Episode 1 - F1 Midseason Musings, Machine Learning, and Rear Wing End Plates

Podcast: Braking Bias

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Fri, 25 Aug 2023 09:00:00 -0400







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Welcome to Braking Bias! The motorsports tech podcast where the only bias we have is for motorsports tech! Join Co-hosts Molly and Dr. Obbs as they explore their highs and lows from the first half of the F1 season thus far. The cover McLaren's mid season resurgence, Aston Martin's fall off,  and Mercedes continued challenges. They also discuss hierarchy of Power Units so far, explore the use of AI in motorsports with AI's Quantum Black and Pit Rho, and Dr. Obbs leads a discussion around why we see teams taking such drastic measures with their Rear Wing End Plates.



In this engaging episode of the Breaking Bias podcast, hosts Dr. Obbs and Molly Marissa dive headfirst into the captivating world of Formula One (F1) motorsports. The spotlight is on the upcoming Zandvoort race, with the hosts expressing their palpable anticipation for what promises to be a thrilling Dutch Grand Prix.

Aston Martin's journey, marked by a strong start followed by a performance decline, undergoes insightful analysis. The hosts explore potential reasons for the team's struggles, while also shedding light on McLaren's impressive resurgence, especially after their strategic upgrade package.

Mercedes takes center stage as the hosts discuss the team's ongoing evolution of side pods, emphasizing their experimentation with different designs and the potential impact on overall performance. The intricacies of Red Bull and other teams' floor designs are also explored, underlining the crucial role of these aerodynamic elements in generating downforce.

Tire degradation emerges as a challenge for teams, particularly with the introduction of stiffer sidewalls by Pirelli. The hosts delve into the complexities of managing tire performance in the competitive F1 landscape.

Looking ahead to the Zandvoort race, the hosts speculate on potential upgrades from Aston Martin and analyze Mercedes' recent performance gains, attributing them to successful side pod modifications and an enhanced understanding of the car's dynamics.

A broader discussion ensues about the powertrain pecking order on the grid, with insights into Ferrari's speed but unreliability, Red Bull's low-drag advantage, Mercedes' formidable unit, and Alpine's struggles at the bottom.

The hosts emphasize the holistic approach to evaluating car performance, highlighting the importance of considering the entire system, including aerodynamics and drag. Fred Vasseur's assessment of Red Bull's well-rounded car is discussed, showcasing the team's overall strength.

The podcast also explores the increasing complexity of brake temperature management, noting the significance of brake duct winglets and air direction in car design.

As the hosts express curiosity about potential future upgrades and overhauls in the second half of the season, they also touch on the excitement surrounding the upcoming Monza race. Anticipation builds for the low downforce specifications teams will bring and the implications for power unit performance.

In conclusion, Breaking Bias delivers a comprehensive and engaging exploration of the dynamic world of Formula One, covering everything from team performance and technological innovations to strategic considerations and the intriguing developments awaiting the F1 community in the second half of the season.

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