Formula 1 Telemetry Analysis and Charts



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1. Max Verstappen

Radio check Max. Yep, radio check. So mode 12 for the dummy launch, formation lap. Pit limiter on. And a static 5.5 once the car is on the ground. So just remind the pit limiter on. Formation lap targets, plus 10 on the dash, the rears. After turn 16 and above 200 kph limit your boost and lift and coast into turn 17. After 17 no more than 50% throttle and from the DRS line two long burnouts, two long burnouts and an extra ramp rather than coasting down into your start position. A reminder, stationary time will be around half of your standard wait at 20 seconds. Okay Max, so tyre update. Harkon ahead of you, also hard tyres. And then behind, Hülkenberg P12, Hamilton P13, Joe P14 and then also Sunoda and Stroll at the back. So that's seven cars in all on the hard. Two on soft and one minute. 15 seconds. Okay Max, so we're two long and one short. Two long and one short. So that will start before the DRS line. So mode 3 max. Last car on the grid. And mode 7 max. Mode 7. Gottaap behind, 0.6. 0.6. Has DRS. Gap 1. That was a purple lap. Gap to the leader, 6.2. Just keep on climax. So the car ahead, Russell, last lap was a 33.6. I think 7.8 is too understeery. Copy that. So diff mid is available for 7.8 max. Just look after the tyres in this section in traffic. I want to isolate it a little bit more in 7.8. Unless it's all about just air. Okay we'll have a look Max. Okay pace picking up a little bit at the front. First sector, three tenths. And gap to leader, 4.8. It's not easy to isolate that corner Max. The only thing is mid or on the bias if you can. OK Max, at the moment the hard tyre looks like a strong tyre. We just need to keep it on plan. 0.7, gap 0.5, gap behind 0.8, has the RS. 15 laps complete. Slips are okay, I'm not braking. Slips are very good, Max. Gap 0.7 behind. And mode 6, Max. Mode 6. No DRS behind. Keep the management up in sector 1, Max. You're strong in sector 2. Checo just pushing the high speed at the moment a bit more. Just make sure you keep on top of turn 2 though Max, turn 2. Just keep creeping up on it Max. OK, that's 20 laps complete. 20 laps Max. The upshifts are not that smooth. OK, understood. So, Alonso lap time behind 32.4 Display 3, position 54 Display 3, position 5 Display 3, position 5 That's for upshifts I could have a balance uptake when you can please in clean air High speed is a bit understeery So then I have to open up the diff which I don't like Understood So if it's a worse compromise, you can close your diff again then Max. I'm afraid I'm going to hurt the right front too much. What was the limitation on the medium in terms of balance? Looking at it here on the pit wall Max. Max, what we can do to isolate turn 78 is... Would also involve an increase in brake balance migration. That would be a multi-function change, let me know if you're interested. No, the problem is that I'm not touching the brake. Okay, then we won't make that change. But in a bit you need to let me know what the limitation on the medium was. So we know what to do with the front wing. Max, I'm looking at that on the pit wall, will you focus on driving please? Display 14, position 10. Display 14, position 10. Okay, so Max it'll be the red button for turn 7, 8. Red button. So Checo on the new tyre just pushing sector 1. That's 4 tenths in sector 1. Checo last lap was a 31.4 and that Delta Max, actually turn 1, 2, 3 is similar, it's just turns 4, 5, 6. 4, 5, 6. Sector 2 is the same pace. OK, so that was 3 tenths down on Checo that last lap. Sector 2 and 3 are a match, it's all in the high speed. This is a very good max, keep on top of it. Excellent stint so far. Let's keep going. So you're two tenths quicker than Checo in sector 2. It's all turns 4, 5 and 6. He's pushing the tyre. It is getting gusty out there Max, so just take care in that section. This is lap 30. We had front start to pick up a bit before 5. Okay understood. You are free to lean on the tyres more now Max. Just watching our track position on Fernando. So the biggest Delta turns four and six seven. Turns four, six, seven. Max if you want the pull toggle for the bigger braking zones, if under series of limitation that is available otherwise you've got the bias offset. Okay so as I say you are free to push now Max. Effective track position is around five seconds behind checker. Obviously the longer we can extend this the better. So ahead that is is Sargent. And that's a purple lap. Okay, Max. So update on Fernando's pace. So gap to him now 29 seconds, not an immediate threat for pit stops. Last lap was a 32.3 for him. So now it's all about going as long and as fast as we can to the pit stop. Okay, so effective gap to Checo post-stop is now four seconds. Okay, same lap time last time around. Checo found a tenth and a half on the brakes into turn 17. He's still pushing turn 6, 7 a bit more. Max, judging from the slips, I think we can go rearwards on the bias offset, maybe one click for now. Max, let us know if you'd like a multi-function change in the background for increased entry locking. Yeah, thank you. Okay, stand by. Effective track position, three seconds behind Checo. Display five, position 13. Display five, position 13. Call that increased inventory locking. And we'll still have the senator. Back to position... I'll try this first. OK. Otherwise back to position 8. Effective track position now minus 2.6. Yeah, just keep me out for now. Yep, copy You've got Piastri ahead OK, effective track position now minus 2.2 2.2 and that's 40 laps complete Max So, effective track position now minus 1.7 minus 1.7 Max, we have a bit of an upshift test to try and make them smoother for you. If you're interested it's display three position three display three. That's okay for now. Okay understood. So effective track position now minus 1.2. Max front wing update for this stint particularly.. Yeah, it's... I'm okay now, Adrian. Box and pick and firm, Max. Box, pick and firm. And strat 12 after the chicane. Strat 3, torque 9. Strat 3, torque 9. So, expect Incecko to come out around 2 seconds ahead. He's just gone by you now. So just sensible on the tyres Max please. Bring these in gently. It will be slightly more vulnerable. Use the mechanical grip in sector 2. Engine 11 position 2. Engine 11 position 2. As I say, just gently through the high speed, Max. Use the grip in the low speed. And a reminder, turns 4 and 6 in this early phase of the stint. Gap 0.8 0.4 Gap 0.8 Gap 1.3 No DRS. 9 laps remaining Max Blue's for Piastri ahead Gap 1.5 So you can control your pace in sector 1 Use the grip at the low speed Gap 1.6 Gap 1.9 Gap 1.8 Gap 2.3. I can't break that last corner. Can I move the drill with you guys? Yes, Max. Yes, Max. Where is no issue on these tyres, just need to mind any onset of graining. Gap 2.5. Gap 2.8. Five laps, 2.8, Gap 3.1, and 3 laps remaining. Gap 3.2, 2 laps remaining max Gap, 4.5. Mode seven. Mode seven. Last lap, Max. Gap, five seconds. Bring it home. Yeah, good drive today, Max. So it made it harder for ourselves, but we'll have a look at what we could have done better to beat yesterday. Today was a very good drive. That was a good race. Good race all around, so thank you veryah. That was a good race. Good race all around. Thank you very much. That was really, really good. It was good for the team again. Recharge on Max and fail 84. Wadah, Max, that was a mighty middle stint. That was really impressive on the hard tyre. Thanks for racing cleanly with your team mate today. It was a great team performance. 1-2 in America, brilliant. Yeah, that tyre lasted really nicely. And yeah, that was a good 5 minute check-up. Yeah, that was very good. Good day. Oh, and by the way, Jonathan, happy birthday. I didn't see you today. I was a bit busy, but happy birthday. You still look 35. Max for reference, fastest lap as well today. And thank you for listening on the hard tyre stint as well, you managed that incredibly well. Yeah, you managed that really well. It was surprisingly how good that was at the end. Yeah, worked out well. Nice one. You're into pit lane Max, into pit lane. We're going to send Big Oli up today, so give him plenty up there. Just put your VIV to hit. well nice one you're into pit lane Max it's a bit late we're gonna send big Ollie up today so give him plenty up there just plenty of him to hit

2. Sergio Perez

For really, lifting coast into 17 and then path throttle out of there. 3 long burnouts from the Crypto Bridge. And 40 seconds stationary. OK, copy. So up to you what you think is appropriate bias offset. Just nice controlled first in. Got a beast under you. Everything just under control. OK, that's 4 minutes. Check, you just go to tyre 6. OK, just a little bit under-engaged on those releases. A little bit shallow. Okay, check this out, everyone around us on the medium. Ocon and Max, first cars on the hard. That's 90 seconds. 60 seconds. 30 seconds. 10 seconds. 5. Okay, that release was minus 8, minus 8. Last car joining back in the grid now. Mode 6, mode 6, gap 1.1, display 8, looking. Gap to Fernando 1.2, DRS enabled. Gap 1 second, so gap to Fernando 1.4. Gap to Fernando 1.9. Mode 7. Mode 7. How's the balance? Yeah, generally OK. Just how it looks after the sunrise. For now. Copy. Just think about giving up a little bit of entry to 17 to help the exit. Fernando at 1.4. So gap behind 1.6. Tyre temp's just about stabilised. We're happy to use a bit more of the tyres. Start to build that gap. Strat 2, Strat 2. Tyre 7, Tyre 7. So gap to Fernando at 1.8. Race auto yourself, Fernando signs max Gap to Fernando 2.3 Mode 6 Mode 6 Gap to Fernando 2.7 and tyre 8 tyre 8 Balance update Yeah, I'm generally happy Flap offset I think we're good I think, but no, it's hard Copy OK, this will be 14 laps completed I'm generally happy. Flap offset? I think we're good, I keep it now. That's all. Copy. This will be 14 laps complete. Plan A plus 5, Plan A plus 5. Max now P3. Car behind is now max. Some people started to pit. I'm pushing on for now. Gap 3.7. Yep. My front right started to give up a bit. Also the rear. Do you want more tip in locking? Ah, yep. Display 5, position 7. Display 5, position 7. That's plus 1. Okay, gap to max 3 seconds, it's lap time of 32.3. one. Okay, gap to max three seconds is lap time of 32.3. Then open diff entry and diff mid for more rotation, diff entry and diff mid for more rotation. So medium runners are starting to struggle. 32.4 for max, gap 2.5, main deficit sector 2. I think it's cleaning up the grinding a bit. Copy. 32.1, max gap 2.2. Torque 9, torque 9. I can give this pace for a few more laps in case you need it. Box, checko, box, strat 12 in the pit lane. Strat 12. Strat 8, strat 8. Might be close to Ocon at the hitout. Ocon's hit on the hard, 32.2. So reset diff entry, diff mid. Do you want to keep this tip in or reset it? I'll keep it for now. Copy. Battery's good when you need it. Press and hold. What is the weight for Max? Max's last lap, 32.2. Just get a click of overtake. Sock's a little bit high. Max's lap, 31.9. How's the balance on the hard? Yeah, I'm matching that. Front right being 8mm different, but at the same time in the traction. Max's lap time 32.1, gap 17 seconds. What is the pit stop? Pit late loss 20 seconds, 31.9 for Max, gap 16.6, strat 2, strat 2, Max his lap 31.9, that's 26 laps complete, 31 remaining. The three over pushing the entry, 13.14, compromising apex 14.15. Yeah, it's a big gust. I see, are the tyres getting too hot? No, there's a gust of tailwind then in turn 2, getting gusty.3 31.7 for max Losses through sector 2, all the low speed What's your limitation sector 2? Direction That'll look better through sector 2 31.8 for max 32.4 for max Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14.8 Gap 14. seconds too. 31.8 for max, 32.4 for max, gap 14.8. Tyre 7, tyre 7, strap 8, strap 8. Max leaning on his tyres a bit more. 31.6 for max, gap 15.3. Yeah, this wind is getting gustier 31.2 for Max Gap 15.4 Some main losses to Max Sorry, repeat, what was your speed? 31.2, main losses Exit turn 12 Max's lap 31.4 Gap 15.7 Max got DRS clearing Sergeant Click overtake 31.4, gap 15.7, Manxcott DRS clearing Sgt. Big overtake? Yeah, overtake's good. 31.4 for Max, losses mid-corner speeds, turn sector 2. 31.2 for Max, gap 15.8, losses to Max, mid to exit, turn 16. 31.3 for Max, gap 15.6. Sorry, the medium tyre. Yeah, most people pull on the hard tyre now. People tend to suffer a graining on the medium. 31.2 for Max. I went too big to fix. Okay, head back down. Click overtake, click overtake. 31.1 for Max. Gap 16.9. 31.4 for Max. Losses set for two. Main loss 13 into 14. Also big corner turn 12. Balancing the low speed there, anything we can help you with? Yeah, I can help with the jacks up and up station. Don't worry about it, we'll have it. Max doing a large lifting post. 31.2 for Max, gap 17.6. So there is margin to go forwards on the bias. 31.0 for Max. Max had DRS to turn 1. Sergeant getting blues. 31.1 for Max, Gap 18.3 30.9 for Max, Gap 18.5 31.0 for Max, Gap 18.3 Click overtake, click overtake I'm losing the race, into the middle sector Max is pitted. Push toggle is available for sector 2. Expect Max to be about a second behind. 12 laps to go. So Max at 1 second. Go up on diff mid if you need it. Up on diff mid if you need it. Help sector 2. Flaps are up to max. 0.6. Gap 0.4 10 laps to go 9 laps to go What is the gap behind? 15 seconds to Fernando So Piazza is getting blue It's Max, it's rolling Just managing in sector 1 What is the gap to Max? Gap 1.4 How many laps to go? 6 laps after this one. So diff mid is available and a bit of rear support for sector 2. Click overtake, 5 laps to go. What's the gap? 2.4. Gap 2.8. What's the fastest lap at the moment? 30.3 Minus 0.3 on your delta Strat 2 Strat 2 Fail 8, Alpha, Fail Fail 8, Alpha, Fail Gap 3.3 Last lap Fastest lap, now minus 1 on the delta Not in reach of these tyres Minus 1, second? Minus 1 on your delta fastest lap now minus one on the Delta not in reach of these tyres minus one second minus one on your Delta it's not in reach of these tyres okay tough weekend but good points recharge on recharge on fail 84 fail a tough weekend yeah well done checo great points today great points today well done yeah well done to the team. Great, thanks for being fair with the racing. You guys were very good today. Thank you. Good job, guys. Yeah, he was on a weekend. But this one left him way. I come back strong. Absolutely. And still, good points from it. Good points from it. OK, order. Max, yourself, Fernando, Russell, Sainz, Hamilton and Leclerc. That's great team points, points all round and Oli's coming up on the podium today so give him plenty up there. Yeah, nice weekend guys. Well done to everyone and well done to Max, he was very strong today. OK, Trekker, you're into the pit lane, you can leave it in P1. I can check how you're into the pit lane, you can leave it in P1.

3. Fernando Alonso

Okay, Fernandez, so P1 to P7 Leclerc, all mediums. Then Ocon and Verstappen, P8 and 9 are hards. Then Bottas, Albon, P10 and 11 are mediums. And then you've got Hulkenberg, Hamilton, Gio, hards. So there is seven hard starters, which is Ocon and Verstappen, 8, 9. And then 12 to 14 is hards. And then you've got Snowden's lance at the back uh with the heart norris p60 is on soft and ps3 p19 is on soft okay so you can do the two pipe refines only when mikey gives you the signal ferris is slow there so that start was good just three under only three under then we will have a bit more brake warming. Fernandez, you can go minus five for a bit of rear, minus five on the brake balance. Brake balance back forward so that it says minus one. Yeah, that's good. So we're going to do five burnouts, five burnouts. Just be careful with your grid line up. Just careful with your line up position once you've stopped in the box it'll be run switch start and 1 by point 5 last car on the grid last car on the grid ok, sights point 5 behind, peres point 7 ahead you've got loads of energy if you need it ok, peres 1.1, sights 0.8 behind so you can go to straight 11, it's free whenever you want. So Sainz 0.9 behind Perez 1.3. So Sainz 0.9, Perez 1.5. DRS will be enabled now, DRS is enabled. That's good, 1.1 to Sainz, he does not have DRS. 1.2 to Perez. OK, Perez 1.5, Sainz 1.1, SINCE does not have DIRS SINCE 1.1, PEREZ 1.6 So SINCE has got DIRS this time, he's one second behind PEREZ 2.2 So SINCE 0.7 with DIRS SINCE 0.8, PEREZ 1.9 So SINCE is 0.5 down with this Okay, just plan a minus 12 Sorry Science is one behind it will get there asS but he is one behind. Can you use your tyre switch? Sainz 0.8, Perez 1.7. Consider one click forward brake bumps for turn 17. Sainz is 0.8 behind, he has DRS. Sainz 0.8, Perez 1.8. So Fernando, tyres are still on their way up. You haven't reached the peak just yet. Sainz is 0.9 behind, he has got Dyrus. Consider one click forward just to help raise temperatures. Sainz is 0.9 behind. So in general, the pack behind is much closer. You're pulling on max at about 3 tenths of a lap. Sainz does not have Dyrus this lap. Sainz is a little bit worried about his front tyres. So Sainz is 0.9, he has got Dyrus. Gustafen is the car behind Sainz. So it is about looking after tyres. Sainz is one second behind but he has got Dyrus this time. With the pack close, we're looking at plan A plus maybe four. The rears have peaked now, the rears have peaked. Copy You can try yellow button turn 7 to help rotation. Yellow button turn 7. He says science is 0.8 behind. He says science 0.9. He's got the aerist. Verstappen is 1.5 behind you. He's got the aerist to science. Science 0.9. So he's Verstappen behind now. He's 0.7 behind with the aerist. Science is 1.7 behind with DRS. So Science is 1.5 behind you. So you've got Verstappen 0.5 behind. Science is 1.3 behind you, he has got DRS to the 7. So you've got DRS. Verstappen 0.8, Science 0.8. So Science 0.7 behind. Can I have a car balance check, aero balance check? It's all right. Verstappen 1.2, sights point 7. See if you can add a bit more lift and coast would be good, just to get these rear down a bit. Sights point 9 for the Gaz Zeros. Sights point 8, Verstappen 1.6. Yep. Sights point 8, VASAP on 1.6 Yep A lot of that, especially at the rear now Copy that Fernando, copy Copy Fernando, so you've got one second to sights Suggest torque 11, torque 11 For sights point 6 one second to Sainz. Suggest torque 11. Torque 11. So Sainz 0.6. We're just watching our pit window. We're still Plan A plus 2. So use everything mate, use everything. He's going to box into some traffic. He's come out behind Hulkenberg and Hamilton, we're watching him. Let's go to Strap 10. Strap 10. So Sainz is still being held up by Hulkenberg. So Science is through on Hulkenberg now. So at the moment we're trying to extend a bit to get a tyre for Delta. There's been a note about Science's pitlane speeding. And we just want to clear Hulkenberg and Hamilton, so another few laps. So just for info, Science has got a 5 second penalty for speeding in a pit lane. You're doing a good job, this is a good place. Let's just keep going as long as we can. So Hamilton has got past Hülkenberg, we're just watching him, but he's used everything for the tyres. Box, box, Fernando, box, box. Box! What? Punch it? Wait. Wait. Chaos, just racing Hamilton. Exit, he's on old hard tyres. You're good. You're good. So there's 32 laps to go at the end of this one. Science is 1.4 ahead with a 5 second penalty. He's got 6 lap older hard tyres. So Science is 1.0 ahead. We need a bit of lift up there. I know you're doing it already, but keep doing that. Maybe a fraction more. OK, science 0.5 ahead, he does not have DRS. Science 0.6, he does not have DRS. So science 0.6 with DRS, I'll call 1.1 on old hards. Copy. Yeah, I'll let you have science behind. Kill the tyres. Copy, mate. So last set, it was the rear left that was the limit tyre. We'll have a bit of lift and coast when he can but Sainz is 0.5, 0.4 behind. Alcon 0.9, Sainz 0.8. He's already got one second of Alcon but he does have Dyrris. We need to get into a bit of lift and coast in this phase and reset the tyre switch. Strat 11 is free so you can go to Strat 11. Alcon is 1.0, he's got Dyrus. Sainz is 1.3 behind Alcon. Sorry, 1.3 behind you. Sainz now car behind, he's 1.1 behind, he does not have Dyrus. Sainz is 1.4, this lift and coast is good, he's getting us back on track with the fuel. Fuel, under control. Copy, mate. There is reports of a bit of debris on the back straight. Turn 16 to 17. Yeah, nothing at all. It's clean already. Yeah, we can see on the camera, it's all clear, all good. What happened to Sainz? He had a mistake, 7 and 8. Race situation, any threats, what I need to do? We're happy with the lifting coast, but you can lean on the tyres, the tyres are good now to the end. You can lean on the tyres a bit at a higher speed, just to keep the temperature. We want to keep the temperature. Say again, what was the limitation on the first set? Yeah, so it was the rear left, inside shoulder, rear left, so from wheel spin. That was worse than the previous set. Lance is still on his first set, doing green sectors on his first set of hards. Copy. good news. I think about the XC50 car, we take it on. With the people that need to stop and so on behind us. Yeah, copy, we're watching that. I'm in level 8, 9. Copy, level 8, copy. So track temp has dropped to 40, 40. We're keen to lean on the tyres in the highest speed to use the grip there. Just to keep temperatures, we don't want them to drop too much. We're currently 3.9 seconds ahead of sights. So at the end of this lap there'll be 21 laps to go. 31. Yeah, there's 21. In your stage car window there's just two cars. We'd lose to two cars. And one has five seconds. Exactly. Exactly. Maybe we can open a little bit more the gap. Go half a second to the middle. That's for you more clear. Level 4. Yeah, let's for you more clear Level 4 maybe Copy, give me a late delay again, immediate fast Sainz, he's 5 seconds behind with pretty good pace not as quick as you but good Russell's tyres are 7 and a half older than yours the last lap was 2 and a half tenths quicker than Russell 1 second quicker than Sainz so the last lap was 6 tenths quicker than Russell 8 tenths quicker than Sainz 3 tenths quicker than Perez ahead Copy so the safety guard window is Russell and Sainz 10th quicker than Perez ahead. Copy. So the safety guard window is Ransal and Sainz? Yeah, exactly. It's just those two. Both of them did earlier than us. And Sainz has got the 5 second. Copy. Any rain around? The radar is all clear at the moment. Radar is all clear at the moment. So Lance is still on his first set and still doing tenth quicker each lap for him. Copy, good info. So currently half a second lap quicker than Russell. Fifteen laps to go at the end of this one, 15 Now Lancer's just pitted and we've had a look at his tyres and they were all good So we've got no concern to your tyres today 13 to go at the end of this one Copy Any concerns on anything? I will update the car I think we will not open the safety car window so, repeat it Tom yes, so from a car point of view we're all happy we keep doing this kind of driving to the end, we're all ok Russell last lap was a tenth quicker than us. He's three seconds inside our set-go window. So realistically, we're probably not going to break that. So one place to be a bit careful is the exit curve of 8. So just avoid the upshift on the curve exit of 8. Okay, understood. The cars behind you are doing the same lap times as you, you've got an 8 second gap to them. Which position is Lance? Great, move into 1. That's P13. P13. Fastest lap, out of reach I guess. Yeah, so if it's up to just put new mediums on. 30.6, 30.6. Out of reach I guess Yeah, so if it's up just put new medium, John 30.6, 30.6 Yeah, OK So 7 more laps, 7 more laps OK mate, so lift and coast now to the end, lift and coast So at the end of this lap it's 5 to go So safety car window is closed so safety car window is closed. Copy. So, Flandre, we're not happy with this pace, so we need the margin, so please, er, Berstaffen's done a 30.3 now. 30.3. Copy. Last lap was good, OK? 30.3 Copy Last lap was good, OK? Last lap was good, last lap was good First lap's got fresh medium so he'll do it Yeah, yeah, I was just checking Copy So four more laps, four So Sargent 1.3, Eddie'll get blues So Sargent's got blues You can do a bit less lifted coast a bit less lifted coast You can have strad 10 you can have strad 10 but keep up the lifted coast My laps to 1 or 2? This one and one more So at the end of this lap that we want so at the end of this lap Then want more so at the end of this lap we want more at the end of this lap we want more keep up with the coast, doing a good job keep it up copy just happens to have 29.7 keep up with the coast, you can have strat 9 strat 9 ok mate, that's P3 P3, well done ok, so you can go to cool, nice and slow on the way, and then lots of pick up. Really slow on the way. Go to cool, please. Yes, good. P3, well done. Yeah, well done, guys. A bit of a lonely race, but we take it. Good weekend. Yep. Good weekend. Yep. Did Lance manage to win the points? It's a P12, mate, P12. OK. Good effort, anyway. Yep, so nice to slide away in loads of pick-ups. Were the Mercedes, they finish? P4 and? Yeah, P4, Russell, Hamilton P6, Sain science p5 uh leclerc p7 so they got five points more than us okay no problem i'll find the ferrari as they finish so science was 10 and a half seconds behind the player was 20 on okay a good good good effort. She should be stopping similarly to the QA. It's the P3 board. And P0. Thank you, P0.

4. George Russell

So, Chaptain, obviously bouncing around quite a bit with the cloud cover, about 40 degrees. I'm sure you felt it, but the wind picked up quite a bit, quite gusty during the National Anthem. It's five minutes, George. I don't know if you look at your defantry, but remember that. What's your recommendation? Somebody get that dry ice fan please. I'll let you introduce it. We have headwind there according to my map, so I would go with the entry 4 we've talked about. Track time is bouncing now, 36. 3 minutes, 2 minutes. So Ocon P8 and Verstappen P9, they're both on the hard. All the cars in front of you and around you are on the medium. Then you've got Hulkenberg, Lewis and Joe on the hard. Norris is on the soft. 90 seconds, fire up. Pit limiter on. One minute, 45 seconds. By point find, 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 5. Clutch position was on target. Lots of vibrations again. So we have coasting out of turn 17 and then 4 burnouts from the DRS line with double spacing. Last car approaching the grid. Gasly car ahead 0.8, the clerk behind 1 second. Gasly ahead 0.7, that'll be DRS next lap. Gasly ahead 0.4, the clerk behind 1.4. Gasly car ahead 0.6 and we'll have green 13 position 6, green 13 position 6, clerk 1.2 bar. Chefstown, Barry 4, exit of the last corner. Sir, think about coming opposite entry, Gasly 0.7 ahead, DRS this. Let me know if he's going to get DRS as well. So you have DRS, he does have DRS as well. So Gasly ahead 0.8. Return on the green stage. Affirm. Green 13, position 4. Good job. Magnuson car behind 2.4. So let's just get on top of that management, turn 4, turn 6. Car behind now on the Stappen. So go for head 1.1 to Gatwick, 2.5 behind to the Stappen. So gap ahead 1.1 to Gasly, 2.5 behind to the Stappen. Bit more flaps. Gap 0.9 to Gasly, 2.1 behind to the Stappen. Gasly has 0.9 ahead of him. So let's just make sure we keep on top of those tyres. 4 and 6. So 1.3 ahead to Gasly, 1.7 behind to the Snappen 1.2 ahead, Gasly's got 1.0 to Sinus 1.4 behind Now Alonso P2 doing 33.8 1.5 ahead, 1.2 behind to the Snappen and the Snappen at 1.0, he has DRS So Gasly ahead 1.3, he's lost DRS to Sinus. Gap 0.9 ahead, 0.9 behind. So, 0.9 ahead, 0.6 behind. Just give us some feedback on the tyres, a couple of the medium runners are already complaining. Yeah, sliding along. So, gap 0.8 ahead, 0.7 behind to Verstappen. Big vibration on the brakes Gasly ahead 0.7, Verstappen behind 0.5 Leaders currently doing 33-0 So if we just hang on to Verstappen and pull in through Gasly You made that sound, didn't you? Where's Leclerc? So Leclerc currently struggling with the fronts. He's 3.8 behind you. He got overtaken by Magnussen early on. You made it look easy. Should listen to you engineers more often. OK, so we're just going to head down now and look after those tyres. Gap ahead 1.1 to the Staglin, 1.1 behind to Gasly. I get told it's going to be a plan A race. Copy that, 1.4 ahead, 1.2 behind. So Perez just picking up the pace now, 32.6. So Gasly 1.1 behind. Alonso and Sainz coming in 33.1. Gap behind 1.2. So that was same lap time, Alonso and Sainz currently doing 33.1 behind 1.2 So that was same lap time Alonso and Sainz Target lap? I'll get back to you So currently target plus 5 So gap behind 1.9, the more we can open up the longer we can go Check the rear, weird slide AFAB will just let me into the wind at the moment. Gapping behind 2.4. I'm going to miss up in the wind, can I pull over the rear? So gap behind 2.2. Just let us know your pushing level. I'm going as fast as I can to make 5 nature laps. Copy. Gap behind 2.6. The pace at the front looks to have picked up a bit now They're doing 33... 32.4 So car ahead is now sights at 3.7 Now we could just see a bit of crosswind in that rear end, let's know if it's any better now I need a lap or two to give me time to call it Affirm Gap ahead 3.7 I need a lap or two to give me tyres all out. Aper. Gap ahead 3.7. Sights ahead doing 33.1. So Gasly's just pitted so let's push hard now. So don't worry about looking after these tyres any more. So we'll go flat out one more lap. They still feel like paper tyres. So just show me what you've got then. Yeah, I better don't have to go that far for a salve. They still feel okay but I is so just show me what you've got Thank you go Just let me know Plus point three. It's all right Box box, so it will be out lap normal So Gasly car behind four point two So car ahead is strobe, 3 seconds, he's still on the hard. Lots of vibration for these. So if we just bring these in over the first couple of laps, we'll manage these tyres. Gap ahead 2.4 to Stroll, behind 3.5. That's a lot of traffic ahead. So gap ahead 1.5 to the... All these cars ahead are on their hards that they'd started the race on. Our body's on a medium. I'm at so much high range with this thing. Yeah, copy that. We can see it in the data and we see your markers. Gap ahead 1.2. Does that mean no P3 DRS? He doesn't. Gap 1.3. So, Gap ahead 0.8. Joe also has the RS. Nice job. Next car is Stroll, 1.7. So 0.9 to Stroll. He has the RS. He's been diff'd! Drag in! In the turn 8. Full feedback. Negative. Gap 0.4. Green 3 3 position 2, Green 3 position 2 I can use Diff Mid 1 for Turn 8 Change to Front Wing Will do Front Wing looks OK to us Gap 0.4 It snowed a 1.5 ahead Stroll 0.9 Does have DRS Green 3, position 2 Green 3, position 2 Senoda ahead 1.2 Where's Alonso and Sainz, have I pitted? Alonso's just pitted, 6.5 ahead If you come out further ahead then we'll be boxed And Sainz is 8 ahead, benefitted slightly with that traffic. Sonoda ahead 1.0 So Carbohydrate now is Gasly, 1.5, ahead 1.1 to Sonoda. Gap 0.4 So Sainz is currently doing 32.7s, he is 7.5 ahead and he has a 5 second penalty. Gap ahead 1.5, that little derailleur use is looking good. Sainz doing 32.6, ahead 1.2 to Hulk. Gap 1.2, gap 0.9. Sainz was at 33.5, 30 laps remaining. So gap ahead now 2.8 to Lewis, he's on 27 lap old hard tyres. Sainz last lap 32.7. Gap 6 seconds. Are you happy to come in and push at high speed? Yeah, we'll feed back to you in a second. Gap ahead 2.4. Gap ahead 2.4 Gap ahead 2.2 Happen to lean on the tyres a little bit more in the high speed, but obviously don't go mad. Sights 32.7 Are you more worried about 6 or 8? 8 is the peak but 6 does lead to that peak in 8. Our target at the moment is to get within 5 seconds of sight so currently at 5.0. Gap ahead is 1.6 to Lewis. Gap 1.3. And Sainz was at 32.7. Gap 1.4. And Lewis has been told not to hold you up. Gap ahead 1.0 just outside DRS. Sainz 32.7. 0.8 ahead. So Lewis should be letting you pass now. Negative. Ah yep, thank you very much, very much appreciated. Sir Lewis's race is with Ocon, Ocar ahead of you. Sir Ocon ahead 2.1, he's still on his 31 lap hold, hards. Sainz and Alonso both doing 32.3. Gap ahead 1.9. Gap to Sainz 2.2. So Ocon looks like he's just overtaken Sainz. So car ahead there is Sainz, 1.5.4. So Alonso's doing 32.4. Gap ahead 1.6 to Sainz. It sounds like he might be struggling with tyres. So car ahead now is Ockham. Gap 1.2. Gap 1.0. So gap 1.0 you have the RS. Let's attack Ockham. So we don't have concerns for the tyres to the end. 0.7 ahead to Ocon. Let's push and get past him. So, signs ahead 1.4. Up ahead 0.2. Get behind 0.8. Ocon has DRS. Get up to signs 0.9. You have DRS. Get up 0.6. So we roll! Nice, nice job. 5.7 ahead. George, now we go for Alonso. We go for Alonso. Science has DRS. Alonso last lap, 31.5, 5.0. So gap behind, 1.5. Ahead 5.6. Science behind, 1.5. Gap ahead, 6.0. Alonso doing 1.5, ahead 5.6. Sights behind 1.5, gap ahead 6.0. Alonso doing 31.3, just seeing an increase in wind speed. Gap ahead 6.6, behind 1.8. So 18 laps remaining, Alonso doing 31.4. Sights behind doing 2.0. Lotso 31.3, Sainz 31.9, just give us some tower feedback. Yeah, about right. Bit better, bit worse. I know the feeling. Gap behind 2 seconds. Yeah, Sainz 31. been better, been worse. I know the feeling. Gap behind 2 seconds. Yeah, sight's 31.9. Gap behind 2.6. Yeah, the 5 second, right? He does, yeah. So we've got 14 laps remaining. Alonso's doing 31.2s. Sight's behind, last lap was a 31.7. You can leave me to it now. Just have a think what you want to do under a BSC or safety car. Affirm. Are you happy to go strat 7? Happy to go 7. Just expect some earlier D rates. Or is it better to go 6 than 7? Affirm. Do we have anything in the locker for the end of the sphere? 17? I'm happy to go strats 7 now Only thing left in there is a bit more EB So I'll answer last lap, also 31.9 Just so you guys understand, I'm driving as fast as I can Yeah, AFL We're just seeing a slight drop in the pressure overall So 9 laps remaining. Downshifts. Copy. Can you check the pit board? I think we're opposing correct. Or it's Lewis' MCM. Pit board information looks correct to me. I suspect it might be Lewis' you're looking at. So five laps remaining. Who's the car ahead of Fernando? On track? Perez. We're that close to Perez? No, sorry, Sargent. On track. Just going to say, one lap time, not going to be here, what is it? The snapper, 30.5. Lewis, 31.4. So Lewis has just overtaken the P6, he's in free air now. Feed you back. All good. How far behind Sainz is Lewis? He's 14 seconds behind Sainz currently. OK, so he's not getting to the 5? So 2 remaining, go strap 5 to the end. Vibration and braking. Copy that. So 1 lap remaining. Overtaking available, turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Turn 8, turn 17. Vibration and braking. Copy that. One lap remaining. Overtake available, turn 8, turn 17. And head 1.6 to Sgt. Overtake available at 16.2. Great race guys. That was fun. Very good job. Yeah, good job. That was P4. Some nice overtakes in there as well. George, great driving. Good recovery, damage limitation, really, really, really, really good. Thanks, Toto. Let's get this car fast. We have green one, position 14. So, final order was Verstappen, from Perez. How far ahead? 33 ahead so Alonso P3 itself P4 and then Sainz Lewis got himself back up to P6 ahead of Leclerc and then Gasly, Ocon and Magnussen rounding out the top ten .

5. Carlos Sainz

5 minutes Ricky don't do any flap adjust for the hard Yep understood Anticipating no track temps and hold on the steer 4 minutes What is the multifunction expected? FC? Green? Green and position we don't know yet In case, will be a multi-green FC Position change 3 minutes in case there will be a multi big ring FC position change. And three minutes. Four corners are stopping on hard, all the rest on medium around us. And seven total cars on the hard, so we can have a good read on the back. And two minutes. And seven. All OK with the start, all OK, just a assembly stop, good cool down before 17 and off we go, all set. Two burnouts, two burnouts, last car is on the grid, Gasly 0.6 behind, 0.6, and Gasly 0.7 behind, Fernando one second in front mode Z, anywhere on target for sliding in 2-3, through turn 3, Gasly 0.7 behind, Fernando one second in front, and Fernando 0.9 in front, DRS enabled 0.9, Gasly 0.8 behind with DRS, and behind Gasly is Russell on DRS as well,ile OK for sliding into free for reference Gasly 0.9 behind, Fernando 1.1 in front Gasly on DRS and Gasly 0.8 behind with DRS, Russell no DRS behind Gasly and Fernando 1.2 in front and check all aft time 3.5 and Gasly 1 second behind with DRS, Fernando 1.1 in front Gasly 0.7 behind 0.7 and you have DRS This lap you are doing is a good reference for tyre saving for us Suggestion for brake balance minus 1 Gasly 0.9 behind and check all up time 3.2 Yeah, I have to check it quite a lot I think Copy And completed lap 6, completed lap 6 and check all aft time 3.3 And suggestion for shock 6, shock 6 Fernando 0.8 in front, previous lap was a 0.6 And tyres are ready, tyres are ready, no more lift off Brake balance minus 1 Tire phase update when you can Fernando, point API, we see balance towards understeer Yes, I feel it I think he is pushing quite a lot Copy, that's good Update tire phase when you can. Tyre phase. Diff in mid 0. Suggestion, diff in mid 0. Fernando, point 9. Opening a bit faster. Copy, look after them. Check lap time 3.0. We see negative veg. Track evolution is quite high. Car behind is max, 2.2 behind, max lap time 32.9, last time lap Suggestion brake balance minus one, 100.9 in front, place to focus turn 8, brake release Completed lap 10, max behind 32.7, is 1.8 behind. Yeah, I think I can do that lap 10 in cleaner, it's just the front so I was struggling there. Copy. And this mid minus one is more towards plan B, the hard are looking good, they are quite quick. What is quick? What is quick? The hard compound. I'm placed to focus still across cars 7 and 8. Brake release, phase 3. Fernando, one second in front. Yeah, I'm straining with understeer there. I'd like some notes. Understood. Let me know for flap adjust to apply. Point 2 up. is too much? And max 0.9 behind with the arrest. Consider S1 for the last corner, consider S1 for the last corner, max 0.7 behind. And max flap time 32.3 on alt, 32.3. Yeah, we are taking this knot of the horse Understood Max 0.6 behind And we are on plan A Sierra at the moment Plan A Sierra 0.4 behind It's too quick but let's stay patient Understood, we stay patient Tires are stable for now Less than understood before Airbrush all 3.6 behind, Airbrush lap time 33.0 Inseco lap time 32.6 And George lap time 32.9, it's 3.4 behind Yeah, I have that basically I have, thank you Let me know when there is no DRS for Fernando Understood, I'm on it No DRS for there is no DRS for Fernando Understood, I'm on it No DRS for Fernando, no DRS We are suggesting S1 for the last corner Front, we suggest S1 for the last corner Fernando 0.9 in front and Russell 3.2 behind Russell upline 2.8 Fernando 0.8 in front Fernando reporting rear deck and shock 6, and let me know for flaps Wait Understood Radio still open And opposite to Alonso, box box, Carlos box, opposite to Fernando Hold the brakes and focus on the lights Hold the brakes and focus on the lights, hold the brakes and focus on the lights, and brakes off. Reset your brake balance, watch the white line, you'll be close to Albon, take exit. We are in front of him, K2 off, and Sox 7, watch your mirror for Albon, and Sox 7, Sox 7, and slow intro, slow intro, and Sock 7, Sock 7, when you can. We are in front of Fernando, if he's boxing, he's looking good. And Urcamberata in 3.1, 33.1, try to pass him, of course. And Sock 7 suggested, Sock 7. So Fernando is staying out. We are 2 seconds clear than Alonso. I'm mind about tyres now, Treco in front, 3 seconds, it's looking good. What did he do with flap? Went up a point 2. Copy. So Fernando lap time 32.5, 32.5 and he's right behind us, mid tail and shock 6, shock 6 turn under lap time 2.4 and charge lap time 2.8 in 3 air on new hard and the deck on the hard is as per model and 3.5 laps, 35 laps remaining when you cross the line suggest 1.10 more saving in turn 4 People left, I want hard when he comes Copy And Max still out on the hard, 31.9 Charles left and 32.6 And Checo 31.5, first time left on the hard Alonso is coming in, should be one second late. The Delta tyre with Alonso should be small in term of lap time. He is 1.4 behind. And we have a 5 second penalty for speeding in the pit lane, blocking the front in entry, we believe. Take care next time, if we're pitting again. And Ocon 1.7 in front, Ocon 32.9. 32.9, he's 1.7 in front, Ocon 32.9, 32.9, is 1.7 in front, still out on the aft and Fernando 0.4 behind, 0.5 now, 0.5, with the RS Fernando 0.6 behind, 0.6, Ocon 1.1 in front, 1 second in front Fernando 0.4 behind, and shock 7 suggested, shock 7 and Fernando 0.5 behind, Ocon 1 second is wrong and 0.4 I have like a lot of rubber pick up OK, understood and a lot of vibrations We're taking a look, 30 laps to go, 29 when you cross the line and shock 6 suggested, shock 6. Who is behind? Hamilton, yeah, 32.6. Still out from the start. And behind is Russell, 6 seconds behind on our race. Ok, that's an important lap I think. What place is Russell? 32.8, lap time up. And the fastest of this team was at 32.1 three laps ago. Let me see what you got. The update because the tire doesn't feel great. I'm so tired. Ok understood. And Russell lap time 32.1. And brake shape plus one, and break shape plus one suggestion break shape plus one Fernando lap time 2.6 and Charles is in free air behind 31.9 where? Charles right now is P13 and Russell lap time 32.3 Gap to Russell It's 3.8, 3.8, still a long way to go Ocon 0.1, 0.5 behind, 0.5 with the RS, 0.4 Yeah the tyre doesn't feel great, I don't know why Ok, understood Fernando 3.1 in front, 3.1 And Russell last time, 32.4, nothing big from data, from tyres, all looks ok for now, but we keep monitoring. Yeah, just for your info, I have like 3 lines on the front left tyre that we see sometimes. Ok, understood, Fernando 2.0, 2.4. Yeah, the car feels a lot better now we're clear. Okay good. Fernando 3.2 in front. And Russell behind is on DRS 2.4, 1.8. And Fernando last time 1.9. Russell 1.5 behind. What happened in third group? Was that a gust or what? We are checking. Yeah it was a gust, it was a gust, a Russell 1.1 behind with DRS, a Fernando 2.0, a Russell 0.6 behind, 0.6, a Russell 0.6 behind with DRS, our suggestion is just to use the normal K1 and not K1+. Don't talk to me when I'm fighting, please, okay? understood Can I push 3 up? We confirm status free till the end status free till the end And charge lifetime 32.3 32.3 is currently P9 There was track limits at turn 7 few laps ago for info There was track limits at turn 7, few laps ago, for info. We're currently P5, Gasly car behind, 8.2 behind, 8.2 seconds. And Gasly lap time 32.2. And Gasly, similar strategy than us. Yeah, I don't know why now I recover the pace. Understood. Fernando 1.5, Russell 1.7, Gasly 2.1 and Charles 2.1, Gasly 8.5 behind, 8.6 now and 16 laps to go, 1.6, Russell lap time 1.7, and Charles lap time 1.1, consider the mid 0, consider the mid 0, Russell lap time 1.5, Fernando 1.2 and Charles 1.7 and Charles is now P7 behind Gatsby, 3.5 and Gasly is 9.4 behind. Charlie Lapteyn 31.32.1 and Charles Lapteyn 31.6. Status 4 from now to the end. Status 4. Fernando Lapteyn 1.7, Russell Lapteyn 31.7, Charles Lapteyn 31.8. Russel 32.0, Gasly 32.2, 10.2 behind and Charles 31.8 Thrasher 32.0 Gasly 32.2 10.2 behind and Charles 31.6 Thrasher lap time 1.9 Gasly 10.9 before, behind, 10.9 he is 32.5, his lap time Thrasher lap time 1.7 Charles lap time 1.9 and Fernando lap time 1.6 Last was a good lap Al Alonso Lapteyn 1.7 and Gatley 32.0 and Charles Lapteyn 31.9. Fernando Lapteyn 1.8. Lap to go. Six laps when you cross the line, 6 laps to go and Gasly 30 in behind, 1 point and Fernando 30.8, 30.8 lap time and driver default delta 0 on driver default delta 0 on what is the gap that I need to have to Gasly for the safety car to take the penalty and maybe we lose positions if there is a safety car like that safety car window is closed right now and Charles is a car behind. 14 seconds, 1-4, and fighting with Hamilton. Yeah, if there's a penalty, I mean a safety car, he could help. And I take the penalty at the pit stop or something like that yeah we are losing three positions if we are doing so we are monitoring yeah still open safety car window there is Hamilton car behind 14 seconds 1-4 and two laps to go, stock three and last lap chequered flag and P5, P5 and some pick-up yeah p5 confirm yeah yes confirm yeah and mambleton was like 14 finished like 13 seconds behind one right okay yeah we will review what happened there with the heart but i didn't feel great all the medium felt really good so yeah we will have a look yeah something to learn there was a good push there Vestapen P1 then Cecco P2 five seconds behind then Fernando 20 seconds behind Checco, then George, 7 seconds behind Fernando, then Luis behind and Charles P7, then Gasly, Ocon, Magnussen P10. Yeah, with how tough we are on tyres we also need to be careful with these undercuts and having to push to undercut. Yeah, understood and some good pick up if you can. And P0. and I will be 2.5 haircut yeah understood and some good pickup if you can I am P0

6. Lewis Hamilton

Radio check. Radio's clear. And loud and clear from the garage lift. Feels like a headwind into turn one. Yeah, copy. Yeah, should be a headwind into turn one but obviously as you get round there it's a, it'll be crossed and get into the component tailwind. It's just going to be a bit sketchy into that. And track temp keeps bouncing around so, 36 at the moment, now we've got a bit of shade it jumps up to about 40. Four minutes. Three minutes until the formation lap. In terms of tyres on the grid, you know, we've got a bit of a mix out there, so Hulkenberg is behind, overhead on the left, Ioke up behind, both on the hard tyre runners, then up ahead, Ocon, the, ramps on medium rest of the track ramps on medium Ander, set, set, wrist, ramps on medium, slow Negative Lewis, a little bit on the slower side too grip is low, so it'll take longer to think OK And 90 seconds, fire up And 60 seconds, pit limiter on And 30 seconds, single bike point fight and 15 seconds confirm strap one and five clutch position was shallow 7% and confirm it'll be a three burnouts three burnouts and last car approaching the grid. Hit cell one. Okay copy everything looks OK at the moment. So, I'll be after you, car behind on soft, Album head medium. Car's definitely not feeling great. So, I'm going to the front right. OK, copy, we'll have a look through it. Right, front wing. I think front wing looks OK. Yeah, I don't know if we're going to last this race I was not seeing much in the straight lines out of the straight Yeah, copy, that may just be the wind, there's a lot of buffeting going on So DRS has been enabled What position am I in? So same position, currently P13 Looking strong to ALBON, 11 to 16 So go to ALBON, point, the Astrid point 8 behind you. Menu, dash, position 8 when you can. Tire temps look OK. Just for info, both soft runners have boxed already, to change tyres. Tire temps look to have peaked. Where's the blood water? Get close and fast. Yeah, copy that. DRS train looks to be making it difficult. Some of the's the blood water, get close and fast yeah copy that DRS train looks to be making it difficult some of the medium runners are starting to complain about their tyres just think about that D rate button in slow speed so gap ahead of 0.6, sunoda behind 0.7 so 0.4 ahead 0.6 behind just think about your brake magic, front pincers does anyone have the drop off? only looks like 4 ahead, 0.6 behind. Just think about your brake magic, front pinches. Does anyone have the drop off? It only looks like Leclerc at the moment, on medium. Car ahead doesn't seem to have any deck. This DRS train is good. Okay, copy. So far, so straight. You do have scope on your OT,, so still scope on overtake. So, Albon 0.7 behind, you've got Valtteri ahead 0.6. Valtteri also on the medium tyre. So the stops are starting to kick off for all the medium runners. 0.7 ahead of Hulkenberg, 0.9 behind Albon. Now you're doing a good job keeping on top of the pack. So again, you have ahead of him. So 0.7 ahead of Hulkenberg, he's got 5 ahead of him. When you can, just give us a balance check. Been understeering. It's 0.6 ahead, got Sainz at 1.3 behind. He's just pitted for a new hard tyre. Car has learnt multiple moves. OK, copy, just be mindful you've got Sainz's car behind you hard. Yeah, I've got too much understeer. Okay, copy. See if we can stick with Sainz's car. How is his pace? General. So we're going to need to see what your pace is like in free air. We'll just be gapped up until now. We need to see if we're able to get through Hulkenberg if Sainz pushes him offline. So Hulkenberg 0.5 ahead. HQB 3 position 2 when you can, no rush, 3 position 2. So 0.7 ahead to Hulkenberg, hasn't got the RS this time, and Suno does it 3.1 behind, he gets a stop. So you've got Hulkenberg 0.9 behind Sainz and 2.9 ahead. So Sainz is doing a 32.3 as he is on 18 lap pressure, hard tyres. And the gap behind is a 1.3 to Hulkenberg. The tyres are definitely getting hot. OK. And Nolotso will be exiting the pits. Give me a target, Matt. I have no clue where I am. OK, so currently P6. We've got Ocon and P4 on the same strategy, he's yet to stop, he's doing 32.9s, so we need to close up to him. Ocon, 32.9s. How far ahead is he? Sir, Ocon 5 seconds ahead, so you've got Alonso ahead then Sinus then Ocon, so go ahead and hit him. Sir, Ocon, 33.0, losses to him to make it to the 11.16 section, there's no doubt in the balance, now we We're in 3A, do the scope to close your tools back up. It's not great, but this is what it is. It's a bit like the Cirrus, so. It's not much to hide, but it's everywhere else. OK, copy. Taking our pace. So, I've got 33-2. Let us know if you can update your tyre switch for safety car. Yeah, not sure. Just touched the barrier. Over 60. Okay, copy. I'll have a look. There's a bit of grazing on the right front. Okay, roger. Nowhere up down in performance. Standby. Ocon was at 32.9 8, 10, didn't say where. George is about 4.5 seconds behind, so he's already stopped you, it's a hard time. He's doing 32.2's. What's your taxi in my arm? So our target map may be coming down. So, George, 2.5, you're coming down. 2.5, you're coming down. I see it my arm. So we are back with Ocon, Alonso at the moment. So George at 1.6 behind, last lap was a 32.0. Gluso, we have George at 1.1 behind, so we aren't racing him, we're racing Ocon. Let's not hold each other up. Gappa head to Ocon, he's closing up now. So at 1.7. No, I can't back it up though. So George at 0.7, so if we can let him by, it'll be good points for the team. Sir. Thank you mate. So Ocon last lap was 33.3. There's your time alert George. Copy that Lewis. So Ocon last lap was a 32.3, he's got signs for company now. So Ocon was a 33.2, that's the car ahead of George. Where am I down? Standby, if you could just give us a balance check as well. Balance is OK. Biggest loss, turn 8, minimum speed. So if you're loose it won't be long. So just use the tyres. Right, that's it, OK. So we'll just keep the pressure on Ocon. We do have a busy pit window. Gap to Ocon on 1.1. So gap 0.9 ahead. Ocon is 33.2 last lap. Mostly rear, so... Yeah, probably both, but rear is not so great. So box opposite Ocon, box opposite Ocon. Graduals will be outlight but critical. And watch the white line on this exit. You can go Strat 5 or use the OT. And we'll certainly keep Ocon inside our window. Currently 0.5 safe. So this is coming our way. Get those tyres. Just think about your tools. Close it back up. You'll certainly need to keep pushing. So currently safe to Ocon. 1.5 No need to kill the tyres. The overtake on Valkyrie will help. You'll need to stop. Correction, Valkyrie did's on 24 lap old hard tyres though So Ocon in pit lane now So think about that D-rate, you've got Ocon behind 1 second Now Ocon at 1.1 Is he on a soft tyre? Ocon on a medium tyre Medium tyre, Ocon, medium tyre You're gonna have 17 laps remaining. He's quick behind. My tyre's going over, there's not time to push. We've just got to do the fastest race to the end, you know, 16 when you cross the line. So you were purple sector 1 that time, so I probably just need to pull back to 4, 5, 6. I'm going to do it. Who's ahead of me? back turn 456. And let's do it. Off, off. Who's ahead of me? So we've got a Magnuson ahead of me, has stopped. It is a 32.7s and then a McLurk. Then Stroll, Stroll, yet to stop. So the first car's going to be Magnuson, 2.9s. How are the tyre temps? They're coming down a bit. Just a little bit more management turn 4, the rest is OK. Out of the tyre temp, so they can be down a bit. Give me a note if that was OK. Position at left. Position at left? Currently P10. Correction, that's P9 now, so Stroll has stopped. 1.7 heading now. People ahead, people ahead, gotta stop! Negative, most people have stopped, so we're erasing Carl's head. First one's Magson, then the Clerk. You said... how am I ended up 10th? Yeah, let's see if we make decent progress, so we get up with McClurk and Gasly. How are the tyres, James? Yep, happy now. What sort of pace do I need to be doing? We just need to do the fastest race to the end. We've got 12 laps remaining. Gap of 1.1. So the tyres have peaked. OK, how big a gap is ahead of him? So 5.2 ahead of him, but you've got Gasly ahead of Leclerc, so we are forecast to catch Gasly. So next car's ahead we've got Leclerc, Gasly, it's 5.2 to Leclerc. Leclerc's doing 31.7 but he's got Gasly doing 32.2, he's just ahead of him. And the guy's ahead on 30 lap old hard tyres. So we've got a gap now at 4.1. So Gasly, 32.2. Clerk, 32.0. Am I forecast to catch, guys? Yeah, pace is looking good. We are forecast to catch. Only loss braking turn 17. So gap at 3.5. So, Clerk, 32.6. And, Clerk, 31.9. Gap! Gapny 31.9 Gap Gap at 2.4 Normally laps out So we set when you cross the line What position am I in? So currently P8 Cars ahead 32.2 Gap 1.6 So gap 1.1 ahead So the clerk at 31.8 Gazny 32.1 So 5 laps remaining Nice work Lewis, that's a P6 ahead, so just one second till the clerk So gap behind at 0.8, nice work Lewis, that's a P6 And gap 0.5 behind What's the quickest time, can I get it? That's Verstappen with a 30.37 Well, can I get it? That's Verstappen with a 30.37 Well, can I? That's minus 0.8 on your delta, you can go about that and it's the Ploek 1.5 behind You mean Strat 2? Who's up ahead? If you go HPP1, position 14, 1 position 14 that will be Strat 2 over the finish line. I need to go to Strat 2, alright. Copy. So the Staten got quicker again, so 29.7 for the Staten, 29.7. Don't worry about it. Yeah, that's what we're thinking. So it'll be one more lap when you cross the line. Nice work, Lewis. So P6, so better than forecast. A real good battle back to the front. Lewis, strategy worked against us but you still made it to P6. Great, great, great race really. The maximum you could probably have achieved from that strategy. Yeah, thanks Soto. Tough one guys, but we still got some points. Thank you for the continued efforts. Super proud of you, Hugo. Let's keep pushing. Thanks for the pass with George as well. It's really good points for the team. Well done. That's how we do it. Work together as a team. Yeah, copy those, always. Do I need to make any switch changes? Just strap mode 1, good on all the rest. So final result was Verstappen, Perez, Alonso, George P4, Sainz P5. one good on all the rest so final result was Stappen Perez Alonso George P4 Sainz P5

7. Charles Leclerc

So Ocon and Verstappen hard to rest medium and everyone ahead in medium Yep, where is Ocon? He is right behind us? Yeah, right behind us, rear right Chance of rain is 10% lower Copy And it will be pit limiter on When we fire up the engine we'll push you backwards and then you'll do the bite point as always Ok, you can fire up the engine we'll push you backwards and then you do the bite point as always. Ok, you can fire up the engine. Will be 3 burnouts and 2 red. And the last car is on the grid. So, good job, Magnussen behind, 0.4, Russell in front, 1.5. Good job on tyres, just easier turn 4 if you can DRS enabled Magnussen behind DRS and behind Magnussen we have Verstappen also DRS Verstappen behind DRS Magnussen DRS behind and SOC 7 when you can Bottas behind DRS Bottas behind with DRS. Botas DRS. Brake balance plus one. Suggestion. Botas behind DRS. Fronts are not looking good, no? Copy. We need to look at saturation for 15, 16. And SOC 6 when you can. Increase tyre management turn 4. Ocon behind now with DRS. And reminder mode TS. Ocon behind DRS. And increase tyre saving turn 4. Too fast there at the moment. Ocon behind DRS and shock 6 when you can. Ocon behind with DRS. And increase tyre management in high speed and also turn 7. And tyre phase update when you can. OK. There are some issues of braking. Copy, we will check that. Ocon behind DRS. Much better at turns 4 and 5. Ocon behind DRS Much better at turns 4 and 5 Ocon behind DRS And tyres are ready And brake balance minus 1, suggestion Ocon behind DRS Ocon DRS And we still need to increase tyre saving in high speed And very good turns 1, 2 and 3 Ocon DRS And we need to be careful, front saturation turn 7 and 16 Ocon, yeah, I'm floating a bit Don't park the front and put the resaturation Copy And check mic position when you can Check mic position, Ocon DRS Yeah, the mic is in mic, position, Ocon DRS The mic is in a good place So at the moment we are thinking plan B, plan B, hard warm up as expected but faster later on and flap update when you can, Ocon behind DRS Flap OK I would cross on plan A Ocon behind DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS. Ocon DRS, Ocon behind DRS, and we are going in Plan A, and you are doing a good job on tyres. Correct, good job on tyres, you said? Correct, good job on tyres, continue like this. And tyre phase update, when you can, Ocon with DRS, and brake balance minus one, suggestion Ocon DRS and very good, low speed, good job Ocon 1.0 with DRS and good job on tyre energies Ocon DRS Ocon DRS and as a reference, sign lap time 33.0 with DRS Next car in front is Russell, Russell lap time 32.8 Yeah, now the tyres are going away And flap update, when you can Er, applying first one Copy And box now, box, box now, box. Box. And track clear, track clear. So next car in front is Magnussen with Hart, and in front of him Gasly also Hart. And reminder, slow introduction. Yeah, the car is so understeering, the low speed, it's very understeering in the high speed Copy Magnussen, lap time in front 32.8, bottas behind 33.3 and diff in 0 for low speed What? Diff in 0 for low speed Magnussen in front 33.6, Bottas behind, 33.0. And try to increase tyre management in high speed. So Magnussen in front, 32.4 and Bottas behind, 33.1. So Magnussen in front, 32.5 with BRS, Bottas behind, 32.9 So, signed lap time, 32.6 And no right toggle for turn 7 And signed, 32.4. Assigned lap time, 32.4. Assigned lap time, 32.4. This next guy in front is Zhu and he still needs to stop. And we need to carry more speed through Apex 12. That was much better in low speed. Good job. And, assigned lap time, 32.7 And losing mostly in low speed And you are 1 second faster than Zou in front And as a reference, science lap time, 32.5 Zou behind with DRS As a reference, science lab time 32.5 Zoo behind with DRS And 30 laps to go, 3-0 Science lab time 33.4, was fighting previous lap Very good, turn 7 and 8, good job And science lab, 32.7. And mode PS when you can. So Sainz lap time, 32.7. Magnussen in front, 32.4. And good job on tyre management. Keep it like this. Sainz lap time time 32.7 The car is jumping all over the place behind me Copy understood, we'll check that Check the different lines between the S1 and the S2 Copy will do, come back to you And signs lap time 34.4, fighting with another car, with Ocon. And right in front we have Magnussen and Stroll. Stroll still with the first set of tyres, he needs to pit at some point. And try to use less kerb at turn 4. Less kerb, turn 4. Yes, I'll be partly centre again at turn 3. That's a good start. turn 4, less kerb, turn 4 as a reference, sign flap time 32.3 more or less in FRIA Magnussen with DRS and brake balance minus one, suggestion, Magnussen, DRS and shock 6 when you can and Hamilton just pit it for medium we'll fight with him at the end of the race Sine 32.5 and radio reset when you can and first time up for Hamilton 31.7 gap to Hamilton behind 6.9 as a reference sign lap time 31.9 and Hamilton 31.9 and Hamilton 31.7 and very good job in low speed you need to improve turns 1, 2 and 3 sign flap time 31.9 Hamilton behind 31.4 you need to increase tyre saving turn 4 and push more turn 5. And 15 laps to go, 1.5. Signs 31.9, Hamilton 31.7. Information Gasly in front, 32.2. And good job at turns 4 and 5 We need to be careful, front saturation Turn 7 Sign 31.7 Same as Hamilton behind And good job at turn 7, very good And we would like you to go to status 4 Status 4, we are stopping just a now, after 44 laps with the heart. So reference, science lap time 31.6. And Hamilton lap time 31.4, gap to him 6 seconds. Science lap time 31.8 lap time, 31.8. Hamilton behind, 31.4. Hamilton now is the car behind. Information gap to Hamilton behind, 4.1. And 10 laps to go. Signs lap time, 31.7. Hamilton behind, 31.1. So, signs 31.7, Hamilton behind 31.1 So, sign 31.6, Hamilton behind 31.1 Gap to Hamilton behind 3.0 Sign 31.4 And Hamilton behind 31.4 also Did not copy radio issues. Copy understood. Hamilton lap time behind 31.4. And SO shock 5 suggested to go into DRS. And 5 laps to go. And good job. Gasly behind DRS. Behind him also Hamilton DRS. Hamilton behind with DRS. Behind him also Gasly DRS. Hamilton DRS. 3 laps to go. And shock 5, suggested. And shock 3, when you can. And mode race, when you can. Mode race. And last lap. As a reference, sign flap time, 31.7. And P7. And overall, good tyre management. As a reference, sign flap time 31.7 And P7 And overall good tyre management and also energy 30.5, Alonso with the hard ATC CALLSIGN ATC CALLSIGN ATC CALLSIGN ATC CALLSIGN ATC CALLSIGN ATC CALLSIGN ATC CALLSIGN ATC CALLSIGN ATC CALLSIGN ATC CALLSIGN ATC CALLSIGN ATC CALLSIGN ATC CALLSIGN ATC CALLSIGN something of a... in the high speed especially but you have to talk now understood will do do you need positions? question? no copy question, is your visor open? just for the mic no, my visor is not open copy is it still bad now? yes, it's still bad My visor is not open Copy Is it still bad now? Yes, it's still bad Copy that Heading to the pit lane, please

8.Pierre Gasly

Radio check. Yeah, very loud and clear. Okay, so fairly typical procedure, so once the engine is fired up, go pit speed limiter on. You should have recharge on, be in scenario 1, SOC 6. For the formation lap, start, keep your pre-start revs a little bit longer, and then keep your pit speed limiter on until you're past the pole position, please. and then keep your speed limiter on until you pass the pole position please then on the formation lap let's work the tires and bring the carcass temperatures up please, suggest also brake offset 6 for the formation lap and then reset it to 1, then for burnouts it will be recharge off in turn 17, two burnouts after turn 17 and then two burnouts in the final corner. Don't forget your static by point learn and then race start. So track temp has dropped three degrees from lap circuit. In terms of tires we got've got the top 7 in mediums, on hards, norris, piastri, on softs. Once more to the procedure, so once the engine is fired up, pit speed limiter on, keep your pre-start revs longer for the start of the formation lap, and keep pit speed limiter on until you're past full position to the formation up in offset six please then reset to one I'll remind you of that restart recharge off turn 17 to burnouts after turn 17 to burnouts in turn 19 static pipe online once you're stopped here about 30 centimeters behind the yellow line at the moment. You are behind the yellow line at the moment so you could go more forwards. Alright buddy, let's go. In a good position, let's bring some good points home. Okay, so just going for Hamilton, Jo, Stro and Sunora also on the hard tyre. So it will be recharged turn 17, reset your offset. There will be two burnouts after 17 and two burnouts after turn 19. So one stop, static 5.9. And last car is on the grid. The car behind you is Russell, car headlight. Okay, battery is full, battery is full. Just in the first lady down here, Steve. Copy that. Currently happy with rear set. DRS enabled, DRS enabled now. I need the gap here, Willa. Point 5 to Russell behind, point 8 to sign there. Copy. 0.5 to Russell behind, 0.8 to Sainz ahead. So Sainz 0.8 ahead, Russell 0.8 behind. Okay we're happy with management at Turn 4. Capture Sainz 0.7, Russell 1.1 behind. Sainz has also lost the RS2 Alonso ahead. So Russell 0.9 behind, also 0.9 to Sainz ahead. So Russell 1.3 behind, he has been asked to manage tyres in that high speed section for info. And 0.7 behind Sainz. So Russell 1.3 behind, 0.9 behind Sainz. For info, Russell 0.0 has stopped. He's gone from soft to hard. Gap 29, two signs ahead. And for info, now, Piastri also stopped. From soft to hard. Copy. Gap to signs 1.2. Russell 1.2 behind you. How are the tyres? Ok, just a little bit. Frontside is all good. Copy that. Cap is 1.2. 2 signs ahead. 1 second behind to Russell. Just a reminder, you've got a back right available. Back right available for turn 7. Russell, point 9 behind. You're 1.1 behind signs. So Russell, point 9 behind, you're 1.1 behind signs. So Russell 0.9 behind, you're 1.3 behind signs. Russell also has Mestapa just behind him. So 0.8 behind you, 0.8 to Russell behind, 1.4 to signs ahead. So Russell 0.7 behind. Torque 3 available, torque 3. A little more rotation, low speed Car is cut behind Staten Point 8 Gate temperatures are stabilising Staten Point 8 behind you Staten Point 5 behind Car for Russell just behind Magnus has 1.5 behind, Gafford Russell just behind, Magnuson is 1.4 behind, start to get back in the rhythm. How are the tyres? Front right, Gafford is Russell. One second, 1.2, Gaff behind is 1.7 for Magnuson. Gafford Russell is 0.7 Magnusson Cap with Russell is 0.9 now Cap with Russell 1.2 And Romain they got back right available, 7-8 Ok mate, so you're 3 tenths quicker lap than Magnusson behind at the moment But in first row rear power stemss starting to drop now as well. Feels a bit better. Yeah, copy that. At the moment, we're looking to go to our target lap for plan A. GPS, can you hear me, can you hear me? Yeah, we'll get back to you shortly. Okay, so for info, behind you, Magnussen and Leclerc are fighting. So they're losing ground with you at the moment. So compared to us we'll have to maintain the gain with the exit of turn 8. And braking for turn 17. So captain Magnussen behind is 3.1 at the moment. OK, we've got Magnussen in the box at the moment. OK, mate, let's keep the pace up. Magnussen just stopped. All we've got, mate, all we've got. OK, we are boxing this lap, so everything you've got, let's box in this lap. So, we're closer to Magnussen on pit exit. Magnussen, turn 1 now. Overtake available. Magnussen 1.6 Magnussen 1.1 Do you have DRS? No, negative. We got 8 second gap in front of you. Let me know if you got DRS. There's 1.3 behind, 1.3 behind 1.1 behind 1.2 the gap Got a one shot on the front right in turn 8 Copy that We try torque 8 Start Leclerc and then Russell in the box at the moment So Russell 3.4 ahead Leclerc has come out behind Magnussen Captain Magnsel 3.4 ahead. McClure has come out behind Magnussen. Captain Magnussen 1.4. Ruijas lift! We're happy. Ok, mate, at the moment we don't need anything too crazy. Just want to manage the gap to Magnussen behind. We will be a restrained front of you. But there are more seats coming6 car window so all good. Magnuson so far 2 tenths slower than you this lap. We are slipped. I want to keep offset 3 just for turn 17 and alternatively you got top right in the middle of turn 17. Magnuson last lap 4 tenths slower than you. Just check on my front right. Okay, Maître, at the moment management looks good on the front right. Okay, we got Joe in front of you, he seems to be struggling on his hard tyres. On the other hand, Esteban still setting green lap times, 20 laps in his stint. What lap time is Esteban doing? Esteban's last lap, 132.8 Seems like Joe is also limited on power at the moment So gap to Russell ahead, 1.6 seconds 1.7 to Russell ahead Fighting with Stroll, gaps are opening up so gap behind, 2 seconds to go. 1.8 to Russell ahead. So Stroll is the car ahead now, 1.3. So no DRS for Stroll this lap. Overtake available. Game 8 nicely done. Stroll 0.8 behind. 1.5 to Russell ahead. Ahead of Russell is Zunoda and Hamilton and Hulkenberg, they all still need to stop OK, and temperatures are stable now Stroll just hanging on on that EOS, so 1 second behind Far ahead is Zunoda now Stroll 1.1 behind 1.3 to Zunoda ahead Stroll point 9 behind Just that one second now Did he catch the other? Just, yeah, just in your mirrors I need help on the brakes Suggest time, shape 4, offset 1 Shape 4, offset 1 I need info about the failed GPS. Yeah, copy that mate. We're at point 1, to the Sonora head. It's fighting with the local work boat, still need to stop. So, main time to gain we see is M3 over turn 12. We're trying mid 1 for sector 2. And battery is full for info Just need to be careful with some of the slip-on exits please Just looking after the rears a little bit Suggest SOC 8 Okay mate, we're currently blind on the GPS So I'll go ahead, struggling to pull 0.5 behind Next we've got the train of Stroll, Max and Leclerc behind. Break that DRS again. 0.9 to Stroll behind. Cap 1.2 to Stroll behind. Guys, keep an eye on rear slip. All over the place. So, for turn 17, let's keep leaving offset 2. What's the gap behind? 1.2, 1.2 Gap ahead is 2 seconds to Sonola, still setting green sectors, 34, old hearts GPS Time to gain turn 7 mid-corner, turn 11 mid-corner and breaking for turn 17 How many meters? turn 11 mid-corner and Brayden will turn 17 How many meters? It's about 4-5 meters max Ok, where's the pace in front? You're quicker than the cars in front Cars that still need to stop doing 32-6 fast So go down the box now clean air ahead six seconds target left time okay that's the situation we've got hamilton and esteban ahead they want to keep those cars in a safety car window which they are at the moment hamilton in the box it was hamilton in the box now. There he was, Esteban left I think. 32.6, 32.6. And Captain Esteban ahead 7 seconds. So currently you're RP7. Stroll behind you still needs to stop. Car behind Stroll is McLaren. Ok mate, so we have no real concern on these tyres. Just need to start looking a little bit at the fuel numbers please. And for input, stroll behind to the 32.4, Leclerc behind him, 32.2, same as you. And cap to Leclerc behind us, 4 seconds for input. What's the face I had? So 32.6 for Esteban Last lap of Sainz on 32.5 So a little bit of time to gain, turn 12 Still a little bit on the brake, turn 17 Car ahead now is Sainz Esteban just stopped, still about 1.5 behind So Sainz ahead has a five second penalty only we're eight seconds behind it What's his face? So last lap of science was a 31.8 and we do need to keep an eye on our fuel numbers, please So a slight increase of what you were doing last lap Gap to Leclerc behind is increasing. At the end of this lap, 15 laps to go. So gap to Leclerc behind now is 3.3. Start level is at 31.8. Update me of the fuel because it's not easy. Yeah, copy that. Update me of the fuel because it's not easy. Yeah, copy that. So, cap to the cloud 2.9. Where is stroll? Stroll has boxed. Doing a good job on fuel. Where is the catching? So, turn 12, turn 17, and the sonar is straight line as well. I've got mid one available for turn 12. Let me know when it becomes critical with the fuel. Yeah, you can keep doing what you were doing. That's good for us. So, Cantilever is 2.2, doing a good job in sector 1. We have a bit of time to gain compared to him in sector 2 and 3. Do you need to help me with the rear? We've got entry 8 for sector 2, entry 8, sector 2. So, Leclerc 1.7 behind. And 10 laps to go at the end of this one We've got torque 10 available for sector 2 as well, torque 10 Ok, so cap to Leclerc 1.5 Hamilton 5 seconds behind And we'll be fighting with both of those cars behind 9 laps to go And Leclerc 1.1 What's the gap after sector 1? Does it get slower or is it on the other way? It's slower than you in sector 1, but it gains in sector 2. So 1.4 at the moment. So gap at the moment 1.42 Leclerc. And here's Hamilton 2.2 behind him. Gap 1.1. Gap 1.4. 1.5 to Hamilton behind Leclerc, Leclerc 0.9 behind, 6 laps to go, 0.9 behind Leclerc, Gap 1.1, G gap 0.7 and then 1.2 to Hamilton. Overtake available. Overtake available, Hamilton 0.4 behind. Right, so that's four laps to go. Four laps to go at the end of this one. About six second gap to Esteban behind. So I suggest offset one, but keep offset two for turn 17 only. Let's keep an eye on fuel numbers and let's bring it home Three laps to go And let's go, SOC 4, SOC 4 Gap is still 5 seconds behind So what's the look like? 1.3 So do you have the air reserve on your tank? Not anymore Two more laps SOC 2, SOC 2 1.3 So the other air is on my mid-turn? No anymore 2 more laps Sock 2, Sock 2 OK mate, one more lap please, one more lap OK OK mate, so when you cross the start and finish line it will be scenario 12 Save fuel on the in-lap, save fuel on the in-lap OK, that was the chequered flag That's Pap, safe fuel on the inlap ok, that was the checkered flag that's P8, P9 for the team I think, well executed I guess unfortunately where we are at the moment we're closer and we'll keep fighting the clean race yeah, thank you, yeah, we tried tried I think just the start of the second stint I lost quite a bit of time fighting but yes that's the race it's the race so yeah copy that mate did what we could we keep fighting and then we're gonna close the gap for these guys with double points and yeah we focus on the MOLANA Yeah, copy that, we keep building on this Who was P10? Magnussen made it in P10 Copy I tried but I just think at the end I struggled a bit with the rears, like traction, I was a bit all over the place so can have a look if there's anything we could have done better but let's build from there Thanks for the guys, for the pit stop and yeah, thanks for the race. Copy that mate, great job from you as well. Okay, so when you come and park for me, please stop the car, wait a few seconds P1, wait another few seconds then P0 please.

9.Esteban Ocon

Yes, radio check. Just try moving your mic a little closer if you can. Now? Yeah, that's a bit better. OK mate, four minutes to go. So no rain forecast at the moment. Just wait for the tyre info to come in. So we're going to fire up in about a minute and a half. Alright, so top seven runners, all on the medium tyre. Us on hard, Verstappen just to your left on hard, then we've got Bottas and Albon behind him on medium and then Hulkenberg, Hamilton and Joe behind them on hard, so there's two medium runners behind which are Bottas and Albon, medium runners in front and then everyone else around on hard as well. Okay let's go pit limiter on. Clutch drop on target very good. Recommend a bit more weaving just to help front tyre temps. Brake balance to 1.5 on the dash. Forward 1%. All guys in front on mediums. Hulkenberg behind on hard. Yellow modified to 17 recommended. Leclerc in front struggling with the fronts on the hard. And then Diff Exit 2. Diff Exit 2, that will help him at high speed. OK, happy tyre energies at the moment, that's keeping us up. OK, medium runners in front starting to stop now. OK, they're settling to a rhythm now. Cars behind, 5 seconds. Hulkenberg and Hamilton there on the hard as well. OK, when you can, Diff Exit 2 will just open up the diff a little more in high speed. Was it Diff exit 1 before? It was Diff exit 1 before, Diff exit 2 is what we need, which you're in now. Good job. I'm gonna go down. In front of us, please. Ok, so cars in front are Fernando, Verstappen on the hard and Perez. They're lapping 32.9 for Fernando, who's third currently, quick pull. Hulkenberg behind on the hard tyre, lapping 33.1. Perez boxed, he'll come around behind us. Okay, so Perez on the hard tyre behind now. Try and waste as little time with him as possible because he doesn't have time Ok Carl behind is Sainz, 3 seconds, 3 lap hold hard and then Hulkenberg 2 seconds behind him, same tyres as you Sainz behind has a 5 second time penalty for speeding in the pit lane, that might help us later And phase update when you can, Sainz 2.5 Cargo Copy update when you can. Sainz 2.5, go ahead. Copy. Copy. And when you can, can we have a status update please? Status is zero. So our post at the moment is the same or quicker, more cars behind. Good job. Okay, so currently running P2 now. Sainz 1.7 behind. Fernando on New Hard one second behind him. Sainz 1.1 behind. Okay, the car behind 1.1 seconds. Fernando has DRS one second behind him. Sainz 0.6 behind, he has DRS. Car behind is Hamilton 2.7 seconds. So the car's behind Hamilton 1.6 seconds. He's on the same tyres as us, we're racing him. Just behind him is Russell, he's stopped already, so likely going to the end. He's on the hard now. Ok, Russell now the car behind. 14 lap hold hards. I'm in. Ok mate, Russell has DRS behind. Hamilton 1.3 behind him. Our race is with Hamilton. Hamilton 1.1 behind, no DRS. Ok, Hamilton has boxed. Backs push, backs push. What do you think about 50 out? Stay out. I'm dropping just 4 DRLs left. OK mate, box is left, box box. Box box, it'll be close with our BOM pit exit. Go on then. OK, it'll be close with our BOM pit exit. And then Bottas 0.9 behind, Bottas. He has DRS. And Glierer Bottas with DRS behind, 1.2 seconds. Anyone else want to drive? OK mate, just watch the front right tyre. 17 laps to go. OK mate, currently P10, racing all cars in front now. OK mate, tyre energies look quite safe, happy to push a bit more. Alright, thanks, that's it, I'll go and drive. 12 laps to go. Magnussen in front, 31 lap hold hards. Everyone now going to the end. 10 laps to go for the end of this one. Team 9 currently. Magnussen clear of DRS. 8 laps to go. 7 laps to go. Ok we need half a second of lift and coast into 11 and 17 please we must do this. What happened front? Okay so Hamilton Leclerc overtook um Gasly so Gasly's now a car in front six seconds just maintain this lift and coast please four laps to go. That's my pacing compliance. Okay mate you're about four tenths a lap quicker on average at the moment. The gap in front is 5 seconds. 3 laps to go. Okay, we do need to maintain that lift and coast for the last few laps please. Okay. Okay, 2 laps. Okay, last lap, last lap. Okay, just a final lift and coast for mine, 11 and 17. Okay, and that's the chequered flag, chequered flag. Let's go scenario 12 please, scenario 12. And a slow in lap please. Reminder to get some fluids on board as well. Okay, well done, so P9 finish there. Yeah, good job. I felt pretty good, probably best of the year so far. Good job, keep going. Absolutely, very good. Ok, so just to run you through the top 10. Verstappen, Perez and Fernando, top 3. Then we had Russell, Sainz and Hamilton. Sainz was 13 seconds clearer than Hamilton. So no changes with penalties or anything. Then we had Leclerc in 7th, Pierre just in front of you, P8, Arsene P9, and then Magnussen rounding out the top 10. So good team result there, well done. Okay, so you'll be coming in the pit entry at the end of the lap, and then it'll be normal switch-off procedures when you come back. Okay, see you back in the office. Yeah, copy. back to you all.

10. Kevin Magnussen

Radio check Kev. Okay we have Ocon and Verstappen on C2, all other relevant cars on C3, obviously other than Nico. Hamilton and Joe are also on C2, so when the car comes down on the ground we'll do a bike point learn, I'll give you a call. Okay, do we have a bike point learn please? Okay, and then it should be limiter on Okay Kev, so mode RS for the start, obviously a little bit of a gap before the last car is here. I'll let you know Last car is on the grid Car behind is Leclerc Car behind him is Bottas mode push So car behind is Bottas, behind Bottas is Verstappen Car behind is still Bottas OK Car behind is Verstappen now DRS is enabled OK Ken, we're happy with time management Excellent work, you have your curriculum declared He has DRS though, you have DRS Car ahead OK, you do have DRS, all good OK You have DRS, the clerk also has DRS though, you have DRS, Car ahead. OK, you do have DRS, all good. OK, you have DRS, Leclerc also has DRS. OK, you do not have DRS, Leclerc does. He's 0.9 behind though. Leclerc has DRS, but he's one second behind. Looks like you've got the pace to break away from it. Leclerc with DRS 0.9. Safety car window is open. Leclerc does not have DRS. OK, Leclerc just got DRS there, one second behind. Leclerc 1.2 behind, no DRS. Leclerc 1.3 behind. Car in front is Russell, two seconds ahead. You were three tenths quicker than him last lap, sorry 4 tenths. Leclerc 1.1 still out of DRS. Leclerc 1.2 no DRS. Car in front Gasly, 1.5 seconds ahead. Tires and gears starting to take a step now. Copy, tires just starting to take a step. Leclerc 1.0 no DRS. Leclerc 1.0, go DRS Leclerc 0.9, he has DRS I think he was saving his tyres first part, so he's not quite pushing now Leclerc 0.6 Car behind Leclerc is Ocon Safety car and VSC windows open Leclerc 0.6 You've got to get overtaken soon Open Mode T4, careful, mode T4 Copy Coming down 0.3 on front wing, 4C2 Box, box, box, box Mode RS Reset brake balance adjuster No threats behind, good stop. You're in clear air. Mode switch. Reset the balance adjuster please, Kev. Gasly coming out of the pit lane in front of you. If you're Kev, you were the fastest car on track last lap. All looking good. Let's see if we can get Gasly. Leclerc is behind you, Kev. Leclerc is behind you. Three seconds behind. Good pace, Kev. Leclerc 3 behind you, Kev, Leclerc is behind you. Three seconds behind. Good pace, Kev. Leclerc 3.6 seconds behind. Maybe looking after his tyres. So, you, Gasly and Russell-head are going to catch up to Joe, who's on his original hard tyres, 18 laps old. Albon on mediums is at the head of the queue, with Joe at the back of the queue. And Albon is holding all those cars up McClure is 4.2 seconds behind but obviously he's likely to catch back up when you catch those cars ahead Okay Kevin, if locking at the last corner becomes a problem, suggest the toggle you were using yesterday So Russell passed Joe quite easily, Gasly will get him soon Then it'll be your turn, Mc McLaren still 4.1 seconds behind. Clearly any car that could beat you in a safety car situation is Perez and Ocon. Ocon were trying a gap, you're closing on about 7 tenths a lap on a normal lap. You have DRS, Albon has boxed. Okay, if you don't get Joe beforehand, just watch your throttle out at 16, you're actually getting too much wheelspin. With good management, you'll get past him, no problem. Way to go, Kev. Let's get after these cars in front. Doing a great job there. Joe does not have DRS. Gas lead 2.9 in front. Car ahead is now Stroll on 24 lap hards, he's 2.5 seconds in front. Stroll's about a second a lap slower than you Kev, so you get it very quickly 2.3 ahead So Stroll's using Gasly's DRS to hang onto it, but he's lost that now I believe So you are an effective P7, Gasly effectively P6 Stroll has not stopped yet Stroll still just hanging onto Gasly's DR DRSCs 2.1 seconds ahead of you now. I'll tell you which one to gap is doing the same lap time, and which one to gap is doing the same lap time as you at the moment. Now behind is Leclerc, he's 2.2 seconds behind. Gasly 4 tenths slower than you last lap, which is why Stroll is able to hang on to him. Gap to Stroll 2 seconds. Captain McClare behind 2.6, you pulled again on him. You gained 1 tenth on Gasly last lap. So ahead of Gasly is Sonoda and ahead of Sonoda is Nico. Nico is holding Sonoda up potentially. OK Kev, from tyre point of view we don't think lift and coast is necessary but good for you to do it if it can help stability. And you were a tenth quicker than Gasly again last lap. Gap 2, Leclerc behind, let's get it down to 2 seconds. Three tenths quicker than Gasly last lap. 1.6 behind Stroll now, Gasly being held up by Sonoda, Leclerc 1.8 behind you. Okay Kev, please press the oil pump up when you can. Gap to stroll 1.2, you're almost in DRS range. Just watch your exit, turn 16, that one hurts us a little bit. Okay, Kev, you can see what's going on ahead, you've got DRS. Just keep it clean as you get through these cars. Obviously, you've got Leclerc close behind you. Just watch out for Leclerc behind, also has DRS come on Kev, keep it clean you've got the pace to get these guys you are quicker than these guys awesome Kev awesome you've got the pace you can do this. I can't hold the clear, it's too quick. Okay understood, if the right thing to do is to let him through and then follow him through the two cars ahead that's okay. You are quicker than those two cars ahead of you. Okay Ken, let's see what we can do with the clear in front of us. So remember Stroll's still got to stop. Gasly we're racing these four seconds in front of you. So you've got Håkon and Stroll who are going to stop and put you at E8 and put you at E7 Obviously Gazza is going to be E7 Bottas is a genuine E11 behind you, he's 6 seconds behind So behind Bottas we've got Hamilton who is pitted for medium C3s He is a threat, he's just pitted So there are 17 laps to go at the end of this one The car behind is now Hamilton He's just past Bottas, he's 5.5 seconds behind you. And we have Ocon who has just boxed and he's behind Hamilton also. OK, just still watch that traction out of turn 16. OK, Stroll has boxed, that puts you to P8. OK, 13 laps to go at the end of this one. You've got Hamilton 1.5 seconds behind end of this one. You've got Hamilton one and a half seconds behind. Ocon one and a half seconds behind him. What's the situation behind Ocon then? OK, Votas is the next car, same age as you, Thomas. He's P11ish. Is he correct? He's doing 32.4. Hamilton does not have DRS. Hamilton has DRS 0.8. Hamilton 0.4. Okay, it's Ocon behind. Bontas is five and a half seconds behind Ocon. Ocon 0.8, he has DRS. Ocon 0.5 with DRS. Okay Kev, so let's concentrate on clean laps as fast as you can Bottas five seconds behind he's holding up Albon on slightly fresher paths then we've got Sonoda on 10 lap mediums and Hulkenberg on 13 lap mediums, so Nico's got pace behind them Stroll on the 4 lap medium, but he's got to get through all the cars. So for reference, Bottas has been given 32.0 as a target to stay ahead of those cars. He's four and a half seconds behind you. Nine laps to go at the end of this one. That last lap, Bottas was a tenth and a half quicker than you. He did 32.4 to your 32.6. Okay, careful, Bottas still four and a half seconds behind he matched his lap time last lap he did 32.4 okay Kevin six laps to go at the end of this one the car behind is now Sonoda he got past Bottas gap is 4.5 seconds still just watch those exits from 16 okay Sonoda is 4 seconds behind Last lap 31.5 5 laps to go Great job, Kev Maintain the gap 4 laps to go at the end of this one OK, Kev, suggest SOC 5 It'll give you a bit more pace, can help keep Sonoda behind and give you a bit at the end of the race in case you need it So there's 2 laps to go at the end of this one. Sonoda's 3.3 behind. He's got Stroll right behind him. They're going to be busy at the next lap and a half or so. So car behind still Sonoda 2.5 seconds behind. One lap to go at the end of this one. Sok 1 Kev, Sok 1 starting the last lap Sonoda 1.9 seconds behind Sonoda 1.5 behind That's it Kev, well done mate E10 1.0, we'll take that Fantastic work, thanks mate Sorry guys, I was hoping for a little more there but I got a shit start Sorry man, we're back in the game though, quick pace all weekend so it's no fun. Completely agree Kev, you've got to be up there to do it on a regular basis. Fasting the big boys today. Just to give you the rundown then, Verstappen won the race, Perez second, Alonso third, Russell fourth, Carlos Sainz fifth, Hamilton worked his way up to sixth, Leclerc seventh, Gasly eighth, Ocon ninth and yourself tenth. A good point. Okay Kev, when you come in, usual story, P2 to P1, then a pause and then P0 please. I'll see you later, well done mate. Copy that, see you later. P1, then a pause and then P0 please. We'll see you later, well done mate. Copy that, see you later.

11. Yuki Tsunoda

Radio check Radio in Radio OK So I'll give you the usual reminder Bit limiter on Until pole position By point finder with the trim button While we are on the ground We synchronize the gears Warm tyres and brakes Warm the tyre, very important The aerodynamic button Tyre warming will be And mode 3 for the start then Osset plus two for the formation lap and Yuki we suggest pull toggle on as well for the first lap so you can select it now Yuki stroll on hard, Piastri on soft, Sajjan on medium behind us and Norris on soft also other other cars are starting on hard, so it's a mixed grid. OK. You can focus on tyre warming as much as possible. Clash was good. Klasse, das war gut. Offset minus one. בואו נצלם, הו×Øד×Ŗ כבל בול One click avrebbe voli finito PRS neboldi engine braking 8 for rotation. Speed 6, click overtake available. le volte engine breaking 7, 4 rotorsi Multi P7 posizione 2 per rotazione. Multi P7 posizione 2. 100% CO2 Push toggle nowgle now for rotation infinite. Click overtake infinite. Click overtake if you need to. ATC, getting increasing reverse Others are getting increasing gears, right front Engine braking, 7 for rotation Entry, 5 Engine 11, position 5 Engine 11, copy engine back in 6 for rotation focus on exit and 7 8 This is the first time I've seen a car go over the curb. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to do that. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to do that. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to do that. I'm not sure if it's a 3D model of a car. First, I will make a 3D model of a car. pressione alta velo. Let's go offset forward one click. There's the departure right? Negative. Engine braking 8 for the instability Yuki is all good Keep doing this job, he's good We've st stroll behind now Signs in front of Albon Press and hold available pressa, non deve lo... In this video I am using a 1.5L V8 engine with a 6-speed manual transmission. Albon behind has DRS, 1 second Still good? Not yet, stand by No DRS for Albon, 1.1 Use anti-deploy when you want Albon boxed, we have Stroll 1. behind, he's on hard as well, same strategy Now we have RAS behind 1.3, he overtook STROL He's on art. Russell, point nine, no DRS. Russell has DRS now. Third toggle, last corner You keep a very good job, we have Gasly 1.6 behind, race is long You are faster than the others on hard Gaslyby. Prasenov do Vylyby. Gas less, DRS now behind Press and hold available Engine 13 position 6, engine 13 position 6 Yuki very good, this is the time, come on The twin well, maximum attack now Box, box, UK box. Box box, we are racing two cars, far out. Offset minus one. Give it all, give it all. Press and hold overtake now, press and hold overtake N36 for stability Bokeh by 1.3, good job. How many more knots? 80 remaining, 80. F-C-T Offset 0, più veloce di Albon in avanti 1.3 in avanti Entry 6 per stabilità anche Do you need more rear support? OK Yes Engine break 9, engine back nine, meet six. Offset one. Entry 7 for support. Engine braking for stability. 13 laps to go board 7 and Hulkeberg has the RS behind, pressing all the valve when you want full in support, engine braking 10 Pressure not available Album 0.8 with the RS Album 1.8 con l'RS Alba 1.2 con l'RS Strobe 1.6 dietro Bottas 1.1 in fronte Bottas P11 Multibeam 14, posizione 7 Multibeam 14, posizione 7 Pression hold available multibeam 40 position 7 pressing all available BOTOS point 9 has DRS BOTOS 1.2 no DRS and 6 laps to go Magnussen in front, 4 seconds, ESP 10 we are faster than him, we can catch him Strobe behind 1.5. Give me the attack and switch to mode 7. Keep all A for now. Stroll 1.2 behind. Okay, I know. Strat 3, Strat 3, performance Pressure not available Mode 7, Mode 7 Two laps after this Press and hold available Last lap Press and hold now, we need to press and hold Press and hold again Check reflect, check reflect P11 UK, it was a very very good race from you. Very good race. Yeah, maximum I can do now. Fail 84 fail. Fail 84 fail. Yeah, it was so tough race. Oh my god. Good job guys. very race based. Yeah, definitely unlucky for the points but we were very close, we fought for that, so it's a positive. Yeah, we should be happy with this, yeah, honestly. Obviously, you cannot be happy, but with this package, we did a good job. Yeah, very, very good race. So we take the positive and we move forward for the next. Also, drink was not working. Even with Pitafa, drink was not working. Eat a big spaghetti. Drink was not working. Understood Juki, I'm sorry. We'll have a good look. Stop FIA bridge please. Stop FIA bridge. P1, message MP0.

12. Lance Stroll

Okay, Lance, are we ready to check? Yep, Lance. Yep, copy, same. Just make a note of your position when you drop the car, and let's have a good race. Okay, Lance, on tyres, you've got Norris and Piastri on soft. Norris, Piastri on soft. Sargent, behindcon also hard. And everybody else medium. So six cars ahead of you on hard and the two McLarens on soft around you. OK, Lance, make some space in Turn 1 and then lean on the tyres in Turn 2 and 3. Lift for Turn 4. You were 5 under on that start line. Make some space now and lean through 2 and 3. So everybody's going very slow out of 8 lines. So make some space now, weave and then lift into 4. Got to stay within 10 car lengths. Stay within 10 car lengths. So scrub the tyres here, scrub the tyres here and then go fast, lean on tyres down to 11. Slowing down now in front of you. Everybody's taking some space. So slow in front. So lift into 11, lift into 11. Maximum scrubbing in the low speed, maximum scrubbing to the exit of 16. So that's nice and high speed scrubbing weaving down the back straight. So high speed weaving now and then lift and final brake prep into 17. Just good job on the weaving. So a new 50 meters lift and then good brake application. So five burnouts, five burnouts. Three starting now and then two for the DRS line, last two after the DRS line. A reminder on grid box positioning and no bike point find, no bike point find. And it'll be run switch start after burnouts, run switch start after burnouts. Because there's a node of 0.2 behind, node of 0.2 behind. Check my rear if the Williams touch me. Yeah, copy we're checking. Car's good Lance, caroda 0.2 behind. Check my rear if the Williams touch me. Yeah, copy, we're checking. Car's good Lance, car's good. Unlatch yellow, unlatch yellow. The car behind Sargent ahead Joe and Sonoda. Sargent medium. Okay, Joe and Sonoda ahead hard. Okay, management's good Lance, just manage the traction in the tailwind corners. Good job Lance, rears are in the window, It'll be DRS enabled, exit of 9. Sergeant behind has DRS. To you. Okay, Sergeant pitted. Car behind, Norris. 0.8 has DRS. He's on soft. Okay, Norris, 0.7 has DRS behind. Okay, Lance, we're very happy with the tyre management for now. Two cars in front, same strategy as you, but we're happy now. You've done a good job. So Norris pitted for hard, car behind De Vries, 2.8, so no pressure behind. He's obedient, 2.8 behind. Okay Lance, we can be a bit easier on the rears in three. Easier on rear tyres in three. Okay Lance, strap 11, strap 11. Okay Lance, it's still pretty close up front. 11, Strat 11. Okay Lance, it's still pretty close up front. We need free air. Yes, very clear mate, very clear. We know what we're doing. Right now. Listen mate, we're same pace as Ocon P9 on the hard. Yeah, keep looking after these tyres. We'll update you if we need more. Okay Lance, we've reached 3.7 behind, so if you want to take some margin to look after your tyres, we're happy. Okay, we're happy with plus three on brake balance Lance, we don't need more. You can come rearwards if you need to push more. Okay Lance, De Vries is slower than you, he's five seconds behind, so no pressure from behind. Can I manage a lot more? A little bit on the way into four, but we're happy. Right now there's no overthinking Yeah, copy that mate, keep doing what you're doing K0 into four to manage the tyres a bit more Lance we're happy to drop back a bit if it helps with the tyres, we think it will Yes sir Yeah, so focus on your tyres, this is good. So Ocon in P9 is 33.2, so the pace is not much faster up front, so we've got time now to look after these tyres. Start the hard early, are struggling, so don't push too hard, we're happy with what you're doing. So you're 1.5 behind Joe, two seconds is better. We think it's pick up Lance but just take it easy in the high speed entries for the fronts. Just keep doing management in 4, 4, doing management 4. Okay Lance, gap ahead is 1.7. The K0 presses are a bit late, too late after the D road. So Lance, gap ahead 1.8. We're happy with your management, just settle in like this. We're happy with your management, so settle in like this. Rear is, er, it's our finger pen. So, Lancer, keep an eye on your dash. Front right is on the cooler side. Front right's on the cooler side. 17 and 1, only 10 metres left and coast to keep the fronts up. Magnussen has fitted hard. He's 10 seconds behind you. Okay Lance, we've got cars pitting now, so Gasly, car behind, eight seconds, has fitted the hard. So when they get closer, we need to start pushing back up. So Lance, we can start to push again, start to pick up the pace. You've got Hulkenberg on hard at the front of this queue. Hamilton's stuck behind him, he's managing a lock, Hulkenberg. The Hamilton's starting to attack him. Mediums. The car behind, Russell. Three seconds, New Harden. You've got early press available. You might be fighting sites on exit. Strat 10, Strat 10, remember K0, keep having these energy presses. Cancel the lifted coast. Strat 11 is good, back to Strat 11. Cancel lifted coast. coast, strat 11 is good, back to strat 11, cancel lift at coast. Balance feedback, balance feedback. Yeah it's okay, it's just tyre and grip. Copy. The car behind Russell, one second, 1.1, does not have DRS, he's on 2.4 medium, 2.4 hard, correct. Russell 1.4 across the line. Pressure and temperature stabilising. Yes, we're good. You're good to push mate. So Russell behind, that's DRS. Car ahead, Albon. 20 lap hold medium. Strat 10, Strat 10. No issue with the contact. Russell, DRS behind. Car's good, Lance. Keep pushing. Albon pitted, Sunoda car in front. No issue with the contact, Russell DRS behind Ok, car's good Lance, keep pushing Albon pitted, Sonoda car in front 1.6, Russell 1.4 behind Strap 9, strap 9 Russell DRS Ok, Gasly car behind, use Russell to get back to Sonoda I'll try and move Pace is fine, pace is fine Pace is fine, pace is fine, try and use Russell to get back to Sonoda. I can, but it's quicker. You've got Gasly behind us, dearest. Yes, I know he's going to overtake me. OK, Mark, strap 10, head down, one way to go. Strap 10, head down, one way to go. Strap 10. So give me an update on what's happening in the race, man. Like, how's our pace? What's it looking like, what do I have to do? Pace is good relative to the hard runners that are still out so we just need to keep pushing on the tyres now, your pace is good. Keep pushing on the tyres. Yeah. We need to go long, we need to go long, we need to go long, we need to go long. So Magnus needs, do you want to be behind? Lance, full safety car window open Full safety car window open, full safety car window open You need to manage surface attempts but just managing surface Strat 11 Lance, Strat 11 OK Lance, we need very small lift and coast 111.17 just to keep the surfaces under control Pace is good, keep doing what you're doing OK Lance, I need MFA Brown, position 9, MFA Brown position 9. HPP button on, HPP button on, the possible debris right hand side 16 to 17, just keep an eye out. Okay Lance you've done a good good job managing these tyres, you've got Hülkenberg, Sunoda ahead. We need to be looking at them. So, Strat 10, Strat 10. Hülkenberg has pitted. We're just pushing with Gasly up to Sunoda. Okay Lance, Strat 9 over the line. Think about K0. Okay, the K0 is too late. Sector 1, focus on that. So Lance, both safety car windows open. Think about K0 into 11. Magnussen has pressure from Leclerc. He's a second behind, does not have DRS. They use K0. Klaas, good job. You can go strap 10. Keep doing that K0. Magnussen 1.2 behind. Pressure from Leclerc does not have DRS. It's a car behind Leclerc 1.4. He's on 18 lap hold hard. So K0 turn 1 was too late. Magnussen 2.5 behind. He's fighting with Leclerc. He's got back... Got back past him. There's a car behind. It's Leclerc 2.6. Diff open high speed if you need more front end. Strat 11, Lance. Strat 11. Okay, Lance. Maximum attack. Big push now. Okay, Lance. This is good pace. Leclerc still 2 behind. So everything for the tyre, Lance. Everything for the tyre. OK, Lance, HPP button off. Box this lap. Box this lap. Box, box. We're good. Box, box, Lance. Box, box. OK, run-switch race. Run-switch race. Push hard. Push hard. No management required. Run-switch race. Push hard. OK, push hard, no management required. Run switch race, push hard. OK, Norris exit, Norris on exit. 38 lap hold, hard. Minus one on brake balance, Norris one behind, push hard. So Lance, your target four seconds ahead, Hulkenberg, nine on medium. The tyres looked good Lance, so we're just pushing now, push hard. Ahead you've got Tsunoda, ahead of Hülkenberg, he's on 6 lap hold medium, then you've got Albon and Bottas, 20 lap hold hard, and that would get you to P11. Focus forward, push these guys, Norris dropping back already, 1.9 behind. 1.1 quicker than Hülkenberg. 11 to go, 11 laps to go. There's one down, good job. Albon ahead. Klaas Albon ahead. 25 lap on hard tyres. Magnussen in P10 is dropping back. There's a point ahead if you keep driving like this. Strat 10, Strat 10. Excellent work. Sunoda 12 lap on medium ahead. That's Sunoda P12, 1.7 in front. Older tyresODA, 34 lap hold hard. Keep pushing up to these guys. So ALBONS dropped 2.4 behind EUSTACE, ALBONS dropped 2.5 behind EUSTACE, focused on SONODA, BOTAS ahead. CARA ahead, BOTAS 35 lap hold hard. Go well done, STRAT 9, Strat 9, good job Need Strat 9 now, need Strat 9, urgent Strat 9 now You're in 8, Strat 9 now, you're in 8 Strat 9 now, good job Good job, good job So 5 laps to go, 5 laps to go at the end of this one 5 laps to go, 5 laps to go at the end of this one Heat 10 is 5, you have a late press You have a late press Strat 10, Strat 10 Last turn 1, brake earlier Carry more apex speed for better exit Strat 11 over the line Strat 11 It'll be 2 to go across the line 2 to go across the line Energy available Press and hold available Strat 9, this will be last lap. Press and hold, this is last lap, press and hold. Okay, out three, Lance, out three. Take the pick up. Slow in, slow in. Take the pick up. Okay, mate, I'm afraid that's P12, that's P12, but you've done a great job managing those tyres. Yeah, we've got to look through it. I think I was just not the right strategy Yeah, we'll talk about it maybe you manage those tires well good overtakes at the end we'll come back stronger Take the pickup. So if I did p3 for that would be three Okay, slow Slow lots take more pick up slow Can I was offline on the straight line on the straight. Take it easy, take it easy and box. Coalhans, pull up in part of the runway and P0, reminder P0 before you exit the car. Thank you.

13. Valterri Bottas

Five minutes to go, five. And radio check, Valtteri. Copy. Okay, that's loud and clear. Four minutes. Okay, Valtteri, so you should already be in mode RS. A static bite point. After the pull-away, switch off the pit limiter, off pole position, and go to mode formation lap. Once you come to the grid, I will confirm the number of burnouts and then we just need mode RS. Copy. 3 minutes, 3, 2 minutes to go, 2 minutes. 1 minute 40. Okay, Valtteri, ahead we have Ocon and Verstappen on hard and then behind there is Hülkenberg, Hamilton and Joe. And the McLarens further back are on soft. 1 minute 1. 30 seconds. 15. 5 seconds. Okay Valtteri, we confirm 1.5 burnouts. Okay, good job Valtteri, that's P8 so far. All cars ahead on medium, the staff of the car behind you on hard. DRS enabled. Okay Valtteri, tyres looking good. We can push more in sector one. Suggest multi-A pedal three, pedal three, and try to give up something in 14 to gain through 15, 16. We need to get back into DRS from Ocon. Struggling a bit with the tires, quite a bit of sliding. At the moment I can't, can't see the control. Okay, copy, copy. Front right, question. All four wheels. Okay, Valtteri, go to SOC 5, SOC 5, and if you have anything else, let's push now. Copy. Suggest a BMIG 1 for 11 to 16. And back to SOC 6, SOC 6. High speed 5 available if you need. And can you update the tire switch? Tyre switch. Copy, copy. Okay, Valtteri, let's box this lap. Box, box. Copy. Mode RS, mode RS. Okay, you should come out 2 seconds ahead of Norris. Mode race, mode race. Okay, Norris 1.5 seconds behind on 11 lap hard Magnussen is 6 seconds up the road okay Valtteri Leclerc came out of the pits four seconds ahead of you Magnussen ahead is in 32.6 32.5 Magnussen ahead now at 32.8 we only lose in 14 to 16 suggest to back off in braking turn 14 focus exit 15 to 16 Okay, Valtteri race update. We are racing Ocon, Hamilton and Hulkenberg ahead They're doing the reverse strategy They're currently doing the same pace as you if you could do anything more it will help Copy Suggest multi a pedal three pedal three Ocon, Hamilton ahead both in 32.8. OK Valtteri, currently compared to those cars ahead, we lose mainly in turn 6. From our side, no management is needed till the end. And Valtteri, it is not critical, but if we can do some small lift-off in 11.17 for the fuel. Covered. And Valtteri, we have Albon 3.5 seconds behind, currently lapping in 32.6. Ok Valtteri, this pace is good. Ocon ahead is starting to slow down. Suggest mode defend, mode defend. Ok Valtteri, to Albon behind, he's gaining and a tenth of a lap. It's just 14.15, brake earlier for 14 to carry speed through 15 and oil button, oil button. And our Ghost is now ahead of Ocon and Hamilton. We need to try and build that gap as much as possible before they eventually pit. Ok Valtteri, car ahead of you, five seconds is Magnussen and Hamilton pitted came out behind Albon. Albon, two and a half seconds behind you. We're racing these guys for P8, P9. Okay, Hamilton now two seconds behind on Medium. That's a good DRS. He has DRS. Nathan, overtake available. Racing Ocon on Pite exit. Okay Valtteri, let's keep for these guys. Magnussen ahead is in high 32s. Watch for Albon, has DRS. And 16 laps to go. Okay, Valtteri. Magnussen stabilized in 32.6, and he will lose time with Hamilton. Ocon, Magnussen, we are fighting for P10. Okay, Valtteri. Ocon, five seconds ahead. And just ahead of that, Hamilton took Magnussen. Any concerns with the fuel? Still quite negative. It's okay, it's okay, keep pushing. What you're doing now is good, we'll be okay. Okay Valtteri, in order to get Magnussen, we will need a 32 dead. Okay, car ahead of you now, 4.5 seconds is Magnussen. Okay Valtteri, you can ignore the fuel now, just max push till the end. Tsunoda 1.5 behind, suggest mode defend. Tsunoda has DRS, overtake available at the end. Tsunoda 1.5 behind, suggest mode defend. Tsunoda has DRS, overtake available at the end of straight. Overtake available. And we are also fighting stroll behind. That's five laps to go, five laps. Tires are starting to struggle. Copy, four laps to go, four laps. Keep pushing. Suggest to drop diff mid. You can go to mid minus three or minus four. Sock five, sock five, Albon has DRS now. Last lap, over the line, mode end, mode end, that is the chequered flag. And we need maximum fuel saving on this in lap. So that was P13 for us in the end. And what a shame, just not O-Pace, don't look at us. Yep, tried everything I could. Yep, I think it was a good race, especially that pace in the middle of the race there, and also your lap time was really good. So Verstappen won the race from Perez and then Alonso, Russell in P4, then Sainz, Hamilton, Leclerc, Gasly, Ocon and Magnussen rounded out the top 10. OK, good job Valtteri, good job with the fuel as well. So once we reach Park Fermi we need the full switch-off procedure. Covered.

14. Alex Albon

Okay Alex, tyres, all cars in front of you on off the tyre bar, and for Stafford they're both on prime. And then directly behind you, the three cars directly behind you, Occomando, Camon and Joe on primes. And you've got a little bit of mix towards the back. And limiter on, it's 30 seconds. So 15 and 5, remember go full. Okay launch is good, just 1% shallow. Confirming 2 burnouts. Go as low as you can. Is it overtake? DRS enabled. Early overtake available. Very quick up front. Happy with the tyres, can't we? Get behind consistently at half a second to come onto the next green green 8 position 2 Give me feedback on balance, and when you can Bit of green ink on the front, but it's ok The window 4, the safety car, was hard, but you got early overtaking me I need to move back, need to turn 4 more like over the cat, turn 4 Turn 4 what? Turn 4 for tyres, turn 4 for the tyres, more like over the can, turn 4 Turn 4 what? Turn 4 for tyres, turn 4 for the tyres, more like over the can So your current bike is a Camaro, you've got one early overtake available You have a unit empty Yeah I don't, I don't like, I don't like this race You're able to put a good block on it, you can put a 7 or a 9 So we're looking at a plan A 6, going into plan A plus 6. We're quicker than that, faster for sure. We'll walk back up to Isaac again. Yeah, I mean, it's OK, but I'm going to get overtaken soon. And the size of our fibres to go in this dirty air. It's all down to the dirty air. I'm sure I'll be OK with clean air. We have pace. Think about it. Nothing. Lost one and a half on Wink. OK Alex, keep pushing, keep pushing. We've got our hands pitted. We're going to lose more time getting overtaken than we are anything doing this. There's currently no pit load at the moment. Plus two from what we have now. So just as soon as you're up, I'll try and get a decent tyre delta for you. Parry should emerge ahead, Parry's ahead. Are you still happy with this team? Can you gap ahead now? Okay Alex, single press orange happy with us too. Alex, single press orange, single press orange. Okay, mode 5 when you can, and nudge it down one. Pit box will be dusty. We'll go plus 2.5 on the prime, it's a bit more front limited. And we're racing Piastri, watch right line, on exit. We've got a decent player on, player on the front to John Ashcroft. Happy to push up, got the early laps on this tyre. Get a Mode 6 when you can, Mode 6. Still got one second tyre advantage on, Norris at the moment. And his tyres. For me, this pushing too much is not good for the tyres. I don't agree with this. Just going Mode 7, Mode 7. Happy to increase the likelihood of falling into 6. I did increase the likelihood of 4 and 6, and it's increasing flight 4 and 6 now. So into turn 1, that's just mode 13 and then previews overtake and manage to get past Norris. Pack is still good if you need to, but it looks OK. Gap at point 9 to Norris, but it's all good. Gap at 1.3, gone. Go mode 6 when you can, mode 6 when you can. Gap behind him, 1 at 3, start to come back up the back. Vortex ahead is in the mid 230, dude. Low 32 for us is good. House please, in general, I feel like I'm struggling a bit. We're on the land at low 32. In turn 1, go at mode 7. We've lost it at mode 7, so we'll bring it back up to the task. Just confirm, you're happy on the task? Yeah. Copy. You're up ahead at 2.8. We're happy to manage more in turn 6. You're happy to manage more? I can't see the map, so... I mean, it's... It's 1.06. So if we can hold a low 32, there's a few cars there, we're going to save the car. OK, don't tell me to. Roger. We've had two strikes, we've turned six tracks levels. I'll snowed up on a new option, five seconds back. Potentially come onto the 22. I'll lose so much load. Catch the Sonoda within 2 seconds, suggest mode 11, just to help you climb in there. It's the same pack level. You can lock on to exit, lock on. You can go over the clipper gate with Vortas. Change the clipping, I can't get near it. There's an early overtake if you need, suggest mode 13, the manager. There's an early overtake if you need, I suggest mode 13 and manage it. Mode 13, early overtake if you need. So, Sonoda and Hulk will go behind start to get a bit of the option. So, there's 13 laps to go, but we'll do 12. And still some go from up early. Traffic, I've got nothing. Copy. Pax, still got some pack though. And 7 to go, 7 to go. There. And 7 to go, 7 to go. 3 laps to go, 3 to go. And starting the last lap, 2 early overtakes available. Check the flag, check the flag, P40. OK, fine. Good battle, but well managed. Just a little bit short that time I think. We didn't have the base, so... I mean this track just exposes all our weaknesses. Just so much rear locking on initial, a huge amount of front locking at end of brake. You can't race like that, everyone just drives around me, the braking points are 5-10 metres later than me. If I defend, they go to my right, they get a switchback on me. If I don't't defend they just go on inside. I can't manage tyres because I need to have rear wheels braking to avoid the front lock. I can't go rear wheels on brake bias because I have too much rear locking on airshift braking. And then the dirty air is just really against us. I mean, it's amazing how as soon as I drop back I'm okay, but as soon as I'm in Dacia, it's really tough. Copy, copy. Alex, all noted. I know there's going to be a similar track so it comes back, but all noted. Well done.

15. Nico Hulkenberg

We have 4 and a half minutes, you can do some practice and switch off the pit limiter we switch it on after. 3 minutes to go, Niko, 3 minutes. We'll do a static bite point again after fire up, once car's down? Yeah, that's right, once we fire up on the deck, static bite point, learn. And then you'll switch the limiter on and keep the limiter to the line, and then you go back to mode RS after the burnouts for the start. I stay in slow now for this start no? Okay Nico, so two minutes till we go, two minutes. The cars P1 to P7 are on a medium, Ocon and Verstappen ahead are on a hard, Bottas, Alban on a medium, and Hamilton and Joe are on a hard and then I'm not sure after that it's okay Norris and Piastri are on a soft okay okay you can do static okay just make sure your pit limiter is on have a great race clutch drop target was good for burnouts mode push mode push good job tire deg one when you can. DRS enabled. It's a good day, our tire feels nice. Copy that, everything looks very good from our side. You can go, brake balance 0.5% rearward. Hamilton and Albarn battling behind, your tires are clean up and then you can go again when you can. Diff 21, Diff 21 when you can. Diff 21, Diff 21 when you can. Multifunction A, ped 7, ped 7 will help turn 16, helps low speed. Multifunction A, ped 7, ped 7 will help turn 16, helps low speed. Multifunction A, ped 7, ped 7 will help turn 16, helps low speed. Multifunction A, ped 7, ped 7 will help turn 16, helps low speed. Multifunction A, ped 7, ped 8 will help turn 16, helps I'm not sure if that rotation instability is a good thing. I'm not sure if that stability is going to succeed. I'm not looking for stability, I'm all over the planet Earth, I love you! ahead. Nico, turn 4, just manage a little bit for sliding front right. OK, Kevin boxed onto hard to get free air, so other cars may start going onto the hard now. Still all good, Nico, we're on plan. That's Hamilton behind on the same tire. We have similar lap time with him, so I'll just hold station. Keep going, doing a great job. Sainz is 1.5 behind Hamilton. Sainz is on a new hard. Okay, Sainz behind. He's on a new hard. Okay, it's all good, Nico. Keep doing our race. Doing a great job. Doing a great job. Brake balance half percent forward. Very good job Nico, we're just trying to keep the front tire temp up. Okay Nico, we're still okay on our plan, let's just get to a rhythm. Click out these laps. Copy that. Tire temps are stabilizing so we're happy with those, just think about your tools and let us know what you need help with. Okay, car behind is Russell. He's on like a 7-lap maneuver, hard. Okay, Nico, safety car and VSC window are open. Just keep driving your race, driving your line. Don't worry about losing time with Russell, you're doing good. The brake pedal is still in, isn't it? Shape 4, Shape 4. Diff 21, Diff 21. Mode T4, Nico, Mode T4. Box now, Nico, Box now. OK, Mode RS. We'll be racing Norris at the end. Reset Funk. OK, so Sonoda we'll probably try to cover, so let's have a strong outlap. Norris ahead. We are racing him to the end. He's on 29 laps old hard, so you'll be catching him. Okay, Sonoda may be boxing. It'll be 23 laps to go at the line. This tire will make it to the end, no problem. We don't need to manage. Press oil pump button. Oil pump button. This lap time's great. You're putting pressure on Sonoda, who hasn't boxed yet. Sonoda's pitting, will be very close on pit exit. OK, Nico, we just need a little small management in turn 4, slightly slower. Turn 16, try to pull back the entry to focus on exit. It will be 16 laps to go at the line turn bore was good this lap stroll is boxing now on to medium and he will come out four seconds behind us tires are looking very good from our side all good good job catching up to them strolls 1.5 behind so you've got DRS, so you're protected. Multifunction A, ped 6, ped 6. Okay, Nico, it'll be 9 to go at the line. Stay with these guys, someone will make a mistake somewhere. Brake balance, half percent rearward. It will be 4 laps to go at the line, Nico, keep on him. Nico, keep on him. Nico, don't push the throttle pedal too hard out of turn 6 and 7. Just a small issue. 2 to go at the line, Nico, 2 to go. Please repeat in low speed. Please repeat in low speed. Fifth problem again out of seven. With the downgraded isolation. Understood Nico, it's related to our pedal problem. Just bring it home, it'll be one to go with the line. OK Nico, checkered flag, checkered flag, mode slow. Well, very very trippy afternoon in the office. But it's quite different from what we need to work on. We'll talk about it in a debrief. Yep, copy that. We'll look forward to your feedback. Verstappen 1, then P2 Perez, Alonso, Russell, Sainz, Hamilton was 6th, Leclerc seventh, Gasly eight, Ocon nine, and Kevin hung on for 10th.

16. Zhou Guanyu

Ares on. 5 minutes to go. 5. 4 minutes. 3 minutes. 3. 2 minutes to go. 2 minutes. GTI, Ocon, Verstappen, Hülkenberg, Hamilton, Sonora, Stroll on hard. NOS, PS3, slow. Defreeze? Defreeze medium. OK. 1'01'' 30 seconds 15 5 seconds Start with target minus 3. Confirm one burnout. One burnout. Copy. One press overtake available. Two overtake available. Overtake available. Copy. ERS enabled. Joe, when you press overtake, leave overtake on. Suggest diff mid minus 2 for turn 8. Or special one. Special one. Main time loss to Sonoda, turn 11 to 16 I'll just enjoy it myself copy Joe copy Joe use special one, turn 8 special one, turn 8 good step in, turn 11 to 16 we need another step there. Sonoda ahead without DRS at the moment. We have now both McLarens behind the pit at Four Heart. Do I focus on exit turn 8? Exit turn 8. I'm trying but I'm getting out of it. So just hold race. Sonoda ahead in 33.3 and we have Streu behind 33.6. I have no idea Yeah, copy It's difficult, need to manoeuvre the tyres a bit as well Any time left to the cars ahead, braking turn 11, focus braking turn 11. Overtake available, overtake available. Yeah, it's difficult to see if you can overtake, I'm a little bit making mistakes. Joe, consider different mode to minus 1, different mode minus 1. You want bias hold, yeah? Repeat question, repeat question. Did you say biased forward? Standby, Joe. Suggest mode T, mode T. Keep bias at the moment, keep bias. Suggest one toggle forward, OK, one toggle forward. Place is good, Joe. Keep pushing. Suggest divmet minus one. Divmet minus one. We are currently P14. Magnus just pitted for hard. He's now behind. Auto-ramp is the also in the thick thing. Copy, Joe. Understood. We suggest special one, Joe. Suggest special one. The Valtteri just pitted for hard. We suggest special one, Joe. Suggest special one. The Valtteri just pitted for hard. And also Gasly pitted for hard. And they freeze on hard as well now. Suggest div exit 5. Div exit 5. Enjoy one more tea, guys. Doesn't feel too fast. OK to go to mode race, OK for mode race. I clipped so much, that's why. Joe, we suggest to give up a bit, exit turn 11 for better turn 12. All good Joe, you're doing well, keep pressure high. All good, you are doing well, keep pressure high. Overtake available. Overtake available, also in mode T. Go to mode F now, mode F. Russell behind on hard, one abort. Go back to mode race. And use overtake to defend. My tyre is going. Joe, it's important to give up exit turn 11 for better 12. Joe, OK to speed up sector 1. Yeah, I'm trying, but power I'm really quick limited. Cabo Joao, racing Gassli behind, he's on hard, 5 laps old. Safety car windows open, safety car window open. Racing Magnussen behind, he's on hard, 7 laps old. Two main timers, two Valtteri and Hülkenberg. Braking turn 11 and 17. Suggest diff mid minus 1. Overtake available to defend. Overtake to defend. Overtake to defend. No thinking. Putting another tyre. Or you want to go? Just calm down and we stick to plan for now. And focus on tyres, focus on tyres. Just need temperature on the tyres and then it will be all good. And we need a step in braking, turn 11 and 17. I don't know why we keep open at this because it feels very... ...fifty on the way. Racing Leclerc is one eight seconds behind on art. Suggest diff entry plus one, diff entry plus one. And also diff exit six, diff exit six. and also Diff exit 6 Joe, how is the aerobatics? Where we are is ok, but this part is difficult. Copy Joe. Multi-C boost. Copy. Joe, stay out, stay out. Stay out, stay out. Stay out. Box is left, Joe. Box, box. Stay out, one more. Stay out. Joe, maximum push now for a few more laps. Maximum push. Copy. Joe, we need SOC 5, SOC 5. And maximum push now, max push. Copy. So we need SOC 5, SOC 5. And maximum push now, max push. Target lap time 33.3. Good job, Joe, keep pushing. Pace is very good, that's what we need, keep pushing. Still a bit of margin of braking, turn 11, the rest is looking fine. Pace is good, keep pushing. Maxwell push, we box this lap, racing, defreeze, Piazza 3, pit exit. Maxwell push now. Box, box. Copy pit lane. Arrows on. Watch right line, pit exit. Racing, defreeze, Piazza 3. Boson now behind. Defreeze behind on hard, 16 laps old. Piastri hard, 26 laps. Reset tyre switch. Joe OK to push on the tyres, OK to push. Joe we have 9.5 seconds in front of Doris. He's on hard, 28 laps old. He's lapping 32.8. We are racing now Hülkenberg ahead, 5 seconds ahead, he is on new medium. If there is more than one now, I think I will tap into the tyres. The tyres looking ok from our side, Hülkenberg ahead is not managing either. And consider special 2 for the last corner. Special 2 last corner. Hülkenberg in 31.3. Ahead of Hülkenberg we have Norris and he's currently struggling. And back to SOC 6. SOC 6. It's now N ahead and you are much quicker than him. Just under 6 seconds to N. Good job, Joe. Suggestive entry plus 1. And we need MULTI-A, clutch 11. MULTI-A, clutch 11. Just under 5 seconds. Tyres still looking OK. All good on tyres. Just 4 seconds to N, good pace Joe. Special 2 for last corner. Special 2, last corner. 5 tenths to N, good job Joe. 3 seconds now N. Joe we have a good pace. Less than 3 seconds to N and we have about 15 laps to go Where are we? County P17 Just 810, missing DRS on north Overtake available DRS on north D-NORS, overtake available, overtake available, D-NORS I wanna hit the BOTAO We suggest BOTAO, BOTAO Good job Joe, 9 laps to go Now we have a group, lead by Waltherid and Sonoda-Albon- Hülkenberg, they're all lapping around 32.8 Hülkenberg 60 seconds in front. So Valtteri was doing 32.4, Albon 33.0 You were almost a second faster than Albon and Hülkenberg, good pace, keep pushing. 35 turns quicker. How many laps to go? Six laps to go. Pace is strong, keep pushing, Axis. Again, 410, quicker. Keep pushing, Coby Joe, good job. He said cut off the pace, I'm running out of the menu. If you're going to go more than this... Coby Joe, you're doing well Joe we need SOC 5, SOC 5 Two more laps, we'll come back 4 and a half seconds ahead This will be now the final lap, last lap Over the line, mode end, mode end So Joe, P16 at the end Again a tough race, but good job especially on the final stint. Verstappen, Ur, Perez, P2, Alonso, Russell, Seinsheimel, Leclerc, Gasly, Ocon and Magnussen completing the top 10. And Valtteri P13. Yeah, copy. I feel so much better on my second step. First step I was struggling a lot. Really struggling. But yeah, let's go again. Yeah, thank you, Joe. As I said, it was a good step on the medium. Yeah, on the hard was pretty frustrating one. Didn't feel much there. Joe, remember full switch off. On the medium. On the hard was pretty frustrating, didn't feel much there. Do you remember full switch off?

17. Lando Norris

Radio check. Yep, there's a line of clear. Ok, and on. Ok, a mix of medium and hard. A mix of medium and hard on mediums. 7, put us on Almon and the breeze in front of you on mediums as well. On the hard, Ocon, Verstappen, Hulkenberg, Hamilton, Joe and behind you Sunuda and Stro. Have a good race. Switch on pitlanes. Pini limiter. 30 seconds to go. 20 seconds to go. 10 seconds to go. Pit park. Target plus 2. That was target plus 2. And remember blue B1 before the burnout, blue B1 before the burnout. Last guy is approaching the grid now. I got hit, over here. Lando, everything looks okay. We're currently thinking target plus four, target plus four. And DRS enabled. And Lando, how are the tyres? Yeah, not too bad for the time being. Maybe starting to go a little bit. Understood. I'd be quicker and cleaner. Lando, box this lap, box this lap. Lando, fit me. Brakes on when you come to a stop. Launch back, launch back, launch back. And Lando, how's the tyre? It's fine. And Lando, suggest orange E7, orange E7. And minor foot performance, white H12, position 12, white H12, position 12. And Lando Bottas is in P10, he's started on a medium. Gap is currently 23.7. He did a 33.7 last lap. Lando, Oscar will not make it difficult. Lando, Oscar has a problem under braking, so just be careful with that nose. Okay Lando, I'm pretty sure you are, but now is the time. Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Bottas has pitted, could be close at exit, should be ahead. Okay Lando, so we think this will be plan B, we think it'll be plan B. A little bit of Lyco into turn 11 we think will help help and during this race we will have to follow the dash. Albon was at 9th, he's pitted, will be behind. And Albon is now behind, 3.7, how are the tyres? They're okay, just pure shit, until I go up to the front right. Just thermal limit at the minute. And Lando, if it's thermal limit, a little bit of Lyco, turn 1, turn 11, turn 17. And Lando, just a bit of a situation update. So this is Plan B, and we've looked to extend. Confirm. And that to Albon is 1.7. And Lando, we will need to follow the dash. Yeah, I'm trying. And Lando, the safety car window is open, please be careful. Copy that. And Lando, what are your thoughts on Plan A? Yes, but I'm at page zero at the minute. I'm saving tyre but page zero, this is all I've got. And Lando, this might be the Miami situation a bit. Following the dash might be helping that, please keep doing it. Carbhain now is Hulkaburn 4.2. He started on a hard, now on a medium. Lando, minor, purple default 4.9, purple default 4. How long did the mediums last in the first in process? So Lando we think 15 laps with pace, 20 if you just are willing to sacrifice the end. But I can't keep this pace with following my dash at all. And Lando minor, white H8 position 6, white H8 position 6. Sonoda could be close at exit. Lando, gap to Joe is 3 seconds Yeah, of course and Lando, minor, purple C3 position 9 purple C3 position 9 Lando, these safety car windows are closed, please confirm Confirm Lando, minor, purple default 49 purple default 49 this will make the dash easier to follow Roger. White H11 position 8, please. White H11 position 8. And I've got minor, White H11 position 9, please. White H11 position 9. There are two laps to go, so just Strat 4, Strat 4, gap to the free seat. And I know gap to the free seat is 1.08, just need a min. to take 17.6. QNH 1017, cleared for takeoff, runway 06 QNH 1017, cleared for takeoff, runway 06 and white H8 position 1 and white H8 position 1 white H8 position 1 white H8 position 1 and purple C2 position 6 purple C2 position 6 and still maximum drive to the delta and normal instruction when you get to Park Firmly.

18. Nyck De Vries

Radio check Radio check loud and clear Do you need some help with that Nick or are you ok? I'm good thank you We want to keep this on for the first lap And pit limiter should be on as well Target is baseline And at the moment we are thinking about 3 tyre warming But I will give you an update when So you are in mode 12 Which is good for your formation lap I want to see weaving consistently Reminder for turn 4, we need a good braking in turn 4 as well to avoid opening a delta on the brakes So good weaving, good work on your tires and when you come back to the grid When you come back to the grid, it's gonna be click of attack, tire warming and then mode 3 as soon as you stop And you're currently just before the yellow line. Your tyre is just before the yellow line. Copy that. So default is 3 but maybe 2 burnouts. Confirmed. Hülkenberg, Hamilton, Zoo and Hart. And we've got a couple of people on soft at the back, one McLaren, so a big mix of tyres around. Anyway, you know the target for what we have to do, right? And a reminder, once you've got the send-off from Marquino, it will be one by point. Yeah, copy that. Brake, right turn, plus... And then call for upshift. Affirm. That was plus one to target, good job. And both McLaren, around start. Organ, let's try to focus on a good braking turn 11. It looks like there is coming smoke out of the cockpit. Organic, on the last corner, you can stop the weaving a bit earlier, and focus good braking last corner again. Confirmed, three tyre warming, click of a tick, 3 tyre warming, mode 3 for the start I will call you for mode 6 after 10-16 Yeah, copy that Is the wing ok? Checking, checking Actually ok on downforce, we're keeping it Mode 6, mode 6, keep us posted on the vibrations. We keep monitoring it. The vibrations are okay, just not that they're out of front wing. I keep you posted, it's okay. Front wing is okay in the numbers. On Nick, I need you to push once the button you use for by point. Okay, Nick, vibrations on front wing are OK in the numbers, we are checking pictures now Data are OK at the moment, let's push on Affirmative DRF enabled Entry 8 available for low speed Confirmed, no damage in pictures, no damage on the front wing Confirmed, no damage in pixels, no damage on the front wheels. Organic, shape 2 to reduce front under rotation and put energy in the rear tyres, shape 2. Norris 1.5 ahead. I'm a bit pushed at the moment. Organic, so the McLaren is starting to report graining on their front tyres on the box early. Let's try to win the tyre race and keep managing as you are, you're doing a good job. Stroll 3 in front, we've got a bit more pressure now. Ok Nick, we need to move the energy to the rear, let's go EB5, straight 3 please. EB5, straight 3, we need to save those front tyres. Copy, go. Ok Nick, the cars ahead are doing high 33 we are doing low 34 so we are checking the GPS, we need to find a bit of pace Yeah, copy that Ok so the main places is turn 23, losing 1 tenth turn 23 compared to the cars ahead and then the next place is 5-6, they are pushing a bit harder 5-6 Ok Nick, consider one click rear 1 on the offset and then back only for the last corner only last corner is rear limited otherwise we need to keep moving the energy to the rear Ok so the cars ahead, last lap was a 33,8 33,8, your last lap 34,2 Consider one more step EB, EB4 We see the front starting to go Ok Nick, currently faster in all the corners We're just losing time because we don't have DRS or TOW So we just keep focusing on the pace, last lap was good Just keep focusing, clean laps Copy Ok, STROL 4.6 ahead and they are doing mid to high 33 We are in the 5 o'clock, and we are in the 5 o'clock At the moment we see a positive deg, so there is a high track improvement, and everyone going faster Copy OK, NIC tire status is stable, if you are stability limited, you can go back one step forward brake offset We have a little bit more rear locking now. Happy for offset, one step forward to help stability. OK, Nick. Strollerhead is starting to complain about the front being destroyed. Reminder on the downshift turn 5, it was borderline. We need to delay a little bit the downshift in turn 5. Copy. Still happy with the driving? Yeah. Just losing down the straights Keep focusing on pace Copy Box, box, box, box Copy, copy, box In the pit lane, in the pit lane Hold the brakes Push to go long. Try to keep the tire organic. We keep the push to go long for the first lap. And we still need a little bit of management in high speed for the first couple of laps. The hard is also front limited. And McLaren on hard is doing 33.5. Organic. Reminder turn 45 to look after your tires and consider EB3 if you need more low speed rotation Okay, Nick, so if we can keep the pace in the low 33, that will be a good target Okay, performance on tire management was good in sector 1 this lap. Good job Okay, currently same pace as Norris Clean laps, we focus on clean laps. Organic, currently looking good in sector 1. We're happy with your tyre management compared to McLaren. Only faster than them turn 6-7. And also middle sector. They are slightly faster in PLS. Everything good. Organic, PS3 is 3 ahead. He lost some time with traffic. Albon pitted in front of him Currently only place we can do a bit better is turn 16 So he can slow in a bit earlier turn 16 and focus on exit turn 16 PS3 2.5 ahead and is 6 tenths slower OK Nick, in case you want to try something, we can see Yuki is running less curve Turn 14, 15, unable to go on power a bit earlier in turn 16. Kia 3, 1.6 ahead, he is slower. And click overtake available when you get down. Click overtake available. And missing 1 tenth for the DRS, almost there. You can reduce EB if oversteer is a limitation in traffic. And focus on activation of the DRS This was late Ok Nick, we try to focus on one place On WIN ELITE Click overtake available We are stronger in turn 6-7 Focus on exit turn 7 Heads up, ZOO is close to BOX When he BOX, he will be close to us at the pit exit I will keep you posted when he comes in Keep the pressure on Ok, back into the rhythm now, back into the rhythm Yuki in Friere is doing 32.8 And Zu is doing 33.1 If we can do slightly better than him, we may be in front when he box Racing Zu, pit exit Racing Zu, pit exit. Racing ZOO pit exit. Clean last corner. ZOO 1.6, if we can catch his DRS, he will pull us straight. ZOO 2 ahead, P3 3.8 behind. Update on tyres when you can. Feedback on tyres when you can. Corvette's no fun. He knows speed, always here but it's ok, we'll get down On this lap Nick, we overpushed a little bit, exit turn 4 on last time in 5.6 On Nick we have 22 laps to go, and Zoo is on medium, so still everything to play for Just focus on pace, you'll do fine and focus a bit more, turn 7, 8 apex exit is good ok Nick, we have both us doing 32.5 Norris 33.8 your lap time, 32.9 ok that's 18 laps to go and we still have a number of cars on medium in front. They may suffer at the end. So we keep the pace as it is and we see what we can get. Multi B14, position 7 when you can. Multi B14, position 7. Ok, Nick, this lap was 7 tenths faster than Nouris, unmatching Zou on medium Engine 13, position 8, engine 13, position 8 Copy I'll have one more switch, sorry, strat 1, currently in strat 2, move to strat 1 please I'm currently same lap time as McLaren and Albon and Zoo is doing 32.3 on medium and Nick heads up, we have Max 3 behind Max Ressider 3 behind, I'll keep you posted on him and Max has pitted, Max has pitted how is the balance Nick, do you need something? We lost a bit of time the last couple of laps. Ah, I'm ok. Ok, Norris, 32.5, your lap time last lap 32.9. And if you need rotation in turn 7, we can use the pull toggle for the high speed. Pull toggle available in high speed. Eight more laps. Ok Nick, so compared to Norris, we are losing in sector 1 in the high speed, it's around 2 tenths in the high speed and we don't need any tyre management, so if you have margin there, we are happy to push. 5 more laps, 5 more laps, and focus exit turn 16 and you can consider one step more AP if you need rotation in turn 16. And last corner, slowing, fast start Strat 2, when you can, strat 2 On reminder, EB4 available if you need low speed rotation, I leave it to you 3 more laps Norris, 3 reds That was a good job in turn 16 Same again One more lap after this. One more lap after this. One more lap after this. OK, now it's 1.6 in front going slow. This is last lap. Press and hold overtake, exit turn 16. OK, next charge on and fail 84 please. OK, hard luck in turn 1 and then we had vibrations on the first stint and we were a bit too far behind to catch up. So Max won the race, Perez is P2 and Alonso P3. Yuki finished 11th. And in terms of midfield car, the P10 car is Magnussen. OK we stop the car at the bridge please. And when you stop at the bridge, P1, wait for the dash message and then P0. Ok, we stop the car at the bridge please, and when you stop at the bridge, P1, wait for the dash message, and then P0.

19. Oscar Piastri

Oscar, radio check. Yeah, is it possible to keep that fan on? Yeah, we can do that. Check your drink as well, check the drink. Chaos car, mixture of cars on medium and hard. Top 7 have the medium tyres fitted, Ocon and Verstappen with the hard, then Bottasab on the medium. Most cars ahead of you on the hard, except from De Vries just ahead on the medium Most cars ahead of you on the hard except from the breeze just ahead on the medium Cars behind Hard Land Sorry Cars in front of you hard again And behind sergeant on the medium Have a good race Copy And Is land on medium as well? Land on soft Checkline is clear for the next one Don't 20 seconds. 10 seconds. OSCAR, your clutch drop was 2% shallow, 2% shallow. OSCAR, wide H14, position 1, wide H14, position 1 before your burnout. Consider forward brake balance, consider forward brake balance, think in plan C, think plan C, target land. Let me know as soon as you get any braking. Now this is P13, Oscar. Good start. DRS, in name. DRS. Sonoda 0.6. The sergeant has pitted but it was a nose box change. Consider strap 12 so I can see that little grey nose box and it's not right for a tip 3 light copy, copy Oscar Lando has pitted, Lando has pitted use the pace now ok Oscar, box the slap, box the slap copy, that's the problem box now Okay, I'll box this lap, box this lap. Checking. Box now. Oh, skip it then. Launch, launch map. Landau will be three seconds behind, but we want to get cars into our pit window. We want to get cars into our pit window. It's good middle sector, good middle sector. Okay, currently your pit window is around the 11, that's good. That's all we can do The bot at CP10 last lap 133.7 There was something broke on the brake pedal I think, it went extremely long Understood, we're looking Oscar, that is a system problem it's not a mechanical problem so keep pushing, the pedal will stay long and we'll see what we can do to fix it. Copy. Oscar, try forward brake balance a couple of clicks and lift and post for rear brake temperatures. Lift and post for rear brake temperatures. Yeah, it's a double as well. How much lift to go? Let's start with fuel 3 for brakes. Fuel 3 for brakes. I'll turn the pedal as well. How much does it go? Let's start with fuel 3 for brakes. Purple default 3-0. White default 0-1-X. Oscar, I'll turn the BBW back on. The pedal should stiffen up. The brake balance may be inconsistent. OK, the pedal's locked on rock now. Let's try purple, default 0-2. Purple, default 0-2. Nothing's happening. There's one second of braking, the other pedal will lock pedal I can't brake now Purple default 16, purple default 16 Oscillando is one and a half seconds behind You'll want to hold him up if you are dealing with this problem And green shape 2, green shape 2 Oscillando, if you turn to BBW off, you'll have to do lift and coast to protect rear brake temperatures, the pedal will stay long. Okay Oscar, so the brake temperatures are okay before we started trying to switch it back on. If you can maintain that level of lift and coast, we should be okay, at least in clear air. Consider orange torque 6, orange torque 6, land 0.4. The brake temperatures are stable, so that's well managed Ok, Kars is starting to pit ahead Kars is starting to pit ahead Ace is good, Oskar, sticking with the problem, this is good Ok, that's Bottas who's just pitted ahead of Lando De Bris has also pitted De Bris is 8 seconds behind you Ok, Albon is just ahead of your window on lead-in from the race start Opportunity with Albon is just ahead of your window on medium from the race start. Opportunity with Albon. Oscar Hulkenberg is pre-set to 33.8. He's on hard and likely to run long. He's dragging cars back. This pace is still good. Front right, draining. Copy. We've seen similar on Stroll, who started on this car, his looks to have cleaned up. Suggest to manage graining in the long corners where we said, turn 1, 7, 8, 6. And Oscar, we need to increase the level of Lyco, slightly brakes are okay like this, but fuel is also a problem. Our expectation is that that graining you see will clean up, we expect that graining will clean up. White H8, position 6, White H8, position 6. White H8, position 6. Oscar, the dash is correct. The dash is correct. So, to look after the fuel. Copy. Is this because of the problem? The problem makes it worse, but it is a problem anyway. Albon pitting, could be close to Albon at exit. So I need to get one of these numbers green, right? That's not going to be easy. So Oscar, try and keep the bottom number close to zero. Keeping it green may not be doable at the moment. Try and keep it close to zero whilst giving me reasonable distance so Oscar last lap I've got three three on the bottom number we're happy with that for the moment if you can maintain three on the bottom number that's okay for the moment okay Debris is now 1.4, Debrece 1.4. White H4, position 4, White H4, position 4, Debrece 1.1. Let's get that change, it will be a bit more clipping, but easier for fuel saving. Debrece 1.1. Debrece 0.8. Debrece 0.8. Debrece 0.7. Debrece 0.6. Debrece 0.8, Debris 0.8 Debris 0.7 Debris 0.6, Debris 0.6 Last lap fuel was good Debris 0.7 Consider strat 7, more balanced deployment, less clipping in sector 1 Bit more clipping on the long straight Debris 0.9 0.6, path is low Debris 0.9 Debris 0.6 Anti's low. Debris 0.6 Debris 0.6 Debris 0.9 Debris 0.7 Debris 0.5 Turn to the right, right, right. OK. Suggest strat 7 for better lap time. Strat 7 for better overall lap time. Fuel saving last lap was good, keep doing that. We consider saving a corner, and a live one. We're learning much doing this. Hostage message understood, but there's still a lot of cars fighting, and possibility of safety cars etc. Okay, now the rest of the engine line is in the safe zone. Purple default 4 1 X, purple default 4 1 X. Just because we've updated the dash, you now need to target zero on the bottom number. You now need to target zero on the bottom number. But that could be what you do. Okay. to target zero on the bottom but that could be what you want to do OK And these laps are a bit better, how's the tyre now? How's the tyre? Yeah, it's stable I think it's actually so particularly rough to me Joe and Hulkenberg ahead just pitted for medium, they're inside your pit window, it'll be hard to get to the end of the pin there. Joe is already four laps old on that time. What's the pace of the cars ahead? The Brice last lap 32.8 Lando 32.6 Albon 32.3 FH11 position 10, FH11 position 10 should help with braking in the final corner. 11 position 10, should help with braking in the final corner. Okay, the car behind is the Stappen, the res mido, we don't yet have blue flags on that, you know. That's 15 laps to go, 15. Okay, last lap we've matched. Uh, Lando and Albon ahead. Pace is still okay, Oscar, pace is okay, given the issues you've got. Purple default, 9-3. Purple default, 9-3. Purple default, 9-3-X. Spare wheel track is always safe, so F6. Oscar, if you can, check microphone position. I got your last message, but check microphone position. OK, wheel brake temperatures are OK, so you get two clicks rearwards on brake bumps, two clicks rearwards on brake bumps, two clicks rearwards on brake bumps. Still need the light over the fuel, target zero on the dash is good. Okay, now we have nine laps to go. Verstappen and Perez are two seconds behind. We've got a blue flag for Verstappen, blue flag for Verstappen. Perez is 1.4 seconds behind Statham. Blue mode 6, blue mode 6. 5 laps to go. Possibly you can reduce the linecoast slightly to keep 0 on the bottom number on the dash. Brake temperatures are okay. Blue mode 5, blue mode 5. Strap 5, strap 5. This is the last lap. Okay, that's the chequered flag, chequered flag Leave recharge off, I've got a couple of other switches White H11 position 3, that's White H11 position 3 and then White H8 position 3, White H8 position 3 and Oscar, that was not the afternoon we were wanting I'll show you on the lap count but the start you did on the hard was very good. We'll go through the details once you're out of the car but the problem doesn't just affect the braking, it's cost you a couple of other things as well Yeah, thanks for all your efforts in trying We saw the flag and we can now regroup for the next race OK, so FOX, when you get to the FIA you need to fill the engine and wait 5 and turn the car fully off Yep Yeah.

20. Logan Sargent

If you're really close to the car in front of you, and it's 16, have a good one, long race, I'll guide you through it, okay? Enjoy buddy Copy Okay, that's three minutes Third check from... Copy So ahead of you, I have the two McLaren on quality And I have Turbos ahead on option. Otherwise all the car From P12 to you are on prime So a bit of a mix by AT Good Okay, then 90 seconds should be the last fire up from P12 to U1 Prime so a bit of a mix by AT Good OK, 90 seconds, should be the last fire up Once it's fire up, please put the meter on and confirm Copy, put the meter on Copy that Remember that formation lap, keep working on your rear tyres leaning with speed Last one minute, that's 15 5 4 1 and cut again Once you can, speed up temperature That's 15. 5, 4, 1. I'll kill again once. Can, on speed up temperature. That was 5% deep on the grid. And we'll do it for plan A. Reduce standing. We'll do the hard stop on the can. And speed for hard stop on tyre temperature. What you did in the back, in the first straight, was good for tyres. Keep doing the same if you can to 17 for tyres and brakes. This is a mess. Don't worry, don't worry. Two burnouts compared. Keep working as much. Remember, you're the last car on the grid. I hit my front wing. Okay, is it damaged or can you continue? I'm not sure. Copy, let us know, we'll have a look I think it's damaged Copy, we'll be looking For the moment we stay out, we stay out, use your tools I think it's off Ok, box, box, box, box Box, box, box watch out white line Copy Long stop prompt wing change so go to neutral reset your two steer switch to D1, easy in box first Before you stop, foot on brakes, watch the light Okay, straight up, clear to de-hitch And you're in mode 7, remember push on these tyres initially And I need you to go race go with please I'm so sorry No, I head down and still do a good race. What can happen head down think about your tire? 54 to go Who has the dot on three? 3 Logan, clear your head of it, you can do a good job One safety car will back in this, just clear your head, reset, let's get going Get some experience with the car You can have green 8 position 2 And your brake balance is still set for lap 1. If the van doesn't forward, it's needed. Green 8 position what? Green 8 position 2. Sector 1 was good. Sector 2 is OK. OK, we're going to start targeting Laiko level 1.5. Watch out, right hand side side tyres Left hand tyres ready Thrust 10, 6, 7, 4, 5 as priority Quite understeering, thinking defect Z1 We'll feedback Descend and steer onto to me thinking I'll do defeat mid first I'll feedback Everything's open Defect Z2 So Alex lapping 33.8 Everything's open! Green 8 Green 9 position 8 Apologies, Green 9 position 8 please OK, we got 49 to go Pace is good there Remember what we have to do with these tyres But we're looking and moving to plan B We're doing good 49 to go mate Head's down OK, watch out your slip management Front tyres are stabilising in a good window Just doing some feedback on pace The middle of the bike is lapping in mid 33, mid 33. Front right doesn't look great. Can we have a tyre deck upshift please? Oh super underflapped. I'm just checking about the tools for the corner you limited. Take 2 was better on that lap. Keep protecting your front right sector 1. 6, 12 tyres and fuel. Okay, we're happy with what you're doing on your slip management sector 2. And the front seems to stabilise itself. Keep doing what you're doing mate. Okay, I try to use second gear turn 17 for an engine-management and increase LICO into turn 1 50m Previous lap was very good sector 1 OK, please make sure you increase LICO turn 1, turn 4 as requested please, that's critical right now Lower LICO into 1 and 4 please OK, keep doing that LICO turn 1 and 4, adjust your driving to lose less, it was a bit too much last lap. That was much better, good job. Try to break balance forward for tyre temp. Plus one if you can take it, please. That's a good sector one, finding your pace there. Keep doing what you're doing, mate. Okay, that's 40 to go, 40 to go. Make sure you feedback the limitation of this tyre to Alex. Yep, I think he's aware. Thank you mate. How much more flap do you think you will need on that tyres? 2 to 3. Copy. We've got 38 to go. We need to try to increase again the LICO, turn 1 and 4. The advance of our NAV is flowing. Pace is good in sector 1. Just increase LICO, turn 1, turn 4. I'm stepping back on pace. Car is on I-Mileage Prime. Between mid 33 to I-33. I think your pace is good. Keeping what you're doing. I'll keep back on LICO for fuel. I'd like to increase a bit the LICO everywhere. I mean turn left turn as well please. Ok that's 35 to go. Pace is good. Keep driving like that mate. Keep doing the LICO. Good job. I guess I'll keep back the early prime pit. Norris, Piastri. Norris is matching your lap times. Piastri is slower. Good job. Green 8 position 1. Green 8 position 1, green 8 position 1 And I'll get my other tyre tech, switch update please And some feedback on base, lap time variation mostly coming from turn 6-7 No consistency there, we'll add some plus or minus 1 tenths lap by lap I'm trying man! I know, feedback on wind consistent, no change. Passing. You're doing good, pace is good. Keep doing what you're doing. Sector 1 better that lap. Very strong sector 2, very strong. That's good lap time. Keep doing what you're doing man. Safety car window is open. 29 to go. Ok, some feedback. First car behind you is the leader. Flash tap in. Car 5 I'll let you know when he's closer. Keep your head down, keep doing your laps. I'll feedback you. Let me know where to take the blue. I will. Main priorities depending on when he catches us are turn 11 or 17. Okay, we're gonna push that bend. 2.5 behind, push that bend. 2.5 behind. Impedance, you're next lap. Impedance, you're next lap. Push that bend. Still 2.3 behind. The next lap is close enough. You can pick up at turn 11. Okay, we're starting still too far. 1.5. You can pick up turn 17. Pace up there. Turn 11. Ok, Verstappen still too far. 1.5. Turn 17. Pace update. Pace is good. Blue flag for Verstappen. 17. Similar prime edge to Noda. 32.9 last lap. Ok, a bit of update. 24 to go. The first guy out of Jou Kjastri, is struggling. We could be racing him towards the end of the race. Keep your head down, keep doing what you're doing, find a clean place in clean air. Sceptical window is closed. 23 to go. Sector 1 was really good. So what happened? Watch out sector 2. I think this is good. 21 to go. Give me feedback on flap please. Plus 2. Starting to struggle with the rear a little bit. Copy. 20 to go. Kilogram 80 to go. And just to confirm, we will go for plan B. Kilogram some feedback. First car behind is Perez, they have 1.7 They will take the blue flag on track I think about turn 11 or turn 17 Still a bit too far I think about turn 17 Perez got 1.4 Still a bit far Ok, that's blue flag for Perez Blue flag for Perez I think about turn 4 Ok, they have 14 to go. And you're seeing we're extending from B. Ok, that's 13 to go. Our tyres please. Feedback on tyres. Oh, it's getting difficult. What do I need to pay twice? Currently you're ok. Keep doing I32, low 33. That's a very strong sector 1. Pacewise? Currently ok. Keep doing I32, low 33. That's a very strong sector 1. Very strong sector 1. I put 2 radius, LICO. Reduce LICO, push more. Ok, that's 11 to go. What do you think about reverting to ground 8? I mean, I've already reverted so... Whatever you think. I can go to the end. I can hold this pace. Copy. That's 10 to go. I think you'll go with Piastri. You will have to take two blues, Perez and Verstappen. I'll be back on his pace later. Piastri is lapping in 33.4. He will take two blues. That might be very tight, but I think we can give it a go So, 10 laps to go, give what you can OK, 9 to go, we're losing Laiko Target value 1.5, you were 2.5 previous lap OK, he's going to use Piazzi, gap 8 What have I got? 7 to go,AM target, 32.2, 32.2 I'm pushing as hard as I can. That's good, that's good. 6 to go. First car behind you, Alonso. 3, next blue flag. Okay, mode 5 on start and finish, mode 5. Okay, can I have green, 9 position 6, green, 9 position 6. Okay, 4 to go, Alonso 2 behind I'll update you So Alonso 1, Pompe 3 behind Nice blue flag for Alonso 217 Okay, that's 3 to go If we go bad lap in mid 32 We'll avoid the next blue flag, Brussels Gap 7 Nice, 2 laps to go, 2 laps Eyes are gone Copy, head down. It's mostly just that third one, front lock. Take caution on the last lap. You're in dirty, M8. Copying last lap. It was only turn 1. Sector 2 was good. One more lap, M8. It'll be early overtake, exit 8 and 16 on the last lap, on this lap. Remember we had the early overtake. That would be turn 16 and turn 17 now. Okay that's blue flag for Russell. Taking to 17th. Should I have had a pass? Yeah, you should. To 17th. Okay that's a checkered flag. Checkered flag. I know it can be looking as a tough race, but that was a strong stint. 54 laps on this Prime, a long and stint today. And the pace was strong, it was a good tyre management. I had some other stuff to manage the background, I did good. So, yes, on the first lap, the damage on the wing, but a lot of learnings and we'll take all that learning onto the next race, mate. I'm so sorry. I'm f***ing sorry. Don't worry, don't worry. Enjoy the in-lap, remember it's your own race. Some positives still today, mate, huh? I can't believe it. Some positives still to be made, huh? I can't believe it.