed with new tech, lots of learnings, and even more action. Followed by a preview of what they expect at the Temple of Speed this weekend for the Italian Grand Prix. How far are teams going to go with their Monza specs to get the most gains? And which teams do they have high expectations for? What the heck is this mysterious TD018  coming into effect?! The team explains. Then Molly leads a discussion about NASCAR aerodynamics and how it leads to a violent wreck that shocked the motorsports world in the Coke Zero Sugar 400, and then they close out with some listener questions. Settle in, set your bias aside, and lets get Braking Bias! 



In this engaging episode of the Breaking Bias podcast, Dr. Obbs and Molly Marissa bring their expertise in engineering and Formula One to the forefront. The hosts kick off the discussion by introducing themselves and highlighting their backgrounds, particularly in aerodynamics, dynamics, and powertrains.

The Dutch Grand Prix takes center stage as both hosts express their excitement for the event, focusing on the unpredictable weather conditions that added an extra layer of complexity. Strategic decisions during the race, such as Pierre Gasly's successful early pit stop and the contrasting fortunes of Lando Norris and George Russell, are thoroughly analyzed.

The controversial red flag decision due to heavy rain and poor visibility becomes a point of discussion. Molly argues for prioritizing safety, while Dr. Obbs acknowledges the necessity but questions the prolonged delay. The impact of increased spray from new ground effect floors and the visibility of diffuser vortices is explored, providing insight into the technical aspects of Formula One.

Williams' surprising resurgence and strong qualifying performance at Zandvoort are scrutinized, with Dr. Obbs attributing it to a wider aerodynamic operating range and Molly emphasizing the importance of simulation-real-world correlation. Ferrari's struggles with unpredictable car behavior and contrasting stability with Williams are also explored.

Mercedes' progress in predictability, Aston Martin's notable upgrades, and the challenges faced in modifying the jack to accommodate new devices are discussed. The hosts wrap up the episode by expressing optimism for the Monza race, discussing potential strategies, and providing insights into recent events in NASCAR, particularly the dramatic Coke Zero 400 race at Daytona International Speedway.

Overall, the Breaking Bias podcast delivers an informative and insightful exploration of Formula One, covering technical developments, team performances, and upcoming races. Dr. Obbs and Molly Marissa's dynamic co-hosting adds a layer of excitement, making the podcast a must-listen for Formula One enthusiasts.

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